Sneak Peeks

My blood started a slow boil and I barely restrained myself from going in after her. I would’ve if I didn’t have such a strong hate for the owner.

His place was nowhere near on the same par as mine and it was a bone of contention with him. When he wasn’t trying to steal my dancers in vain, he was always up to some shit that was bound to get his ass fixed one of these days.

I’ve had to call Tony off his ass more times than I care to remember, but as dumb as he is, I know he’s harmless.

Just another blowhard who thought the ex ball player didn’t have a head for business and was easy prey. He’d learned different the first time he tried pulling the wool over my eyes.

Now I guess you can say we have a love hate

relationship that can go either way on any given day. He stays the fuck out of my way, and I barely know he exist.

He answered on the second ring and I got right to the point.

“The girl that just walked into your office, she’s not to be hired. While you’re at it, spread the word.”

“Since when do I take orders from you?” I didn’t even bother with an answer. Part of our understanding, after I’d uncovered some of his less than legitimate dealings, was that he never crossed me if he didn’t want his doors to close overnight.

“What’s in it for me?”

“What’s in it for you? Your life, you touch one hair on her head you’re dead.” I know how he operates where his dancers are concerned. The little innocent who just walked through his doors have no idea.

“What’s it to you anyway, you know this girl or something?”

“That’s none of your concern get her out of your office right now. You don’t want me to come in there.”

I hung up the phone but had no intentions on trusting him. Not that I thought he was dumb enough to gainsay me on this, but I didn’t want her in his presence a second longer.

“Tony go get her and bring her here to me.” I didn’t have to look to know that he’d followed me. I knew he was there the second I left my office even though I’d told him to take a breather while I worked.

“On it!” He walked through the doors and headed to the back office. Two minutes later he walked out with a very disgruntled female who was spitting fire and trying to wrestle her arm out of his hand.

“You again, what the hell do you want?”

“First, don’t ever speak to me like that again. Let’s go.” I took her from Tony and headed back to my place.

“Hey, where are you taking me? Let go.”

“Behave or I’ll carry you myself.” She had a lot of guts for someone her size because she didn’t heed my words, but instead tried to bite the hand that was holding hers.

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