Eden High Season 2 Book 4


Eden High

Series 2 Book 4

Copyright© Jordan Silver

All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1



I sat out of sight in the dark, at the end of the driveway. I’d driven the SUV because my Phantom would’ve stuck out like a sore thumb, plus there wasn’t enough room.

 The lights were off and the night was still as if it was just waiting for some shit to pop off. Jared, Shane, and Alex were with me in the truck, though I was this close to throwing Alex out on his ass if he didn’t shut the fuck up.

“Seriously though dudes. Why can’t you control your women? Didn’t we play out this scene already?” He’d been laughing at that same joke for the last ten minutes.

His oomph from the backseat had me turning around to see what gives. Shane had elbowed his ass in the ribs. Good. Maybe now he’d shut the hell up and let me think.

I wasn’t saying anything. I was saving my energy for Sian’s ass. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do to her, but I know if she passes this driveway it’s not going to be pretty.

Jared had gone in to get the lay of the land. I have no doubt once Belle realizes he’d played her his ass will be in the crapper, but at least they’d be alive.

I don’t know what it is, some may say I’m over reacting, but the thought of Sian going anywhere near Mandy really scares me, and not in a High School drama sort of way either.

I know Mandy’s a skank, that doesn’t make her a danger to anyone other than the unsuspecting men she catches in her web. But when it comes to Sian I think she poses a whole other kind of danger. A serious one.

If she thinks I’m going to spend the rest of my life protecting my woman from her obsessive ass she’s dumber than I gave her credit for. I’ll just as soon off her ass, or better yet let Track have her. He’s been offering to make her disappear for a good year now.

He’s also part of why I’m sitting out here like this. His call earlier had a hint of urgency that spooked the hell out of me. Until then I was thinking I was gonna have to spank Sian’s ass for sneaking out the house, never mind going near Mandy.

But the way he insisted there was danger had sent me running out the house earlier than I had planned. If only this damn girl would learn to listen, I could be in there right now copping a feel or some shit while my boys kept her girls occupied.

No, instead she has to play Mata fucking Hari. It boggles the mind that someone who’d been attacked not too long ago would even think of sneaking out in the middle of the damn night, but I’m guessing that’s a female thing.

Something else was bothering me though, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I had that unsettling feeling in my gut. The one you get when you know some shit’s about to go down, but you just don’t know what, or where it’s coming from, and I was certain this had nothing to do with Mandy’s stupid ass. Track and his shit again.

The three jackasses in the back were still going at each other while I stayed lost in my thoughts. I had a pretty good idea why she thought she had to confront that she-wolf.

 It’s a case of me protecting her and she protecting me. I guess I’m just gonna have to show my future wife that it doesn’t work that way. I’ll do the protecting thank you very much, and she can keep her hardheaded ass out of shit.

I looked out the window at the night sky. It was a warm California night with clear skies and a nice little breeze every once in a while. The kind of night a guy should be sneaking into his girl’s window to crash her sleepover party and maybe get some playtime.

Instead, I’m stuck out here in this truck looking at the sky like a damn astrologer.

I could’ve gone in and just kept her ass in the house without letting on that I knew she was up to something. But I’d told her ‘no’.

I wanted her to learn here and now, that that shit wasn’t just so I could hear myself talk. Plus I still owed her for popping shit off at me earlier. So little Ms. Thing had a lot coming her way.

“I think I hear the car.” Shane put his head out his window and listened but I kept my eyes on the driveway exit. I’d be able to see the lights from the car that way. Then again her sneaky ass might be driving with them off.




“Okay let’s go over this one last time.” I was messing with Cassie’s hair while we killed time waiting for the parents to be out for the night.

 As if by silent agreement, we’d all chosen to make her our doll for the night, could be because she was the youngest I’m not sure. Whatever it was I appreciated it. Valerie was turning out to be one cool chick, though she seemed a lot older than her age. She speaks with an air of intelligence that makes you want to listen and do what she says.

