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The Family Spitfire book 4


It was dark as fuck as I staked out my prey. I was in a hurry to get back to Mouth and her shit, and these two were fast getting on my last damn nerve. “If you two don’t…” I was about to put an end to their bullshit when I saw a shadow come out of the dark.

“What the fuck?” The figure was only in the light for a split second but it was long enough for me to know who she was. My breath lurched and my nuts drew up into my ass. The others went still too and looked in the direction I was staring in.

The image was burnt into my brain that quick. A little thing with something strapped around her shoulder and down her back, with something heavy hanging down by her side. “I’ll fucking kill her.” I started to get out of the car, throwing caution to the wind.

Tony grabbed my arm and held me back. “Wait Shane.” What the fuck was he talking about? I glared at him until he whispered to me. “We make the wrong move and we’ll give her place away. Use your head.” Yeah use my head. That was my woman and my fucking kid who was now climbing up the side of a fucking building like a spider monkey. “The fuck!”

I’ve seen the end result of Mouth’s handy work before but I’d never seen her in action. I kept my eyes trained on her as she made it on to the roof of the building across from the one I’d been staking out. I slid out of the car as quietly as possible. We’d already gauged the locations of the men outside so I knew where to walk.

My plan to just walk in and whack every last one of those motherfuckers went out the window. I looked up the wall of the building she’d climbed and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how she’d done it. Tony passed me the night goggles and it was like she was standing right in front of me.

I watched her notch the arrow and put her eye to the scope. I could see the way she breathed in and held it, before that shit went flying through the air. There was movement from the other building, feet rushing and doors opening and slamming as men raised their voices in some fucked up language.

I whistled low, but loud enough for her to hear me. As dark as it was I could still see the whites of her eyes as they widened. I also saw when she put that fucking ‘I’m innocent’ mask on before shimmying down the wall to drop next to me.

“Hi mob boy, fancy meeting you here.” I didn’t even acknowledge her shit, just grabbed her arm and booked it to the waiting car.

The two dumb-fucks who were not long for this world were congratulating her, but I had yet to say a word. I was pissed, scared and a whole slew of other emotions. And my dick was hard as a fucking pike.





Hank Mancini Hold Me If You Can


Chapter 1



“Mine.” I held her eyes with mine as I slid deeper into her heat. I forgot all about Wilson and what was waiting for me on the other side of the world and just enjoyed the feel of her soft flesh wrapped around my cock.

A million things went through my head as I looked down at her. How could I walk away so soon? It was a question I’ve never had to ask myself before. “Dammit!” I held her close and rolled onto my back, leaving her seated on my cock. “Ride me.” She blushed and bit into her lip; so shy. I don’t remember the last time I had a shy woman in my bed.

That soft shyness pierced my heart and every protective instinct I had woke up inside me. “What are you doing to me princess? Look at me.” I touched her cheek softly, studying her eyes, before pulling her lips down to mine.

“Like this.” She didn’t know what to do so I led her with my hands on her hips until she got the rhythm. She sighed into my mouth as she moved up and down on my cock. Soon her hips moved on their own, her pussy muscles contracted, and then my brave girl took over and took me under.

I felt, more than I ever had before with anyone. The more I had her the harder it was for me to leave. When I came inside her this time I told myself it was time to go, I had work to do. Still, I couldn’t seem to make myself take my arms from around her.

I kept seeing her looking lost and alone the night before. That same emotion that had sent me racing through the night now rode me hard and I found myself holding her tighter than was comfortable. “Hank?”

“Shh, just let me hold you for a little while longer.” I rolled her onto her back and looked down at her, recording every inch of her face to memory. You have to go Hank. There are people waiting on you. For the first time in my life I found it hard to walk away.







“We’ll talk when I return. Stay safe for me baby. If anything happens my brothers know how to reach me.” He just stayed there, leant over me, as if reluctant to leave. His hand brushed lightly at the hair at my temple and he studied me as if memorizing my face, me.

“You’re very beautiful.” He said it so nonchalantly it was hard not to believe his words, though I’ve never seen myself in that way. “I hate that I have to leave you.” Did he know what hearing those words from the great Hank Mancini did to me?

