Sneak Peeks

She wasn’t the youngest or the prettiest one to cross these doors in the past few years that I’ve been here. But for some reason she was the one to catch my notice. I’d try to figure that shit out when it didn’t feel like my head was about to spin off my shoulders.

“Let’s try this again. I won’t ask why you want to dance since the question is moot. No one in this city will hire you to dance.” She opened her mouth no doubt to swear at me some more, but I held up a finger to put her on pause.

“I’m not finished. If it’s a job you’re after, I’m more than willing to give you one, but not as a stripper. Believe it or not, in my place, the cocktail waitresses make just as much and sometimes more than the dancers. It all depends on their shifts.”

“I’ve never worked as a waitress before.”

“Does that mean you’ve danced before?” From the way she shifted her eyes and tugged at her bag I took that to mean she wasn’t going to answer.

“Fine! If you want the job it’s yours. You will be trained so that’s not an issue. The hours are long on the weekends but the pay is worth it.”

“If you’re good at what you do, you’ll make good money in tips on top of your pay which is the best in the city.” She bit into her lip as if giving my words some thought and looked around the room.

I can’t believe I was actually holding my breath as I awaited her answer. In fact nothing made sense since I stood at the bar and was poleaxed for no good damn reason.

She took her sweet time answering and once her eyes came back to me that fire had not been banked. She was still pissed and with good reason.

I should probably apologize for my behavior, but I didn’t want to. I was trying to do her a favor wasn’t I? But from the looks of it she didn’t see it that way.

If shit was different I would probably laugh at the situation, but my thoughts and emotions were all over the damn place. Besides, nothing about this felt remotely funny.



Chapter 3


I expected her to ask me something as inane as why I was doing this, but she didn’t. “I’ll give it two weeks but if it doesn’t work I’ll go elsewhere. As to me not finding a job in the city, there are other places outside of the city I can try.”

She got to her feet and pushed the bag on her shoulder. “Who do I have to see about the job?”

“You’re seeing him now.” I don’t usually handle the hiring, but with her I had a feeling I was going to be breaking a lot of my own rules.

“Wait here.” I went out and found the floor manager to get what I needed, and just as I thought, everyone was giving me strange looks. I ignored them all and walked back into my office without a word to anyone.

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