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New pen name

This is the teen fiction pen name. I am uploading the chapters free on wattpad. For my fanfic fans, it’s pretty much like what I did back then, but the stories will be original. Thanks for your support. I will add the wattpad button so it’s easy for you to find the story there.


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5 thoughts on “New pen name

  1. Hey there Mama B are you still writing this story? I tried getting it on Wattpad but it’s no longer there. Thanks babe 🙂

  2. Love the new pen name!! I’ve been following your FanFiction story TheLife but I’m fighting with myself about should I read it as the chapters are released or wait till it’s all done or just say screw it & read the chapters as they come out & then read it all over again when it’s done!!
    Thanks for all the new stuff Jordan!!

  3. Can’t wait to read thank you so much for new books to reax

  4. thanks -looking forward to it

  5. Can’t wait

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