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Twilight fanfiction

Follow the wattpad button to follow this and any other stories. It’s written under my teen fiction pen name Cami York and will be updated as I’m able to. Please no pressure, I’m working on everything I need to as it comes. If my characters don’t talk I can’t write thank you for your understanding

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17 thoughts on “Twilight fanfiction

  1. Lonnie if you’re on your phone scroll to the bottom on the page and you should see the Wattpad link

  2. All your books are fantastic. I live Eden High!!!!

  3. Ok I guess I am stupid I am on my phone and can not figure out how to get to the new stories under your new pen name? There is a play button on top of the pictures but when I hit it nothing happens can anyone help. Thanks

    1. Figured it out finally thanks

    2. sorry butterfly glad you figured it out

    3. How did you figure it out??? I can’t seem to find it. Can you help me please?

  4. Love any name your under. Will always read books by you. You are phenomenal wrighter.

    1. Lonnie look at the side bar where it says wattpad

  5. No pressure mama B just please keep us on the loop when it comes to your books it doesn’t matter what penn name you write under I will still read your stories

    1. thanks butterfly I will

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