“I think I should stay back in the car. If the dogs attack my fat ass will be sure to get caught.” I rolled my eyes at Belle.

 “Belle for the last time, you’re not fat and Cassie said there were no dogs.”

“I was talking about Mandy. Her rabid ass has been dying to take a chunk outta me for years.”

That got a good laugh out of all of us and helped to ease the tension. The closer we got to actually doing this the more nervous I became.

“So we’re agreed, we’ll all go through the hedges but I’ll go inside the house alone. I still don’t know how I’m gonna get through the door. It’s not like I can ring the doorbell and she’ll let me in.”

I did give some thought to going to the front door and letting her parents know I was there, but since I wasn’t sure how things might play out, I didn’t want to risk it.

“I know a way.” Valerie reached into her hair and pulled out a bobby pin.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I can pick the lock.”

“And where the hell did you learn how to do that?”

“Track taught me how to do a lot of things.”

“I’m sure he did, but tell me about the lock picking.” That was good for another round of laughter and I felt the knots in my stomach ease that much more.

She shocked the hell out of me with her little demonstration, but she knew what she was doing and that was good enough for me.

 We waited until things were quiet before sneaking out the house. I had to be very careful as I started up the car and eased down the driveway with the lights off.

The nervous chatter in the backseat wasn’t helping matters any and my foot felt like lead on the gas even as I tried to go slow. Valerie’s ‘Oh shit it’s Track’ just after her phone beeped distracted me for a split second, which was good because I jerked my foot off the gas and pressed the brake just as I saw movement at the end of the driveway.

I came to a screeching halt when someone pulled out in front of us, blocking us in. The car was in total darkness and I almost had a heart attack and the girls were screaming bloody murder when the doors opened and four men jumped out.

My only thought before I knew I was going to die was of Jace and how if I survived this time he really was going to kill me. I couldn’t even remember what I was supposed to do at that moment as angry tears gathered in my eyes. I’d got my friends killed. All of this went though my head in what must’ve been a matter of seconds but felt like a lifetime.

My hands were frozen on the steering wheel when one of the dark shadows from the truck came to my window and knocked. The other three seemed to be surrounding the car and I had no choice but to look at whoever was trying to get my attention. At least the person hadn’t just shot me.

I made myself look and felt relief mixed with joy, mixed with…I don’t know what you call that thing when you know you’re about to die but then it doesn’t happen. I got my voice back fast enough though. “Jace Alexander Sanders are you insane? You almost gave me a heart attack.”

He pulled the door open and the look on his face made me wish I’d locked it. “Going somewhere?”

“Uh, I was um, we were going out for burgers.” I can’t think that quick after a scare like that. I looked back to see the others weren’t faring much better.

“That’s extra for lying…” He started to say something else but then there was a loud bang followed by an explosion behind us. I looked back to see smoke and flames coming from my house.

The fear and confusion came back tenfold and I tried to jump out the car and rush past him. What I was seeing didn’t make sense, but I knew something was very wrong, and my parents were in that house.

“Sian No.” Jace wrapped his arms around me as the others jumped out of the car and stood on the driveway looking back at the house that was now in flames.

“Alex stay with them.” He pushed me into the car and started heading towards the fire. “Shane, Jared come with me.” I was too scared to do anything. I’d lost all the feeling in my legs. “Jace…” His name came out as a squeak but he was long gone.

Down the driveway, towards the burning house, where my parents were. I tried jumping out of the car and the others were crying and panicking, but Alex pushed me back.

“No Sian stay here, Jace will take care of it.” He had his phone to his ear and I could hear the emergency operator asking him what his emergency was.

Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. Nothing seemed real. Alex was pacing back and forth beside the car but I could tell he wanted to follow the guys.

“Go Alex, please go and make sure they’re okay.” Tears were streaming down my face and there was a knot of sick fear and panic in my gut.

