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New Updates

Happy weekend butterflies, I’ve updated all three stories on #wattpad as well as Eden High here on the site. To find my #wattpad page please click the orange follow button here on any page of the site. Please leave comments and vote if you like the chapters and you can also comment here. As you know Eden High is tied into the final chapter of The SEAL Team story so don’t forget to brush up as the final SEAL installment, Quinn and Devon’s story will be released soon. I’d also like to hear your thoughts on this year’s releases and what you’re hoping for in the coming year. PS. You can find sneak peaks here for the upcoming holiday story, and there’s The Lady which I’m writing here and on Instagram. Thanks again for all your support.

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15 thoughts on “New Updates

  1. I was just wondering if Eden high book 5 is going to be available on Amazon?

  2. I have enjoyed all of your books. Never disappointed. My favorites though are the Lyon Series and seal series. Keep up the good work!

  3. I have enjoyed much of what you have written this new year my favorite with o thought is the lion series baby girl eating High I know they’re all connected but lion he speaks to my heart as far as what I would like to see this new year I would like to see you carry on with the lion children Todd is special and I think there needs to be a book written about them even if only to make lion go absolutely crazy but I must say his wife has the patience of a saint as my husband would say she’s like a duck water just rolls off her back and yes I just read Tennessee it was wonderful bodyguard 3 was very good as was one and two so we look forward to what to you bring forth this coming year including Seal Team 7 I’ve been waiting patiently for that have a wonderful weekend thank you

  4. With Eden High, I will have to start over. Don’t remember where I left off, so I’ll start over. Can’t wait for everything to be tied together for the Seals, Anarchist, Lyon, Bikers Baby Girl, Mancini, etc. All I can say, master storyteller at play, love your writing Mama. Really enjoying The Life and The Lady. Will start Tennessee heat now. As always thanks for the hours of pleasure reading your offerings.

    1. you didn’t start Tennessee Heat yet, and Dirty Little Secrets hey you slacking on me

  5. I have enjoyed almost everything you have released so far this year. The only new release I haven’t read was the reluctant sub and I think breeder. You have posted so many teasers, some for fans on books that have asked about individual characters and new teasers from new books. I know you have to wait until you are inspired or are feeling the book, so no rush. But I am looking forward to almost all the books you have teasers for: Lyon: the next generation: catalina (all of the kids), the chief, luck of the irish, the lyons den, the unconventional mistress, kievan rus-aleksei, nympho, Roman’s book (dangerously in love) and the one when the wife was jealous of husband and thought he was flirting (can’t remember the name of that teaser). So many more but those are my top outside of Eden High.

    1. Hellcat is the other book.

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