No wonder he’s accustomed to women losing their heads over him. As someone who’s not prone to flights of fancy, and who has a pretty good head on my shoulders, I could still see myself easily falling under his spell. If he was playing a game he was very good at it.

I had a flashback of all the tabloid pieces I’d been made to study when researching him. All those beautiful women who’d at one time or another vied for the heart and hand of the elusive playboy. I stood to lose a lot more than those other women though, if I gave in. If I believed in what his eyes were saying. I didn’t have long to dwell on that thought because instead of leaving like he said he was, I found myself pinned under him again.

“I thought you were leaving.” Was that my voice sounding so sultry, sexual? That was as close as I came to asking him not to go. “Soon!” He rolled himself completely over me, pushing my legs apart with his as he settled between my thighs.

I felt his hardness at my entrance and opened wider to accept the slow push into my body. My eyes closed in sweet surrender as my body gave in once more to the feelings he’d so newly awakened.

I started moving before he was all the way inside me. His fullness stretched me, as I grasped at his sex with my inner walls. I bit into my lip to keep the wanton pleas from escaping. Just that quickly my mind and body were under his control again and nothing mattered but what was going on between my thighs.

I have no way of putting into words what it is that he makes me feel. I just know that as soon as he touches me, everything else seems to cease and I’m one big ball of heated flesh and sinful desires.

“I love the way you respond to me, such fire; give me your mouth.” I lifted my lips to his and teased his tongue with mine. He took over, shoving his tongue roughly into my mouth before pulling mine into his. The kiss consumed me as he moved inside me slowly, going deep.

His slow teasing thrusts tormented me and I strained against him and whined into his mouth pleadingly. I tried to get him to speed up a little, to pound into my body the way he had the night before, by digging my nails into him.

I was too shy to utter the words, but was sure he knew what it was that I wanted. But he just laughed at my efforts and kept that slow maddening drive in and out of me. I nipped his lip when he brought his mouth back to mine.

“Behave baby. I’m going to fuck you slow because I want you to remember this, it may have to hold us both for a little while. Feel me, feel what I do to you.” He took my hand and brought it down between our bodies and I felt the root of his cock, hard, strong potent. My eyes fluttered as my insides melted and I felt something hot, heavy, and sweet flow through me.

Something wild and unhindered came awake inside me and I became the aggressor. My virgin mind might not know much about the art of lovemaking, but my body knew what it wanted, what I was beginning to crave. I pulled at the big hard length of flesh that was buried deep in me with my silk walls.

He pulled our lips apart and threw his head back, eyes closed and teeth gritted. The look on his face was mesmerizing and my chest swelled with pride that I could do that to him.

“I love the feel of your pussy, the way it grips me like it already knows me.” My body reacted to his words by softening even more as I felt new wetness and a sweet tingle. He buried his face in my neck and my arms went around him automatically, drawing him in closer. “Why can’t I get enough of you sweet Cierra? You’ve bewitched me.”

I could almost believe that was true from his actions, because the last time he took me, was supposed to have been the last time because he had to leave. But here we were again and I’m glad because I wasn’t ready for him to leave me either. I wonder what would happen if I suddenly became one of those clingy females, who begged him to stay, not to leave me so soon after…

Would he though? I think not. I wasn’t stupid enough to believe he’d stop being who he is to please me. So if he had to go, no matter how much I wanted him to stay, I knew it would be a wasted effort. But he was here now! I sufficed myself with that thought.

The look in his eyes when he finally pulled back said so much, but dare I believe what I saw written there? He must’ve read the uncertainty in my eyes. “Come.” He wrapped his strong arms around me, holding me even closer, like long lost lovers, as he whispered in my ear how much he was going to miss me.

It was a heady feeling, knowing that this powerful man, this man that kept the rest of the world at bay, had such feelings in him for me. It made me feel desirable, sexy wanton. But there was also a tinge of fear mixed in with all those new emotions. Fear of being burnt by his fire!

I knew his reputation with women. I’d studied everything about him before coming to New York. I know better than anyone that his relationships rarely lasts a month, and that once you’ve flown close to the flame you never get a second chance.

At this very moment the fear was not enough to make me give up what we’d shared though, or wish it away. But as his fingers trailed along my heated flesh I cautioned myself not to fall too far, even as a little voice warned me it might already be too late.