“No, Jace would kill me if I left you out here alone.” He ran his hand over his head miserably and none of us relaxed until we heard sirens in the distance.

Just then we saw Jace and the others coming back with mom and dad. I pushed past Alex and ran to them, but my legs gave out when I was only a few feet away.

All the feeling came back then as Jace grabbed me up off the ground where I’d fallen. Everyone was talking at once and that’s when I found out that my parents hadn’t left immediately after the explosion because they couldn’t find us.

Jace was being kind but I knew he was pissed and I felt lower than slime. Mom and dad were covered in soot and coughing up their lungs.

“What happened?” The fire trucks blew past us on the driveway. Thank heavens Alex and Shane had moved my car and Jace’s truck to the side to make room.

“We’ll know soon enough. It looked like it came from your room. Jace, you mind if I have a look at my daughter?” Dad joked but I could see he too was pissed.

Jace let me go long enough for me to hug mom and dad before taking me back. “Jace what’s wrong?” he was acting even more Neanderthal man than usual and it was only as I looked at him closely in the moonlight that I noticed the ashen look to his pallor.

“What is it?” I looked around at everyone. Jared had an arm around Belle, Shane had his around Tammy and Val and Cass were holding onto each other with Alex standing over them.

Somehow I got the sense from Jace and my dad that there was something else going on other than the obvious fire, which made no sense because we hadn’t been using anything that would cause an explosion.

“Who knew you were having a sleepover tonight baby?” I looked at Jace like he was speaking a foreign language. “What? what does that have to do with anything?” I was starting to get a nervous feeling in my stomach and the shakes were coming back full force.

“The fire or whatever that is was started in your room.” What he was saying didn’t make any sense. I gave him a puzzled look as I tried getting my head around it.

“Was it an electrical wire or something?” He looked at dad but didn’t say anything. Dad was now sandwiching me between him and Jace with mom under his other arm. Jared was looking at me like he wanted to cry and Jace, well, I could feel the ill contained rage coursing through him.

Next thing I knew his parents were pulling up and bundling me and my friends into their car with them and promising my parents to pick Melissa up on the way.


What the hell was going on? “Go with my parents babe, we’ll be there soon.” He kissed me hard on the mouth before forcing me into the car with the others while he and my parents stayed back with my brother and his friends.

Chapter 2



It was deliberately done, not an accident. Those words kept running through my head, leaving a sickening feeling in the pit of my gut. Coldness swept through my bones and left me numb. The rush of possessiveness I felt in that moment was unlike anything I’d ever felt thus far. The need to protect her at all cause was uppermost in my thoughts once the mind numbing fear of what could’ve happened to her released me from its grip.

When her dad first told me that the fire had started in her room, I’d convinced myself it was just a coincidence. I was certain that it was faulty wiring or something silly like the girls had tried to roast marshmallows on the bed, anything other than what had actually been found.

Someone had thrown an explosive through her bedroom window and then taken a few shots. Probably to catch anyone running away from the fire, I don’t know. What I do know is that she was the target. Her parents had rushed into the room after the explosion trying to find their daughter and her friends, sick with fear when they couldn’t find them and then the shots had rang out.

My mind was finally clear making way for the anger that had been festering in my gut for weeks now. “Enough of this shit.”

“Jace where are you going?” Jared grabbed my arm as I started to walk away. His parents were still busy with the cops and didn’t notice us.

“I’m going to beat the shit outta Mandy and then I’m going to break her fucking neck. This is her doing.” I all but dragged him across the yard since he refused to let go.

“Jace think. If you go anywhere near her now you’ll only make things worse.” He kept his voice to a harsh whisper so the others couldn’t hear. I didn’t care who heard, her ass was gonna get what’s coming to her once and for all.

I watched as his parents said goodbye to the cops and headed in our direction. In the back of my mind I knew Mandy hadn’t shown up here, climbed a tree, and thrown a firebomb through the window that was at least twenty feet off the ground. No, she’d hire someone to do it, just like I believed she’d done with the first attack.

