Eden High



Eden High Series 2 Book 5
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Chapter 1




“What should we do?” Both Alec and Shayne looked to me for an answer, as if they weren’t the ones who’d known him longer.

I understood their reasoning though, this involved my sister too, not just Jace. As much as I’d like to go find Stanley in whatever hole he was hiding in and beat the living shit out of him, I could do no less than I’d asked of Jace. I have to keep a cool head.

“Are you sure about this Alec? You saw him with explosives?”

“Yeah I saw it. Sorry dude, I don’t know what I was thinking. I shoulda said something. Damn, your house is fucked.”

“I don’t give a fu…I don’t care about my house. My mother was in there, and so was my little sister.” Rein it in Jared. You’ll be no help to your family if you go up for murder. I took a deep breath and released the tight fists I’d made to prevent myself from punching a hole in the wall.

“It’s not your fault. How were you supposed to know?” He looked miserable and though I agree he should’ve blown the whistle once he suspected that maniac was loaded, if only for safety’s sake, it didn’t make a difference this late in the game.

I knew they were both still a little bit shook, but there was no mistaking the anger. “Well, first thing we have to do is get ahold of that bag and make sure. We don’t wanna pin something like this on the guy and then it turns out to be a mistake. Guy’s already got enough issues.”

“He’s always been an asshole, but I never saw this coming.” Shayne said what I think we were all thinking. Coming from a town much smaller and years behind when it comes to the lifestyle, I’ve seen my share of odd kids. But Stanley really is an enigma.

From what I know about him, he comes from a decent family, though nothing on the level of Jace’s, who he seems to have a serious hate for. Still it was kinda hard to accept that someone I know would even contemplate something like this.

I wanted Red, I missed her soft reassuring voice in my ear. Taking care of her had kept my mind off of the situation for a minute, but now it was time to face this shit head on and do it before Jace gets a whiff.

“If what you saw is still there then he didn’t use it, and he has some other fucked up reason for carrying around that stuff, especially on school grounds. But if it’s gone then we can be sure that he’s responsible.”

“How are we supposed to do that?”

“Break into the school of course. Didn’t you say that’s where he stashed it?”

“When you wanna do this?”

“It’s the weekend. If we wait until Monday it might be too late. I don’t wanna take any chances of him making another try at the people I love.”

“Damn, how’re we gonna get outta here without anyone seeing us?” Shayne moved off of the balcony rail he’d been leaning against. I pointed to the steps that led down to the garden.

“We go down this way and I idle the car down the driveway.” That reminded me of the girls and what they’d been up to before we stopped them.

Had that only been a few short hours ago? It felt like I’d aged ten years since then. I’d expected to spend the night with my girl after ragging Jace for letting Sian run circles around him.

Instead I have knot in my gut because my girl and my sister had always been blown to shit in that room. Alex looked back into the darkened room.

“So we’re not telling Jace?”

“Not telling Jace what?”

Shit, I thought he was on the other side of the house in his rooms. He came out of the dark room like a damn shadow. I could feel raw energy coming off him in waves. I knew the best way to keep in under control though.

“How’s my sister?” I thought that would distract him but I should’ve known better.

“Sian’s fine of course, now what aren’t you telling me?” Sometimes I forget we’re the same age. He can be so imposing sometimes, and nothing at all like the rest of us.

Not, that Shayne and I aren’t as in love with our girls as he is with my sister; but there’s a whole other edge to him that I wouldn’t have expected when we first met.

It’s even odder seeing him as my brother in law.

When I think of Sian I see a little girl with pigtails, crying because she scraped her knees falling off her tricycle. And then Jace is this big strapping football player who towers over her by at least a foot. And yet she has him wrapped around her little finger.

It’s not only his stature that makes it easy to forget he’s just a teenage boy though. It’s that serious look he gets on his face when he’s thinking something deep; especially when it comes to my sister. Like the one he was wearing now.

“Well, what is it that you’re not going to tell me?” I had to think fast for all the reasons I just mentioned. If anything happened to him Si would have my balls. The guys back home were easy to keep in lie, Jace not so much.

“That we’re going to do some investigating of our own.” That wasn’t exactly a lie and I thought I was gonna get away with it. But then Alex started shifting around like he had the nerves and Jace got suspicious.

He squinted at the three of us under the moonlight so I couldn’t really see his eyes, but I knew from the other two’s nervous movements that he wasn’t buying it.

“Shayne!” Dammit. He turned his attention to his oldest friend and I felt bad for putting him in this position, both of them. Shayne put his hand on his shoulder and I guess we all had grown tonight, because his answer wasn’t one I was expecting.

“Jace I love you bro, so I’m not gonna say anything. I need you to sit out this one.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? what do you know?” Shayne shrugged his shoulder and looked at me.

“I tried. You’re at bat.”

“Okay Jace, but remember before I say anything. Think of Sian and what whatever decision you make is gonna mean to her.” It was only as I was saying those words and seeing the glint in his eye that was caught by the moon, that I realized I genuinely feared what he would do.

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  1. Loving the new book. Every time a new series comes out, I reread the previous books. I love when you can reread a book and feel the same excitement as you felt when you read the book for the first time.

    1. I always go back and reread the old books before the new one too. I love the feeling of getting reacquainted with all the characters and seeing if there are any clues to what’s coming next

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