I lifted my arms around his neck and brought his mouth back to mine and showed him with my body what I couldn’t yet utter with my lips. Pushing all doubts and fears aside, I let myself feel. Just this once I wanted to take this for myself. If it is all I would ever have of him, then I wanted to make it something to remember.

“So responsive.” He dropped my lips and buried his face in my neck as he lifted my ass in his hands and ground himself into me harder going even deeper. Fireworks went off behind my shuttered lids as my body tightened around his. I lost all inhibitions. The cool stalwart special agent was gone and in her place was a sensual creature. One he’d awakened, one only he could fulfill.

In that space in time I was just a female. And from his reaction, the way he growled and bit into my neck, a very desirable one. This made me feel more powerful than my badge ever had. Immense pleasure took over my very being and I floated high above myself, lost in a world of sensation.

He wanted me to feel him and I did, every masterful inch as it moved torturously slow inside me until I wanted to scream. I couldn’t decide which I liked best, the hard pounding of the night and early morning, or this. Whichever way he took me it would never be enough.

Still I knew that I couldn’t take much more before exploding. But each time I came close he’d stop and start all over again. Building back to a crescendo, balanced right on the edge of sweet release only to tease me away from it again until I thought I would go mad.

No wonder he was so good at being what he is. He knew that this more than the other, would plague my mind while he was gone. Would hold me spellbound and enslaved, waiting for his return. It was as if he was somehow trying to imprint himself on my psyche and he was doing a hell of a job.

“You’re thinking too much princess. I want you to think only of me.” I felt the sting of his teeth in my neck once again and knew he would mark me; that he would leave me with that, not caring what excuses I would have to make to the world to explain them away.

There was something sexy and primitive about the act. No one had ever marked me before. I felt almost cherished by the simple act, and when he licked the mark before placing a soft kiss there I almost died.

My heart raced out of control and if that wasn’t enough, his hand came down between us, pressing down on my clit as he bit into the same spot. My body felt hot, foreign, no longer mine and the air burned in my lungs.

“Hank…” His name was a tortured whisper with just a hint of fear as he played my body like his own personal tune. “I know love, cum for me, don’t be afraid.”

He lifted his head and looked down at me as I lifted my legs and wrapped them tightly around him in a bid to get even more of him inside me. My hands on their own went to his ass and I dug my nails in as he moved faster between my spread thighs. I used my inner walls to control him, urging him on to go harder deeper. “You’re a very bad girl my Cierra.”

He twisted his hips and something inside me released and opened the floodgates. My head went all the way back, pressing into the pillows beneath while my hips lifted into his thrusts and my breasts were like an offering just waiting for his mouth.

I wanted him to move faster now, could feel the strains of sweet release just there out of my reach, but he was still set on torturing me and so I begged shamelessly.

“Please Hank.” I was close to tears. Nothing had ever felt this good and I knew somehow that it never would with anyone else but him. “Please what? Tell me.” I couldn’t say the damn words, but he knew damn him. He kept up the slow deep strokes into my body as my limbs trembled and my skin tingled.

When he slid in and held still, buried to the hilt inside me and looked down into my eyes with a softly whispered, ‘tell me what you want’, my heart flew out of my chest. Surely he wasn’t this way with everyone he took to his bed. Did he look at all those past women with this much passion in his eyes? I didn’t care; he was mine now.

“Fuck me.” His thrusts sped up and he growled as my hips went wild beneath his. I did that to him. I never wanted that sweet feeling to end and it didn’t. It seemed to go on forever, as he never let up.

He was pounding into me now as I fought to keep up. It was as if those words had triggered something in him, had released the madness that was now evident as he too raced towards fulfillment.





The Sadist

Chapter 1



“Aaaaiiiiiieeeeee.” Her loud screams as I slammed into her were sweet music to my ears. Her chained body swung to and fro as she fought to escape the punishing force of my cock. I showed her no mercy because I have none. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, I’d already detached.