“I’m not going to wait until she hurts Sian again. This is my fault and I’m gonna take care of it like I should’ve.” It fucks with my head that this was happening to her because she was mine. If someone did this shit to mom dad would’ve already had them buried somewhere, I could do no less.

“How do you figure it’s your fault? That’s stupid. I’m sure Sian doesn’t think that and neither does anyone else. If you want to get back at Mandy this isn’t the way to do it. This way she wins. Then the cops can pin all that other shit on you too. No we have to use our heads. Belle was in there too remember? And so was Tammy. You don’t think Shane and I feel the same way?”

Yeah, selfish me I didn’t even think about that. Damn! Now I’ve endangered everyone and still had no clue who the fuck the culprit was. Mandy wasn’t ever going to talk. I know enough about her to know that. She would never accept the blame for anything not even if she was the one to set shit in motion.

For the first time I noticed how pissed Jared was. He’s always so cool and unassuming I somehow didn’t think he had it in him. “You’re right Jared I’m sorry. Shit this is fucked up.”

“What’s going on?” Shane and Alex jogged over to us by the time the Claibornes reached us. Jared shook his head at them and they got the message. “Let’s go boys I bet the girls are worried. Jace son you okay?” Jackson clapped me on the shoulder. I was still barely keeping myself in check, could all but feel the electric charge from the rage running through my veins. Then I saw the worry in his eyes and reined myself in.

“Yeah let’s get back. Dammit her pills. I’m sure she didn’t have them with her.” I had no idea what I was saying or doing at this point. It was finally sinking in that she could’ve been killed. I stumbled and Jackson caught my arm. “It’s okay Jace I know exactly how you feel.” Really, you feel like crying like a bitch too?

Of course I didn’t say that, I kept my mouth shut as my mind worked. One way or another I’ma put an end to Mandy and her shit. But Jared was right I had to be smart. The asshole cops were still looking at me. At least the two here tonight seemed to have more sense. It was frustrating that she would get away with this too; at least for tonight.

We all climbed into the two vehicles and headed for my home. The guys kept their voices low but I noticed Alex was looking very thoughtful and shaking his head a lot as the three of them kept a watchful eye on me. It was then I realized they were all in back leaving me upfront by myself.

“What are you three talking about?” I was surprised at how normal my voice sounded. Alex shook his head but I didn’t miss the look he threw the other two and I put it down to them not wanting me to lose my shit again and go after Mandy. My boys know me too well.

She was the first to see us pull in and came running. My heart tripped in my chest when I caught her in my arms and lifted her off the ground. “You’re short.” There were tears in her eyes and on her cheeks. I hate her tears so that last comment was meant to piss her off or make her laugh. Either one would take care of them for me.

Anger won the night I guess, though she wasn’t really angry. “Hey take that back. I am perfectly proportioned thank you very much. We don’t all have to look like lurch.” I tickled her sides and she kicked and squealed to be let down. Now I was the one who felt like crying. Sometimes she sounds so happy. Like no one I’d ever known before. Her happiness is a different kind of happiness to the one I’m used to. There was nothing superficial about it. Something very rare in this town of make believe.

Maybe that’s why I felt more with her than with anyone else. She was so different from the norm and she actually makes me fucking feel. “I would die for you.” I pulled her head to mine and ignored the snickers of her parents and my boys as I covered her lips with mine.

“I love you so fucking much I can’t breathe right now. Tell me you’re okay. Say Jace I’m perfectly fine.” My voice almost caught in my lungs. “Jace I am perfectly fine.”

“Good girl.” She wrapped her legs and arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder and I began to settle.

We walked inside where my parents had done their usual of putting out a spread. No matter the occasion, food was always the answer around here. I wanted to take her upstairs and get away from the others, have her to myself until the fear of what could’ve been disappeared. Instead I sat with her on my lap while everyone else paired off including the parents.

