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Twilight fanfiction

Follow the wattpad button to follow this and any other stories. It’s written under my teen fiction pen name Cami York and will be updated as I’m able to. Please no pressure, I’m working on everything I need to as it comes. If my characters don’t talk I can’t write thank you for your understanding

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17 thoughts on “Twilight fanfiction

  1. Mama B what happened to Wattpad I can’t find yo anywhere on there anymore???

  2. I downloaded watt pad just for you but I can’t find you Mama B. Help!!!

    1. the orange follow button is on this page i’m writing under Cami York

  3. Oops! That’s me…’Anonymous’, (missed putting my name, my bad! Lol)

  4. So happy Mama B, i’m finally following your instagram….so sorry, i’m just a simple gal, not too techie, but, here i am! I missed you when you dropped off from your fb account, (can’t really blame you ) But, i read all your books, love them all! ❤️ Keep them coming,…stay beautiful and amazing!

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