Sneak Peeks

I pulled her a good distance away out of earshot of the others and turned her to face me.

“What are you doing here?” She didn’t belong here. For some inexplicable reason I was pissed that she was.

“Excuse me?” She tugged at her hand, but I held on even tighter, even when she glared up at me like she wanted to kick me in the balls. I wouldn’t blame her. Just what the fuck am I doing?

“I own this place, you can’t dance here.” Someone or something had taken over my mouth. There was no other explanation for my fucked up behavior.

Her free hand went to her hip and she cocked her head to the side. The look on her face said she thought I had lost my damn mind.

“And why not, the law…”

“Because I said so, read the sign. I have the right to deny you entrance into my place if I so choose, so I’m not breaking any laws.”

I could’ve waited until she auditioned and then nixed her, but I didn’t want her to even get that far. I still had ahold of her hand too and for some odd reason didn’t want to let go.

The longer we stood there facing off, the stronger that feeling became. I studied her trying to find the cause. What was it about her that had caught my attention so forcefully?

There was a strange ringing in my ear and my hand actually tingled sending shivers up my arm. There was a nagging voice in my head asking me, what the hell I was doing as I felt eyes on me.

I didn’t turn to see who was watching the show, but I was sure that I was making a spectacle of myself in the middle of the damn club. Fuck, how was I going to explain this?

I was about to offer her some other kind of job, like waitressing maybe, but she pulled out of my hand and stomped her way towards the door before I could get the words out.

I followed after her and watched her march her way down the sidewalk, still not sure what the hell just happened to me back there.

I was about to call out to her when she walked into the place a few doors down. “Like fuck!” No fucking way is she working in that dump. I’d burn the shit to the ground before I let that happen.

What the fuck! You’ve finally lost your damn mind haven’t you Max? I was pulling my phone before I gave myself a chance to think twice about what I was doing.

Never one to make rash decisions, it was the first time since my misspent youth that I found myself guilty of just that. I had lost all control of myself and I knew it, but there was no time to evaluate that shit right now.

I traced her steps and stood outside the competition, watching through the glass doors as she made her way to the back after a quick word with one of the workers.

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