There was a lot of whispering among the adults as the girls grilled us for information, which we kind of sidestepped. No way was I telling Sian this shit. Not until it had been taken care of. She had enough on her plate as it is.

Mom had called the other parents letting them know the girls were okay, not wanting them to hear about the fire from elsewhere and freak. She must’ve played that shit down because they were all still here.

“Well Jackson, Veronica, you know you’re staying here until your place is livable again.” Dad offered her dad a drink while the moms sipped on wine. I tried to imagine what it would be like having her parents here while I had her in my bed.

Not the most comfortable thought and I was being a selfish prick. A bomb had just chased them out of their home, and I was thinking of fucking their daughter.

It was just a natural reflex I guess. The need wasn’t so much about getting off as it was about reaffirming that she was safe and unharmed. I pulled her closer on my lap and wrapped my arms around her possessively while nuzzling her neck.

I sat there with my dick getting hard and my need for her growing to the point I had to grit my teeth. Dad asked me some shit and I grunted out an answer, but my mind wasn’t there. She felt me growing beneath her ass and smirked back at me.

I put my mouth to her ear. “I need you.” I bit her ear and she scrunched up her shoulders and tried to get me out of there. “Jace behave, we have company.” Like I give a fuck.

“How are you really baby? Are you okay?” She grew serious and cupped my cheek in her palm.

“I am, everybody’s fine. It’s probably just some kinda faulty wiring or something like that.”

Damn she’s so innocent. Not an ounce of cynicism. “I hope you never change.” I kissed her again before she could ask me what I was talking about. Fuck Sian! My baby’s like a baby. But it only made me that much more determined to protect her. Each day I learn more and more why dad is the way he is with mom. Why her parents from what I’ve seen live pretty much by the same tenets.

The way they protect the women from shit that they knows will upset them. Mom mostly finds that shit out anyway, but it’s usually when the shit has been taken care of and can no longer harm her in anyway.

It’s strange when both parents treat you like you’re part of the equation. Dad, when I got older would sometimes tell me things that he was keeping from mom. As his son he knew that when he wasn’t around I would be the one looking out for her. Mom on the other hand would bitch and moan that dad was keeping stuff from her.

I used to agree with her; after all she’s an adult. But now I see why he does it. Adult or not when your woman is in danger you don’t see the age. All you see is the most precious thing in your life, that soft beautiful creature that you’d bleed for in harm’s way. “Jace you’re squeezing me.” Shit! I eased up on my hold but still didn’t let her go.

Something was going on in my head and the rest of me was trying to play catch up. If that shit wasn’t bad enough I had another worry. If she hadn’t disobeyed me she would be dead or seriously hurt now.

What the fuck am I supposed to do with that shit? I told her to stay put, she didn’t stay put and it saved her life. Now she’ll never let me forget this shit and for the rest of our lives she’s gonna use it to get her damn way. Shit! Not gonna happen.

She curled up in my lap like a little kitten. Across the room Jared was whispering to Belle and calming her down while Shane did the same with his girl. Cassie and Valerie had their heads together and Alex looked like he was deep in thought. He kept giving me these strange looks but every time I looked at him he’d look at the girls and shake his head. Later then.

Maggie had already gone up to one of the guest bedrooms upstairs apparently too tuckered out from her friend’s house to even care about all the excitement. Everyone else was now tired and mom was talking sleeping arrangements. She gave the girls a room to share and the boys another.

“I think I’ll stay with the girls tonight.” Sian said to the room at large. Like hell!

“Yeah, uh no.” She’s out of her fucking mind too. I stood and grabbed her hand and headed for the stairs with a ‘goodnight’ to everyone.

My boys, except for Jared had spent the night here before they know how to get around. I was pretty sure before the hour was out Shane and Jared would have their girls with them. That would leave Cassie and Alex. Oh shit Victoria, Track. He must be going out of his mind.