“Quiet.” I slapped her ass a few times to get her attention, but when that didn’t stop her damn squalling I grabbed the rider’s crop that I kept handy for just such an occasion as this. “Ahhhhhh….” She broke off mid scream, but I was in the mood so I gave her ass a few more lashes just for the hell of it. Shit made my cock even harder. Not to mention the redness that appeared beneath the lash. That always got me going and now was no different.

I looked down between our joined bodies to where my cock was slicing her small pussy in two. Was there ever a prettier sight? I think not. Her blood was long gone from my cock, hours ago in fact from the first time I’d fucked her. How the fuck was I to know she was cherry? Had I known would I have done things different? Fuck no. I would’ve still fucked her hard, still used my cock to bring her ass to heel.

Grabbing her newly spanked ass cheeks in my rough hands I pulled her obscenely stretched pussy back onto my twelve inches of steel. I knew she had to be feeling it in her little belly; the shit was almost as long as her leg after all. That’s the reason for all the screeching like a scalded cat.

“Look at that pink pussy. Your screams are saying one thing, but that juice covering my cock is saying another. You like cock don’t you little girl?” I bit into her neck and she fucking creamed all over my dick. So much for all that shit she’d been saying earlier. ‘Please, no, don’t hurt me…” My ass, her pussy was enjoying the fuck out of the pounding I’ve been giving her for the last five and a half hours.

“Your ass feeling better yet?” She tensed up on me again and tried to pull off my cock. “No please not that, please…”

“Shut…the fuck…up…” I followed each word with a pounding thrust into her tight pussy.

“This is what happens to disobedient little girls who think to fuck with me, maybe next time you’ll listen.” I pulled out of her pussy and waited until she’d sagged in relief before slamming balls deep into her ass.

I think we’ll hear the end of that scream sometime next week. Right now the sound was trapped in her throat though her mouth was opened in horror. That’s just the way I like it. She choked and gagged and drool dripped from the side of her mouth. Dis-fucking-gusting.




My Ward My Woman

Copyright© 2017 Jordan Silver



Chapter 1



“Sir we’ve got a situation.” I barely spared the man who entered the room a glance before going back to what I was doing.

“What kind of situation?” I read the second line of the report I’d been trying to get through, for the thousandth time. This guy should get a job as a sleep therapist. What the fuck am I reading?

“It’s uh your uh…” I knew what he was going to say before he said it. I glared up at him already knowing I wasn’t going to like what came out of his mouth next. “Spit it out.”

“It’s your ward sir.” Uh-huh, of course it is.

“What about her?” If she got suspended from school again I’ll tan her ass for sure this time.

“She kinda sorta disappeared.” I was out of my chair so fast it flipped over and ended up across the room behind me. Everything that could possibly go wrong went through my head in a few short seconds. Alexandra!

My enemies… I held onto the desk to calm myself. Only she could make me this weak. Please… I started one of many prayers I’ve said in the past how many years since my little darling hit puberty. Once a well-behaved and utterly adorable child, she’s now become a hoyden. A pain in the ass that has been making my life a living hell these past few months, and tying me up in knots every chance she gets. I couldn’t think about that now, every time I did I gave myself a headache.

She’s been with me since the age of ten or eleven. That’s when a plane crash destroyed what was left of her family. Her dad, rest his soul, was an old high school and college buddy. One who’d been as close as any brother. It was for that reason that I wasn’t completely surprised when the lawyer called with the news that I was to be her new guardian.

I wasn’t shocked but it couldn’t have come at a worst time. I was just getting into the groove of the business world. Not that it had been that hard. The company had been in the family for at least five generations, and by the time I took the reins we were doing pretty well for ourselves. I just needed to bring us into the twenty-first century.

Don had liked living life in the fast lane. That’s how he’d ended up with a kid at the ripe old age of fifteen. That shit would’ve scared the hell out of me at that age, but not him. He approached fatherhood the way he did everything else, like it was something to be conquered.

His parents hadn’t been too pleased and there had been a strain in the relationship for a time, but they’d taken care of the young girl who’d given birth to their granddaughter.

When Don was old enough he’d taken his daughter since her mom had fallen into a life of drugs and prostitution. She’d expected to have a life with Don, one that would’ve changed her status drastically. Don had been out for a good time.

He couldn’t love her, but he adored his little girl. I think that’s where we both started thinking of her as a doll. We were young and stupid, what the hell did we know? But she was our doll and I guess we treated her like one.

