Eden High

Chapter 3


I beat Jace and the others back to the house and was getting ready to break down the door if I had to before they pulled up. “Where is she?”
He opened the door and pointed up the stairs.
“Upstairs, The Shakespeare room.” I was halfway up before he finished talking.
I bounded down the hallway on Jace’s side of the house with the fleeting thought that the damn place was too big. It wasn’t hard finding the room since they all had little gold plates with their names written on the door.
I pushed it open lightly stepping into the room as quietly as possible. She was asleep on her side, the morning light creeping across her beautiful face. I breathed easy for the first time since that phone call and had to rub my hand over my heart where it ached.
I pulled the chain with the ring she’d put on my finger from beneath my shirt and took the ring off, putting it on my finger as I walked towards her. Toeing off my shoes, I climbed onto the bed next to her and wrapped my arms around her gently, still trying not to wake her though I wanted her to wake up so I could make sure she was okay.
“Yes baby I’m here.” She crawled onto my chest, put her arms around me, and cried. My arms tightened and let her cry it out while reassuring her that she was safe.
“It’s okay baby you’re safe, were you hurt?” She shook her head and held on tighter.
“I need you to look at me.” I lifted her chin with my finger until I could see her eyes.
“Were you hurt baby?” She shook her head and I pulled it down to cover her lips with mine. I’d lived in hell for the last few hours not knowing, I never want to go through that shit again.
I pulled her chain out from under the shirt she was wearing and took it off her neck, removing her rings and putting them on her finger. “Track, what’re you doing?”
“We’re never taking these off, that’s it.” I wanted to tell her that I’d never leave her again but the truth is, with my skills the government wasn’t in any hurry to let me go, so I kept my mouth shut.
“How did you get here so soon anyway?” She looked at her rings on her finger and I could see that she was pleased to have them there finally. “Jace said you would come but I wasn’t sure.”
I held her head in my hands and looked into her eyes. “I promise you that no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I will always come when you need me.” The thought that this shit could’ve set off one of her asthma attacks or something while I wasn’t here to take care of her pissed me off.
“Tell me what happened baby.” She got settled again with her head on my chest and her fingers making circles on my shoulder.
“I don’t really know. Jace made us leave with his parents, all we heard with the explosion but even when they came back no one said anything about it. It was weird.”
Perfect, that’s why I love Jace, he kinda thinks like me. “Did you go over there? You smell like smoke.” “Yeah! I knew you were spending the night.” My body shook with renewed horror. When I’d heard that explosion in the background and then that asshole had taken my phone…
She’s okay Track don’t lose your shit in front of her and scare her. But I’d seen that house and knew the damage that could’ve been done had she and her friends been in that room.
“Where were you guys when it happened?” From the way she tensed I knew I wasn’t going to like what she was about to say. “Um, er…”
“Valerie!” I squeezed her shoulder.
“We were on our way to Mandy’s house.” The words came out in a rush and it took me a minute to figure out why the hell they would’ve been doing that.
“Did you have fun before all this happened?” I decided to leave the Mandy thing alone for now until I had a chance to talk to Jace.
“Yes, these girls are nice, especially Sian. In fact they all are. They didn’t make me feel like a fifth wheel.”
I knew what she meant. There were others who’d invited her in only to leave her standing on the sidelines like she didn’t belong. “I knew they would be baby, that’s why I told you to hang with them.”
“Yeah, I like ‘em, they’re not a clique like those clowns at school.” I smiled over her head at the incongruity of us having this inane conversation after the night she’d had.
“I’m glad you’re home.” She cuddled in closer and I held on tighter. “Me too baby.” I wanted to stay with her but I needed to talk to Jace, plus I needed to go home for a minute and make sure everything was okay there.
One of the reasons I’m so good at this hacking shit is because of my sixth sense. It’s not quite ESP, don’t know what it is, so I just call it ‘knowing’. And that ‘knowing has been nagging at me for the longest time. It’s what had led me to put myself in the way of being caught by the government.
When I first did that shit a year ago I had no idea why it was so important, but now I think I do. Someone was about to fuck with my family, my sister to be exact.
Ever since I was little I knew that my big sister Ariel had been adopted, it wasn’t something that was hidden. But I always knew there was some mystery surrounding her, it was the way my parents acted, the way they kept her close to the point of smothering.
I still don’t know what that’s about and neither does she I bet, but I have a feeling that the shit’s about to hit the fan.

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  1. Loving the new book. Every time a new series comes out, I reread the previous books. I love when you can reread a book and feel the same excitement as you felt when you read the book for the first time.

    1. I always go back and reread the old books before the new one too. I love the feeling of getting reacquainted with all the characters and seeing if there are any clues to what’s coming next

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