I have no way of calling him since they take his phone whenever he gets stuck in that place. Speaking of which how had he called me tonight? That’s the first time he’s ever done that while away. Not to mention the fact he knew something was wrong before it happened. If my head wasn’t full of her I would think about that, but right now I couldn’t focus on anything else but her.

“Wait here.” I left her and went back to where Valerie was sitting looking a bit dazed. “Are you okay?” I knelt in front of her and took her hands in mine. She nodded and looked at me. Track is going to lose his shit when he hears about this.

“Track heard he heard everything.” I looked at her questioningly. “He called just before you guys showed up. He was asking me where we were and if everything was okay when that thing went off. He sounded really worried and then his phone went dead. He was screaming for me when the explosion happened and then he was gone.”

I squeezed her hand feeling helpless. “I’m sure he’s okay, I promise you he’s okay.” And after this I’ma make sure dad does something to stop the fucking school from sending him away each time he acts up. He wasn’t as bad as everybody tried to make out, and I was sick of them doing that shit anyway.

“Try to get some sleep and I’ll try to find him in the morning.” I knew the words were empty. In my gut I was sure my friend was okay but if it were Sian at the end of nowhere and I couldn’t reach her at a time like this I’d lose my fucking mind. I hope he doesn’t get into any more trouble than he was already in. But I know Track, if the thinks she’s hurt, or in danger, nothing will keep him away.

I patted her knees one last time and got up to go to my girl. Dad waylaid me on the way back to the stairs where I could see her sitting waiting for me, twirling a lock of her hair between her fingers. The act was so innocent it almost stopped me in my tracks.

Dad followed my eyes and turned back to me. “That is why you don’t tell her shit Jace. You get it now? You want her to remain like that, innocent.”

“I get it dad.” I just joined the ranks of the Neanderthal. “Jackson told me what happened but we’re not telling the girls. I told your mom because Veronica already knows but the others don’t need to know this. The story for now is faulty wiring. Her detail wasn’t there tonight because she was supposed to be staying in and no one thought anyone would go to their home. I guess we know better now.”

She looked up and saw us and her smile started to slip because I was sure that whatever I was thinking was showing on my face. “Okay dad I’ll see you in the morning.” I went to her and picked her tiny little ass up in my arms and headed up the stairs to my suite.

“Jace you’re mad because I said I’d stay with the others? I just said that because of my parents, you know I would’ve come to you after everyone had gone to sleep.” She rolled her eyes as soon as we got to my room and closed the door. “Why would you have to do that? Your parents know we sleep together.”

“Well yeah, but it’s one thing for them to ‘know’ and another for…oh never mind.” She said this because I was looking at her like she was nuts. I pulled her into my arms and just held her. I know her sassy ass gets mouthy when she’s scared and the truth was evident by the way she was still shaking even now.

“You’re okay baby, don’t be afraid.” How many times am I gonna have to say that to her before this shit was over? Maybe I should take her away somewhere for a while. I don’t see either of our parents going for that but it might be worth a shot. This shit was too close.

It’s as if she was waiting for those words to let go. She trembled and wrapped her arms around my neck and I pulled her in as hard as I could without hurting her, it was still not close enough. “If we hadn’t left…” She shook and I heard the sob in her voice.

“I know baby I know.” I held her head in my hand, the night’s events bringing it home just how little she was compared to me. I looked down at her face and wanted to erase the fear I saw in her eyes. I’d asked her to trust me to take care of her; so far I wasn’t doing so good. “I’m never letting you out of my sight again.”

“How’re you feeling does anything hurt?” I walked towards the bed and laid her down. Lifting her legs I removed her shoes and pulled her shorts down and off before tackling the rest of her clothes.

“My back pulls a little but I’m ok.” I went to the bathroom to grab some strawberry scented massage oil that I’d been keeping for one of my freaky nights but she needed it now.

