Sneak Peeks

She’s so prickly she just might go off the handle again if she caught me, since I’d promised not to watch. She went back to eating and I noticed something else about her.

She was so still, so quiet, it was almost like she wasn’t there. I didn’t even hear her chewing. The longer I sat there pretending not to look at her the more I realized that I felt…settled with her here.

More relaxed than usual for this place in any case. As if she had some kind of calming affect on me, which made no sense whatsoever with that mouth of hers.

I smiled to myself at the fact that she was pretending I wasn’t here. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her looking around the room at the wall where photos of my past glory now hung.

It had been years since I even noticed them, but somehow having her see them made me want to puff out my chest with pride.

She didn’t ask any questions, didn’t get excited the way most people do. In fact I wasn’t even sure she knew who I was since she never answered the question the first time I asked. Rude ass!

There was no real expression on her face once she was through perusing the many images. She just went back to eating like she could give a shit.

I liked that for some reason. I’d grown tired of being hounded because of who I am. It was rare for me to meet anyone who wasn’t fascinated by the ex-ballplayer.

This one was more interested in filling her stomach, smart girl. I went back to work and tried to pretend I wasn’t bothered by her presence.

But it was hard to escape the fact that something strange was going on with me where she was concerned. And even now, after the last hour or so spent alone with her, I still have no idea what that something is.

Already I’d broken so many of my own rules and I’d only known her for a scant two hours maybe. There was no way for me to put things in perspective since I hadn’t the slightest clue what the hell was going on or where to start.

She wasn’t much help since she refused to even talk to me while she ate. How was I supposed to figure this shit out if we didn’t even have a conversation?

She must be the first female I’d ever met who didn’t feel the need to fill dead air with pointless chatter. It was a refreshing change but annoying as hell. Just my luck, I wanted this one to talk and she won’t. The ones I want to shut the hell up have speech marathons in my damn ears.

Her silence was a story in itself though, and I wondered if she knew how much she was telling me about herself with her behavior. Like my mother, I could already tell that she was fiercely independent, and strong willed.

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