Sneak Peeks

This one was no different even though she was married with kids. If I’d known what she was when I hired her I wouldn’t have made the mistake.

But she was well qualified for her position and since that was my only interest in her I hadn’t looked any deeper. Why the hell would I?

How am I supposed to know who’s crazy and who’s not? I’ve had my fair share of stalker fans gone nuts, but I never had to deal with them this close so I’m not really sure how they’re packaged.

That day I smiled at her my mind hadn’t even been on her. I was thinking of something mom had done or said at lunch earlier.

Because I wasn’t known to smile at anyone, I can see how she misconstrued something as simple as that. At first I didn’t think too much of it, but lately she’s been taking that shit too far.

When she wasn’t throwing herself in my way needlessly, she was finding excuses to be alone with me. I was starting to feel cornered whenever we were in the same room together.

It was a good thing that I never let anyone into my inner office for any reason or who knows how far she would’ve gone.

Still, things hadn’t gotten to the point where I felt like I needed to do something, not yet. But somehow lately I get the feeling I should keep an eye on her just the same.

Back in my office I forgot all about her as I booted up the computer to look over last night’s take. Once that was done I checked over the orders for the restaurant and bar side of the club.

All my places now serve five star cuisine along with entertainment. It was a big part of the reason business had been doing so well. I’d taken what I’d won and turned it into something more. Something me, and my mother, could be proud of.

There were stages where women danced into the early mornings on one floor, with a bar. A restaurant with live music on another, and yet another for dancing the night away.

Each floor was more opulent than the last and I’d gone out of my way to make sure that each remained a separate entity.

I’d say one thing for the asshole, he had excellent taste. All his clubs are in the best locations and there had been room for expansion, which I’d made use of.

As good as they’d done under his hand that was nowhere close to what they’ve become. He just didn’t have the same vision as me I guess, or he was too lazy to try anything new.

He’d inherited the lot from his old man who’d inherited them from his, now they’re mine. Although I wasn’t sure about it in the beginning, I’m happy that I hadn’t sold them off like I’d planned to.

It’s a whole other feeling having people dependent on you for their livelihoods, and yet another to be in a position to help those who needed it in the form of employment.

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