Eden High

“Jace, come on…” Someone was slapping my face. No not slapping, more like tapping. The shit was annoying. I tried opening my eyes to tell them to fuck off but my lids felt heavy. What the hell? Am I dreaming?
“Jace come on brother don’t do this shit to me.” Jared? Why the hell does his voice sound like it’s coming through water? I heard Alec and Shayne in the background. Were we in the pool? I don’t remember going down to the pool and I don’t feel wet.
Then I heard… Track? “What the fuck is going on. Where’s Valerie? What happened to him? Move!” My body was being lifted. I wanted to laugh, he’s so damn dramatic. If I was hurt it wasn’t that bad because I was feeling no pain.
Nope, spoke too soon. My hand brushed against something and fire shot up my arm and through my fingers. “There was an explosion. The girls are safe, Valerie’s at the Sanders’ place.” That was Shayne.
My eyes flew open then and Track almost dropped me. “Put me down.” All four of them had been trying to carry me out of the bathroom, the bathroom that now looked like a tornado hit it.
I saw why my hand was hurting, the shit was swollen and bruised with a few cuts from the mirror I’d apparently smashed to pieces with my fist.
“Dude, what the fuck?” Alec still looked shaken as he ran his hand furiously through his hair.
“Let’s get out of here and then you can tell me what the fuck is going on.” Track was still dragging me by the arm.
We walked back through her destroyed bedroom and shit started coming back. “Wait where’s her stuff?” Shayne held up her medicine and the makeup bag. He wasn’t saying shit which meant he was pissed, or scared.
“What did I do?”
“You went fucking ape. I told you not to do that shit again.”
“Damn!” It’s been a while since I went ‘ape’ as he calls it. It’s just a little something that my mind likes to do when the pressure gets to be too much.
Outside the sun was beginning to change the color of the sky and the birds were waking up in their nests. I ignored the pain in my hand as we headed for my truck.
Alec jumped in the driver’s seat and Track helped me in the back before going to his car. “Hey how’d you get home so fast?”
“We’ll talk when we get to your place.” He slammed the door and jogged back to his car. Well shit, he looked pissed. The three in the truck with me kept throwing me looks like they expected me to go Hulk or some shit. “Don’t ask me what happened because you know I don’t know.”
“Yeah, we know, we were there.” Shayne turned to glare at me from the passenger seat. Then he shared a look with Jared who said, ‘you see?’ Like I didn’t know they were hiding some shit.
“Okay what happened?”
“What happened? You went into the room, we were right behind you. Then you started breaking shit, the wall the mirrors, every damn thing in sight. It was the fucking seventh grade all over again. I told you not to do that shit again, the last time the whole damn team had to sit on you to calm you the fuck down. What the fuck Jace.”
I must’ve really scared him. I know his scared voice even though he was trying to hide it. “It’s not like I do the shit on purpose.” I kept my voice even so he didn’t spook.
Alec was staring at the road as he drove like he thought it would disappear if he blinked. I looked at Jared who had a strange look on his face.
“What’s eating you?”
“Sian…you…” I knew what he was trying to say but he was way fucking off.
“No, he would never hurt her. It’s the rest of us you have to worry about and the rest of the world population.”
If this shit wasn’t so funny I’d laugh at Shayne’s explanation.
“How do you know?”
“Because the last time he did this shit it was because somebody fucked with me. He doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing, but he knows who the fuck he loves.” He sneered at me before turning back around.
“You don’t have to be so pissy about it. You do realize somebody tried to fuck with my girl right? I’ma level this whole shit till I get to the bottom of this.” I didn’t miss the way the three of them looked at each other. Yep, I’m listening to those tapes first chance I get. I’ll worry about their privacy later. They know something.

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  1. Loving the new book. Every time a new series comes out, I reread the previous books. I love when you can reread a book and feel the same excitement as you felt when you read the book for the first time.

    1. I always go back and reread the old books before the new one too. I love the feeling of getting reacquainted with all the characters and seeing if there are any clues to what’s coming next

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