Sneak Peeks

And then there was that. I don’t remember the last conversation we had where she didn’t bring this shit up at least once.

“When are you going to stop singing that song? I told you, I’m too young to settle down.”

“Who cares how young you are, do you forget I had you at seventeen?”

“I know, but you were way wiser than me. I’m not ready to be a dad momma, what time would I have for the poor kid?” I laughed it off in hopes that she’d drop it.

“Excuses, excuses. I’m gonna pray that you meet the right girl and settle down and stop making me worry. I won’t be around forever you know.”

“Momma, you’re not even fifty yet where are you going? I forbid you to leave me for at least another fifty years.”

“I’ll try my best son, but I’m sure a couple grandkids would help keep me around.” No wonder I’m accused of being tenacious, I came by it honestly.

I let her harangue me for another ten minutes before getting her back on track. I should be safe from her tongue for at least another twenty-four hours.

I made sure she had everything she needed before ringing off and going back to work, smiling to myself at her antics.

No one does manipulation like she does and I’m sure that wasn’t the last I’d heard about her need

for grandchildren. Tony’s damn sister had to go and have a kid and now the heat was on for both of us.

She’s been bringing it up more often lately as if she thought time was running out or some shit. Either that or she was afraid of the rumors and dreaded having one of my usual fare as a daughter in law.



Chapter 2


I kept myself busy for the next couple of hours until I got a crick in my neck, and thirst ran me out to the bar when I noticed my mini fridge was out of my favorite bottled water.

As I reached the bar the bartender, knowing me very well by now, placed a bottle of water down in front of me with a greeting.

I popped the cap and was about to take a sip when some force made my body go on full alert. I took a quick glance around but saw nothing out of the ordinary, though the feeling persisted.

It wasn’t quite as strong as my danger signal, but it was close. I felt like I was being touched which made no sense, since no one dared get that close to me without an invitation.

I brushed it off thinking that maybe I was just tired from overwork, but I knew that wasn’t it; I thrive on that shit. There it was again. A tingling sensation like I’d touched a live wire. Where the hell was it coming from?

I kept a wary eye out and took another glance around the room, the feeling growing stronger, more persistent. Seeing nothing, once again, I turned back around to the bar and my forgotten water.

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