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Coming Soon

“Get those shorts off baby and lean over the bed.”

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11 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Love everything read numerous times,waiting for Lyons next generation.

  2. your an amazing writer!!! I have bought all of your books and I read most of them 2 times and the rest at least 3 times. I have had way too much stress in my life lately and your books take me away to another place a very happy place. I look everyday to see if there is a new release. I just wanted to say thank you so vey much for your awesome books.

  3. any release date for series 2 books 5 and 6? I am so impati
    ent for the ending!

  4. Hello my Lady I am having trouble logging into your email I don’t know what went wrong but I cannot live without you and your wonderful books I live for these books you’re right so tell me what’s going on .

    1. what do you mean you can’t get into my email?

  5. I have been looking all over for nympho and cant find it anywhere. Is it out yet or is it one of the band books.

    1. i removed it to work on it

  6. Are you leaving amazon.

  7. Still no Eden High?

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