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Halloween Surprise


For many years my readers have asked me to write a vampire story. I never had any interest before. This week I’ve been laid up with the flew and came across this while lazing around. I’m going to write a kick ass vampire story. First teaser below….

Mated Enemies By Jordan Silver
Copyright© 2017 Jordan Silver
All Rights Reserved

“Natalie.” Even the way he says my name makes me weak. I kept going ignoring his call. I felt the wind as he moved just before he landed in front of me. “Look at me.” My womb clenched and my breasts felt heavy, achy.

I refused to lift my head and when he used his finger to lift my chin my skin burned.

“Kiss me!” I wanted to run, I knew that on my own I had no strength against him. He’s the only being who can overpower me like this, and he’s the only one who can destroy me. I need my sisters…

“You don’t need them. You don’t need anyone but me.” Oh shit, he’s reading my mind? This is worst than I thought.

I moved to jerk my face away, to escape his hold both physically and mentally, but he squeezed my jaw between his fingers. “If you run from me, I will run you to ground and fuck you right here in this alley. Is that what you want? Or would you rather I take you home to my bed?” He whispered the last in my ear as he rubbed his cheek against mine.

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Pre Holiday sales and more

Hello butterflies, just a quick word to let you know of this week’s pre holiday book sales and to remind you that Tennessee Heat and The Life written under the name Came York will be updated today on wattpad. Please follow the wattpad button on the side of the page for those stories.

If you haven’t read the first published teen fiction by Cami York it’s available on Kindle Unlimited, give it a try and let me know what you think.

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SEAL Team Six and Seven


Copyright© 2017 Jordan Silver

All Rights Reserved

“Damn, the kid’s a hacker.” Law looked over Mancini’s shoulder as the rest of us gathered around for a better look.

“Not just any hacker, he’s part of Anonymous.” Mancini made that announcement.

“Whoa, what the fuck? Is he the one they’re after?”

“What or who the fuck is Anonymous?”

“Uh, short version Lyon, an international group of highly skilled hackers. And this little gem right here is the fucker that hacked NASA and the DOD.” Mancini tapped his finger against the screen.

“The fucker did it in less then five minutes.” Every military man in the room whistled because we knew to a man the type of skill something like that would take.

Mancini on the other hand had a very telling smile on his face. No doubt he was thinking of recruiting the little shit.

“What’s his name?” Con asked and Mancini scrolled down the screen


“Oh the irony.” Even I had to give the kid his props.

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This Week From Jordan Silver

Tennessee Heat and The Life have been updated on #wattpad please click the orange button on the side bar of this post (might be on the bottom of your phone screen) to find the stories.

Final day for the 99 cents countdown deal of Beast Mode Todd and Loving the Enemy on

The Incident by Cami York is now available on Follow the link to buy or read free with #ku

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YA fiction

Chapter 1


“Oh damn!” I gave myself one last look in the rearview mirror before grabbing my backpack from the passenger seat and jumping out of the car.

A look around the parking lot did not brighten my mood one iota. It was as if everyone was waiting around for me to show up.

It was getting harder and harder to show up here and the weekends, which used to come around way too fast when I didn’t want it to, when school was my happy place, now seems to drag ass just to be contrary. Fuck my life!

I pretended interest in my phone so I didn’t have to see the stares. This way I won’t have to slap the shit out of the first person to say the wrong damn thing to me today. It was that kind of day and it hadn’t even started.

It didn’t use to be like this. A month ago I’d race to get here. I couldn’t wait to see my friends and hear the noisy chatter of the other students as they gave each other quick rundowns of the night before.

Usually I’d be covered in friends by now, but not today. I made it all the way inside and to my locker before the whispers started.

I had to force myself to ignore and just carry on, but what I really wanted to do was turn around and go home, pull the covers over my head and sleep until this was all over.

‘I guess she’s not so high and mighty now, look at her.’ There were other things said that I didn’t hear, but there was no missing the wild laughter that followed me down the hallway.

Each time I saw someone on their phone I got a sickening cramp in my tummy and my palms broke out in a sweat.

I’ve been holding it together these last few weeks, but I’m not sure I can do this much longer. It was getting so this place was beginning to feel like a prison, one I couldn’t escape from.

I escaped into the classroom long before it was time for class to begin and tried to play a game on my phone to pass the time.

It was no use, you can run from a lot of things but you can’t run from your own thoughts. I didn’t miss the students that walked by and looked in at the spectacle of me sitting there alone. Or the way most of them whispered behind their hands.

When was this shit going to end? I have one more month of high school and then I don’t have to see any of these jerks again, but that month is going to kick my ass.

I felt him as soon as he entered the room and as much as I told myself not to look I couldn’t help myself.

My heart hurt so much when he kept his head turned and if my knees hadn’t gone weak I would’ve jumped up from my desk and left the building.

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Hot New Release

If you liked Passion you’re going to love this high school love story of Kristi and Brandon as they deal with the ups and downs of young love and outside interference. Follow the link to order from anywhere amazon kdp is available, Also available in #KU

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Countdown deal

This weeks’ eBook sale only at 99¢ only. Sale begins today Sunday October 15-22. Enjoy butterflies

Beast Mode

Loving The Enemy



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New Updates

Happy weekend butterflies, I’ve updated all three stories on #wattpad as well as Eden High here on the site. To find my #wattpad page please click the orange follow button here on any page of the site. Please leave comments and vote if you like the chapters and you can also comment here. As you know Eden High is tied into the final chapter of The SEAL Team story so don’t forget to brush up as the final SEAL installment, Quinn and Devon’s story will be released soon. I’d also like to hear your thoughts on this year’s releases and what you’re hoping for in the coming year. PS. You can find sneak peaks here for the upcoming holiday story, and there’s The Lady which I’m writing here and on Instagram. Thanks again for all your support.

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Friday Updates

Eden High has been updated here on the site. Tennessee Heat has been updated on wattpad and look for the other updates later today on wattpad as well. I’m thinking of putting the SEAL Team Seven book up for pre-order not sure on that one yet, but either way it will be coming soon. Hope everyone is finding the little tidbits on the site fun to read. For those who want to follow the chapter stories on wattpad just hit the orange follow button on the screen anytime. I’ve also reopened my Goodreads page so give me a look there too if you’d like. Happy reading…

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Eden High series 2 Book5

There’s a new update for Eden High, do not press page 5 because there’s nothing there, don’t want you to be disappointed. Happy reading and enjoy. For those of you who missed all the announcements over the weekend, follow the wattpad follow button on the side of the page to read new stories written under one of my new pen names.

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