Sneak Peeks

So far she’s kept herself contained and probably isn’t aware that I’m on to her past behavior. I never paid much attention in the past since I had no real interest in the girls she’d warned off. But I had a feeling this time might be different.

I got an uneasy feeling before I was able to squash it. I hadn’t witnessed her past behavior and none of the girls had made an issue of it. So there was no need for me to panic.

It was only because of Tony who keeps his ear to the ground that I even knew anything had taken place. That she’d confronted a few of the dancers who’d shown an interest in me.

I’m sure there was nothing to worry about, at least I hoped there wasn’t. After all she hadn’t been wrong in warning them off. And since she was in charge of the dancers I’d seen it as nothing more than her managerial duty.

But it was obvious that this was different. It was true that I’d never shown any interest in anyone who worked for me, and this evening could be seen as something out of the ordinary, but what had I done really?

Shit, when I look back on my actions I’d done plenty. I’d been territorial, heavy handed and downright domineering. Looking back I’d acted like I own her and I’d done it for everyone and their mother to see. Fuck!

But is she really that stupid that she’d come after her because of my actions? I hope not. Her jealousy aside, she’s really good with the girls and have been a big help when it comes to keeping things the way I like them.

I’d hired her away from a very prestigious firm to come work for me because I liked her work ethic, but if she went after this one I have a feeling she wouldn’t last much longer working for me.

I got that buzzed feeling again and took note. There are a handful of times in my life when I’ve felt like this. When I won the scholarship, when I was drafted, and when I won the nightclubs.

For this reason I was pretty sure she was life’s latest curve ball. I’m not quite sure how yet, but it never fails. The only thing is, in the past, this feeling always came before something good.

By the looks of this one shit was about to get difficult. For one that mouth of hers was a big fucking no-no and her attitude left much to be desired. I don’t think a female has ever sworn at me before.

I stole a glance at her as she dragged a French fry

through the pint of ketchup she’d poured onto the plate before putting it between her lips. The action seemed so sensual, it was hard to look away.

Since when are you mesmerized by a woman eating? What weird shit are you on now? I looked away quickly when she lifted her head and looked in my direction.

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  1. DANG! Just finished reading the seek peek … I hope later on tonight this is available for purchase, U need it!!!

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