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Halloween Surprise


For many years my readers have asked me to write a vampire story. I never had any interest before. This week I’ve been laid up with the flew and came across this while lazing around. I’m going to write a kick ass vampire story. First teaser below….

Mated Enemies By Jordan Silver
Copyright© 2017 Jordan Silver
All Rights Reserved

“Natalie.” Even the way he says my name makes me weak. I kept going ignoring his call. I felt the wind as he moved just before he landed in front of me. “Look at me.” My womb clenched and my breasts felt heavy, achy.

I refused to lift my head and when he used his finger to lift my chin my skin burned.

“Kiss me!” I wanted to run, I knew that on my own I had no strength against him. He’s the only being who can overpower me like this, and he’s the only one who can destroy me. I need my sisters…

“You don’t need them. You don’t need anyone but me.” Oh shit, he’s reading my mind? This is worst than I thought.

I moved to jerk my face away, to escape his hold both physically and mentally, but he squeezed my jaw between his fingers. “If you run from me, I will run you to ground and fuck you right here in this alley. Is that what you want? Or would you rather I take you home to my bed?” He whispered the last in my ear as he rubbed his cheek against mine.

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  1. Anymore coming? Love it

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