“Here baby lay on the towel for me.” She lifted up and rolled so I could lay the towel down before settling on it again with a sigh. I heated up some oil in my hands and starting at her feet, worked some of it between her toes working my fingers into her instep and the soles of her feet.

By the time I reached her inner thigh, kneading the muscles that were firm from cheerleading, she was moaning and writhing against the towel, rubbing her clit into the petal soft material no doubt.

I wanted to fuck her so bad it hurt, but I leashed my animal and focused on taking care of her. As my hands moved over the perfect globes of her ass I started thinking about how much my life has changed since she came into it. It didn’t seem possible that we’d known each other for such a short while.

A quick look at the ring on her finger was a reminder of just how much in love with her I am. I was careful with her back as I worked the knots out. She was strung tight as a bow. I worked until her back loosened up, placing teasing kisses along her spine, and she relaxed.

“Where were you going tonight baby?” My fingers brushed against the sides of her breasts, which had plumped out at the sides. I was watching her face from where she had it turned to the side so I saw her eyes fly open with that ‘uh-oh’ look in them.

“Um, uh…”

“Sian, don’t lie to me.” My voice was stern but my hands remained gentle. My cock sat right in the crease of her ass hard as fuck. “Were you going to see Mandy?” I thought I’d help her out since she seemed to have lost the ability to speak.


“This is after I told you not to?” Her body reacted to the change in my tone and she tried to turn over. “Stay where you are.” I used a little force to hold her still. She got nervous because she couldn’t see what I was doing back there, as well she should.

Now that I was a little calmer and could think clearly again I knew just what to do to her disobedient ass to keep her in line. I lubed up the butt plug I’d grabbed with the oil, still out of her peripheral vision.

“Answer me.”

“But Jace I was just going to talk to her.”

“What did I say?” She mumbled some shit under her breath and tried to ease out from under me. “Be still.” I pressed down on her ass lightly and spread her legs a bit more.

“I can’t spank you because you’re hurt, I’ll save it for next time.”

“Spank…Get the hell off me.” I barely restrained myself from smacking her ass with the flat of my hand. “I told you to be still Sian I’m not playing with you.” I waited until she settled not letting her sniffles get to me.

“Jace if I’d stayed we would’ve all been hurt.” Just as I thought!

“No, because I would’ve been there and I wouldn’t have let anything happen to you. The fact remains you didn’t listen.” She was scared as shit not knowing what to expect and had I not continued rubbing her back she would’ve tightened up again.

I kissed her neck wondering what the fuck she’d done to me. I’ve had girlfriends since the age of fourteen, or maybe younger, and not once have I ever felt this overwhelming need to protect, to own, to possess.

I never fucked a girl in the ass before but with her it was almost a compulsion. Like I had to possess every part of her. I’ve never done what I was about to with anyone else either. Never cared enough to.

“This is going to hurt a little. No don’t tense up. The pain won’t last more than a second.” I poured some lube on my finger and pushed it into her tight ass.

She hissed and pushed back onto my finger. I pulled it out and lubed a second one, adding both to her ass this time. She spread her legs and I could see her juice already wetting her pussy lips from behind. My mouth watered and I had to concentrate. There was a wild beating in my heart as I eased the tip of the plug into her puckered pink rosebud.

She winced and jerked at the feel of the hard rubber against her tender flesh as I pushed a little deeper. I’d bought one that was just a little shorter but just as thick as my cock. I’d done some research since she’d awakened these feelings in me. It’s not like I could go ask my friends how to dominate my woman. Most of it came naturally, but there were some things I imagined doing to her that I had to be sure was safe.

I could’ve asked dad but that would reveal way more about my parents’ relationship than I wanted to know. I worked the plug into her ass with one hand while kneading her back with the other. “Jace it burns.” She reached a hand back to grab mine.

