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New Updates

Happy weekend butterflies, I’ve updated all three stories on #wattpad as well as Eden High here on the site. To find my #wattpad page please click the orange follow button here on any page of the site. Please leave comments and vote if you like the chapters and you can also comment here. As you know Eden High is tied into the final chapter of The SEAL Team story so don’t forget to brush up as the final SEAL installment, Quinn and Devon’s story will be released soon. I’d also like to hear your thoughts on this year’s releases and what you’re hoping for in the coming year. PS. You can find sneak peaks here for the upcoming holiday story, and there’s The Lady which I’m writing here and on Instagram. Thanks again for all your support.

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15 thoughts on “New Updates

  1. Love all your books. Want to buy them all!!! When will Tennessee heat be out just read it from Wattpad!!! Need more!!!!!

  2. Do you know when your next book is out I really can’t wait when I wake up its the first thing I check finished the incident now need new one under Jordan silver name p.s. loved the incident

  3. Morning Jordan…..Just finished reading the six chapters you have on instafreebeies of seal team seven. Just had to let you know that I love them. I really loved that Quen has a sixth sense! Looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

  4. Lions kids OMG I can’t wait for that I Am Way, Tim please release something about lions

  5. I love all of your books and can’t wait for your next ones to come out all the teasers have been amazing….. I would love for you to release the lion kids and also luck of the Irish that was one of my favorite teasers….. but to be honest I will buy any that you release….. is it ok to beg lol im putting money away just waiting for you to release the new books….. the wait for new books is killer but always worth it…. love love love your work….. thank you

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