After college I buckled down and started looking at life through different eyes. It was time to put my youth behind me and start the journey into adulthood. My own father who’d always despaired of my friendship with the free spirited Don had drilled it into my head every chance he got that life was about more than a good time.

So while I was learning the ins and outs of the family firm, Don was jumping off of cliffs and skydiving; anything to get that rush he was always chasing. His old man hadn’t been ready to let go of the reins and Don had spent his time with his young wife gallivanting around the globe getting into whatever he could find to keep his adrenaline going. I’d joined them a time or two, but I got my rush from closing new deals. It was in my blood.

So there I was, twenty-five barely, and the world at my feet. Then she came and I had to switch gears. We already knew each other, but it had been a while since I last saw her. I remember the well of love and sadness I felt for the little angel I’d always called my doll even after she’d grown out of her toddler stage.

Those first few days we clung to each other in grief and I remember how assertive she was even then. How she’d climb into my lap and wrap her little arms around my neck and kiss my cheek before placing her head on my shoulder. She always seemed to know when I was grieving back then.

After the grief was spent I realized I was in deep shit. She wasn’t a doll after all; she was a living, breathing thing that needed care and lots of attention. I was ready to jump out the fucking window by week two because I was terrified that I would mess shit up.

I’d look at her little face looking up at me so hopefully. Just knowing that I was going to fix whatever it was that was bothering her at the time. My heart would melt into a puddle and I would reaffirm the promise I’d made myself, that I was going to do everything in my power to make her life a good one.

Mom had stepped in and been a big help since I didn’t know the first thing about raising a little girl, especially one who’d been so hurt and afraid when she came to me.

She’d pitched in and done mostly everything back then, but I’d drawn the line at letting my little Alex go home with her. She was my responsibility, and I owed it to my old friend to watch over her the way he’d asked. Plus having her was like having a part of my old buddy with me always. But it hadn’t been easy.

I remember the many nights I spent sitting at her bedside holding her hand or when that didn’t work because the nightmare was too forceful, then I’d have to climb in and hold her to give her comfort. That had gone on for a solid two years I think, until it dwindled down to once every so often. Those tears used to break my heart.

I could give her everything in the world except the one thing she wanted most, her dad and stepmother. Somehow we muddled through and became our own little family unit of two. I spent weekends shepherding her around, always with her little hand in mine as she dragged me from one place to another.

Back then all I had to worry about was scraped knees and wounded pride from my little tomboy. She was a fierce little thing who had to excel at everything to please her uncle Sol. I should’ve known that fighting spirit I’d taken so much pride in would come back to bite me in the ass.



Chapter 2



Sometime in the last year I’d started to notice a difference in her behavior towards me. At first she’d seemed withdrawn. She wouldn’t look me in the eye when we spoke and there were no more sneak tickle attacks when she felt I was ignoring her too long. I suddenly realized that I hadn’t heard her cheerful laughter for some time, and that it had been a while since she came into my home office to bring me a snack late at night before going to bed.

A talk with my mother assured me, that it was just natural teenage angst. All the same I decided to keep a close eye on her just in case. She was old enough to date but as yet I hadn’t heard anything about a sweetheart, something else I was dreading since she hit puberty. I comforted myself with the fact that my girl had a good head on her shoulders and we’d had the ‘talk’. At least I’d tried, but her red face and the lump in my throat had kinda had us both rushing from the room once the ordeal was over.

Because I was watching her so closely it was easy not to miss anything. It seemed like everyday there was something else with her. She started wearing makeup for crap sake and I knew that was the beginning of the end.

Then I’d notice her day dreaming a lot with a silly half smile on her face. I started a time or two to ask her who or what had put that look on her face. But the fear of losing my precious doll to some pimple faced asshole punk kept my tongue behind my teeth. As long as his name wasn’t mentioned he didn’t exist. Yeah I was playing the shit by ear; the fuck did I know about letting her go off to have a life separate from me?

Then came the mad dashes to her room, as soon as she came in from school. I would hear her giggling with her friends of which there were many, behind her bedroom door. Then on weekends when she had half that school of hers in my damn house I’d have to go into hiding to get away from teenage bullshit.