“Move your hand Sian or it’ll get worst. I told you not to leave the house tonight.” Once the plug was in her ass and she was fisting the sheets I went back to massaging her. I let my cock slide down between her thighs where the fat leaking head rubbed against her slit and clit each time I moved. Her breathing became sporadic and her body flushed with heat.

“Jace please I need you.” I heard the pout in her voice and gritted my teeth. If I planned to do this shit for the rest of our lives I knew I had to get it right from the start or she’d run rough shod over my ass forever. “No. You need to apologize first then I’ll give you what you want.” I knew she’d hold out as long as she could because her ass was hardheaded. So I settled in for her stubborn ass to put me through my paces.

Once her back relaxed again I had her turn over and started in on her front. The cream was supposed to make her body more sensitive to touch and I could see it was already doing its work. Her legs wouldn’t stay still. I didn’t look at her eyes because I knew that’s how she’d get me.

Instead I focused on working the sweet smelling cream into her plump tits, avoiding her nipples. “Jace stop playing.” She tried pushing her nipples towards my hands but I pulled away not looking at her. “How can you be mad at me after what happened?” Don’t fucking cry. My hands were already shaking like what the fuck are you doing? But something inside of me needed this.

“I’m not mad at you, but you need to learn to obey me.” How could I explain this need I had to control her every move to keep her safe when I didn’t really understand it myself? From the first moment I met her something went off in my head. I knew this time was going to be different.

Everything I thought I knew about relationships went out the window the day she became mine. That’s why she was already wearing my ring. For me, that had been the surest way of claiming her. But there was something else there, that went much deeper.

I knew I could never breathe without her; that if she ever betrayed me, I’d end her. The feelings were sometimes so strong they scared me. We were so young, sometimes I worried she’d grow tired of my shit and bounce. And I haven’t even showed her half of what was inside me for her.

I tried to distance myself from what I was doing to her. This punishment shit was torture. Who the fuck was being punished here anyway? I ran my hands over her tits and down her middle to her wet pussy and rubbed between the creases of her thighs. She lifted into my hands and spread her legs once again trying to get me to come to her.

She must’ve seen something on my face because she reached out to me, but still she wasn’t saying sorry. I held her eyes with mine as I dipped a finger inside her. She arched but a hand on her stomach pushed her back down on the bed.

I played with her clit, as I pushed the finger deeper and waited for her walls to tighten before taking my fingers away from her. “Bastard.”

“Keep it up and I’ll figure out a way to beat your ass red without hurting the rest of you.” Damn, this shit comes naturally. I can just see this one throwing some shit at my head for messing with her. Submissive she is not.

“You ready to apologize baby?”

“No, I didn’t do anything wrong.” “Suit yourself.” I turned her back onto her stomach and straddled her ass. I massage her back and shoulders as she tried to hump the damn bed. A hand under her tummy took care of that and she cursed a blue streak because there was no longer any friction against her clit.

“Shh, you don’t want your parents to hear you do you?” I knew they couldn’t of course, but I doubt she remembered the room was sound proof. She went still before her body relaxed again. “Jace this isn’t fair. Let me up I’m gonna go sleep with the others.” Now she was pouting.

“You’re not going anywhere.” I pushed her hair out of my way and nibbled on her ear and neck. “They can’t save you little Sian.” I chuckled when she tried to buck me off.

“I don’t need saving you’re a bully.” I eased the plug in and out of her ass while teasing the lips of her pussy with the fingers of the hand holding her tummy.

“Does that feel good?” She was already making humming noises as she tried pushing her ass back on the plug. “Jace I need to cum.” I pushed the plug back in and took my hands away going back to massaging her. She growled in frustration and humped the air. I’d never seen her so wet and I kinda got the feeling that she liked what I was doing to her. The round firm globes of her ass begged to be spanked but I rubbed them instead making her jump.

I shoved a pillow under her ass raising it just where I needed, in the air. Lowering my head I opened her pink pussy folds and breathed her in before tasting her with the tip of my tongue. “Oh…” she was close.

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