Sneak Peeks

To add insult to injury, once word got out that an ex Super bowl winner was the new owner, business had tripled in the first year and had only climbed every year since then.

It wasn’t just my name though that was a big draw, but what I had done to the clubs to put my mark on them. I’d built the clubs into much more than they were if I do say so myself.

I couldn’t get rid of the dancers because they needed to eat too, no matter how I was against it and my mother turned up her nose in the beginning.

For her and my own peace of mind I’ve done all I can to make my clubs as clean cut as they can get for what they are. Now I can sleep at night without worrying that I’m a flesh peddling bastard.

All my places have a reputation for being upscale classy joints. There are no private rooms in the back where anything more than dancing went on, and any of the women caught crossing the line with a customer was axed on the spot.

Everyone knew when you walked into one of my places it was hands off, stay your ass in your seat or you’d get booted, no questions asked no matter who you were.

Like I said, I’d gone to those extremes because of my mother. She too worried about the young women who came to me looking for help in the form of a job, where they were more likely than not to get shunned by the rest of the world.

I do my best to give these women a sense of purpose. To remind them that they’re more than their profession whether they’d chosen it, or it had been their last resort.

To make myself more comfortable with my new business, once things had taken off and I became more comfortable as a business owner, I’d expanded.

These days my clubs weren’t just about the dancers on stage. I’d used the prime real estate to turn them into one stop shops.

Now the dancing ladies were just a part of the whole and in fact had been taken over by the rest of the club as far as business went.

I’d hired top notch chefs to take over the kitchens, DJs to spin on the revamped dance floors and enough security to make everyone feel safe and comfortable when they walked through the doors.

Because of my past fame the clientele had gone up a couple notches as well. Now there were usually ball players with starlets on their arms coming through the doors. Or other celebrity types who wanted to see and be seen.

One well placed write up in the second year had really made things take off and now the clubs were known far and wide which was always good for business. It helped that they were no longer seen as just high end strip joints.

Along with the fame came women, too many to count. Maybe that’s why I’d lost my taste for the chase. They were all alike these days. At least the ones who threw themselves at me.

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