Sneak Peeks

I quirked my brow at her when she didn’t hurry to obey me. That was something else I was going to have to get used to. Everyone usually rushed to do my bidding.

“Do you need help finding your ass in that chair?”

“Do you need help rearranging that pretty face of yours?” I would’ve laughed if she wasn’t dead serious.

I started to rise from my seat and she held up the tray defensively and thrust out her chin. I felt the blood heat beneath my skin with excitement as I watched her, so defiant, even though I was sure she knew she couldn’t win.

She hadn’t taken off her coat so I still had no idea what she looked like under the man sized garment that swallowed her tiny frame, but at least her cheeks looked a little healthier after the meal.

I took the time now to study her and felt that jolt to my system again. She had wide set green eyes that tilted up at the corners. A pert little button nose and the cutest rounded cheekbones like she hadn’t quite gotten rid of all her baby fat.

“How old are you?” I picked up the papers she’d filled out to check for myself. She was just past nineteen; a baby. I calculated the age difference in my head and cursed myself for being an ass.

What the fuck did it matter how old she was?

Where are you really going with this Max? You don’t even know her, have no idea who she is. Though that had never mattered much in the past.

I looked up at her, still standing defiantly and wondered where she got the gumption. She must not have heard about me, otherwise she wouldn’t have had the nerve to defy me, especially in my own place.

“I told you to sit.” The knock came then and once again it was the bar-back Paul who came in with a tray of dessert and coffee. He took in the scene and skirted around her.

He took the tray with the empty dishes from her after placing the new one on the desk without uttering a word, before leaving again.

She eyed the variety of cakes on the plate and actually licked her lips before looking back at me. “What are you trying to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m pretty sure this isn’t how you treat all your would be employees.”

“How would you know?” I looked from her to the chair meaningfully and she got the hint and sat.

I wasn’t sure if it was in obedience or just the lure of the sweets. I was leaning more towards the latter. Her hand shook slightly when she lifted the cup of steaming hot coffee to her lips.

“Stop staring.” She put the cup down and folded her arms. Was glare the only look she knew?

“I’m not.” Busted. I pretended interest in the screen again before reaching for my own cup.

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