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Friday Updates

Eden High has been updated here on the site. Tennessee Heat has been updated on wattpad and look for the other updates later today on wattpad as well. I’m thinking of putting the SEAL Team Seven book up for pre-order not sure on that one yet, but either way it will be coming soon. Hope everyone is finding the little tidbits on the site fun to read. For those who want to follow the chapter stories on wattpad just hit the orange follow button on the screen anytime. I’ve also reopened my Goodreads page so give me a look there too if you’d like. Happy reading…

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15 thoughts on “Friday Updates

  1. Hi! Will there be an Eden High series 2 book 6? Ive been on pins and needles waiting to see what the ending will be. Or was this it? And how do i read the stuff on wattpad? i dont see a link. im so confused… im a big faaaaaan, i love everything you have written up to now under jordan silver and raven decarlo and tiffany lordes. i reread everything at least a couple of times a year. when i dont have new books to read i always go back to reading the oldies, hi hi hi.
    im so looking for a biker seal in real life, i have to say no luck yet….

  2. Link to erotica not on here

  3. Just wondering when Eden high series 2 book 5 will be available on Amazon.

  4. yarn, I meant yarn LOL, OK that even made me laugh.

    1. lol i thought i was putting you to sleep. I just read Lyon’s Family for the first time and can’t believe how freaking nuts he is

  5. So, I just finished reading, His Holiday Gift again. I love all of Mamas books, so I’ve decided to read the ones that I don’t read that often. And of course then you remember how good the book was and how good Mama can spin a yawn. Right now I’m in my happy place, next on the agenda is The Homecoming.

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