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Hello butterflies, I’m almost back from my break. Here’s something to get your feet wet while I work on all I have in store for you in the coming months. Enjoy  

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Alright, we’re here, what gives?”
“Hold your horses Blade, we’re waiting for one more.” Mancini tapped his fingers on the table with a sly grin. Just then the sound of a smooth engine could be heard sliding into the… https://t.co/y0Xn77zk1p

I have an announcement to make please read carefully. My break is almost over I’ll be back soon. I’ve decided not to let anyone steal not even a second of my joy ever again. ANYONE who annoys me will be blocked. I’m… https://t.co/QGChjOxgjU

Today's Romance Genre Shout-Out goes to the lovely Jordan Silver🌹
Talon's Heart💕https://t.co/iyiFj8tShV
#amreadingromance #romancereaders #romancenovel #romancegenre

The world is full of judgmental people, but be wary of anyone who would judge you because they are usually guilty of much worse than they are accusing you of. They seek to hide their filth by shining a spotlight on you and your supposed sins

Good morning butterflies. Hope you're all feeling great today and if you're not, just hold on, get back in bed and pull the covers over your head, think of something that brings you joy, and hang in there until the darkness passes

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