Eden High

Chapter 2

Liars, every last one of ‘em. Yep! I’ll play their game for now, but I hope they know there’re ears and eyes all over this place. If it comes to it, I’ll just hit replay on this sector and this room and read their fucking lips if I have to.
“How’re the girls doing?” I asked once Jared returned. Sian was finally asleep. I’d had a hell of a time after slamming her, getting her to go to sleep. She was worried about everybody else and wanted to go check.
She was still thinking this whole thing was an accident and I was trying to keep it that way. But I’m gonna have to come up with something soon if she doesn’t stop beating herself up with guilt for putting her friends in danger.
“They’re asleep and they don’t know anything.” I acknowledged Jared’s words with a nod. “Keep it that way. If one knows it’s a good bet they all will find out and I don’t want Sian stressing over this shit, that’s my job.”
“So, when was this investigation supposed to start?” The three of them were doing some quick thinking to come up with another lie. “How about now?” I jogged down the steps from the balcony and headed around the side of the house to the garage.
I half expected one of them to call a halt, but the three of them climbed into the truck with me. The silence was almost deafening compared to the camaraderie of just a few short hours ago.
The streets were dead at just before dawn when we pulled into her parents’ driveway. I’m a teenage boy so I was still thinking of ways to use this shit to my advantage and keep her with me.
Just the thought of her coming back here makes me sick. I stopped and got out with the others on my heels as we headed around back where the caution tape had been strung up.
“Jace you can’t go in there.”
“Actually I was coming to get you three to come here. Sian needs her damn pills. I’m going in.” I ducked under the tape and held my breath against the acrid smell of smoke.
The whole back wall was practically gone and we pulled away the piece of wood someone had nailed over the hole to get in. Upstairs her bedroom was a blackened mess which I ignored as I made my way to her bathroom.
The place was untouched except for a few pieces of broken glass that had flown through the open door. I stood there for the longest time taking it all in. How could one room be so totally destroyed when the other looked like this?
I walked gingerly over the glass and opened her medicine cabinet, grabbing her pills and her makeup bag. I saw my own reflection when I closed it back and….

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  1. Loving the new book. Every time a new series comes out, I reread the previous books. I love when you can reread a book and feel the same excitement as you felt when you read the book for the first time.

    1. I always go back and reread the old books before the new one too. I love the feeling of getting reacquainted with all the characters and seeing if there are any clues to what’s coming next

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