I’d shake my head at the whispers and blushes that would appear as soon as I walked into a room. It got so as soon as I saw the million and one cars pulling into the driveway I’d high tail it to the other side of the house. That became the norm whenever she and her friends were in residence.

I was still in the habit of being there when school let out. Still over protective to a fault where she was concerned no matter how she claimed that she was old enough to be home alone with the staff for a few hours until I came home. Now I can’t get away from my home fast enough, but that’s another story. That shit only came after I started suspecting who her real target was.

In the beginning all I saw were the changes that mom convinced me were natural. I guess it was a shock to see my little girl growing up right before my eyes. It was happening too fast. Yesterday she was a little urchin getting into mischief to keep her uncle Sol occupied. Today she’s a half woman with opinions that differ from mine where once before she lived by every word that came out of my mouth. What the ever-living fuck!

Then came the clothes debacle. We’d had some major brawls over her new style of dress. I’d once seriously started researching a designer so I could hunt him down and rip his throat out for making the shorts she was now so fond of way too short. I would’ve done it too if mom hadn’t laughed her ass off and told me I was being stupid and that Alexandra would grow out of it.

Then I noticed that she stopped avoiding me, only we didn’t go back to the way things had been before the change. Now I saw what I could only call sneak attacks. That’s where she’d come into whatever room I was in wearing one of her latest scandal worthy getups and turn my life upside down. I was miserable as fuck. No matter what she did, or what game she was playing I was the adult, the man who’d raised her for fuck sake.

She was just sharpening her feminine wiles on the only man she knew, the only one she could trust. I made all those excuses for her behavior while fighting my own growing and totally unwelcomed feelings. No way was I going to go there, it was sick. She was practically my daughter. I was the one person she had in this world that she could trust implicitly. How could I betray that trust with these thoughts that were plaguing me of late?

I couldn’t find the words to warn her of the consequences of her actions without damaging her in some way, so my answer was to make myself scarce.

Then she took to waiting up for me at night, calling to me as I passed her bedroom door. I’d have to go in and stand there, talking to her while she innocently moved around on her bed while telling me about her day.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. No, that came the day she turned eighteen and I lost my fucking mind. I’d thrown her a party to end all parties; shit had cost as much as some high society weddings. Her dad had left her a shitload of money, even with the stipulation for her eighteenth birthday party, but I’d matched it dollar for dollar.

I’d given her the run of the show with the help of a kick ass planner and mom as overseer of course. I’d planned to drop in in the middle of the festivities, stay long enough for her to cut the cake and then leave her and her crowd to it. I’m sure they didn’t want an old man hanging around cramping their style. The guards I had planted on her twenty-four seven would be there, so I had no fear of anything going wrong.

I’d shown up straight from a late night meeting, still in a business suit, my tie long gone and the first three buttons of my shirt undone. I was tired and just a little angry because the shit I wanted done was going to take a little longer. I’d been accused lately of becoming a veritable ogre at work. I had to work off what the fuck was going on in my life some way.

I walked into the noise den, my eyes peeled for her in the crowd of about a hundred dancing screaming teenagers. I don’t think I’d known twenty people when I was her age. Leave it to my girl to be this popular. How could she not be? She was smart and sweet; kind, with a heart I sometimes marvel at.

Until she had turned into my main source of torture and torment, she had been the one constant in my life. That one last bit of innocence that I myself had lost a long time ago. When I looked at her I saw all that was good and pure in the world. I knew her inside out and the girl was a total fucking gem.

I saw mom standing near a wall by the windows with a few other parents who were there as chaperones, but I hadn’t seen my Alex. Then mom caught my eye and pointed and I followed her gaze across the room. I didn’t know who the beauty in the too short dress was at first. There was a familiarity, but I couldn’t place her. Though my heart knew before my mind accepted.

The face was round with a touch of baby softness left. Her eyes were wide deep pools of blue-grey, which I couldn’t see that well from that distance. Her hair was parted down the middle and caught at her nape with something that let it fall gracefully at the sides of her face before falling down the middle of her back.

She wore some sort of chain around her hair that rested on her forehead with some kind of gem in the middle. That’s when I remembered the theme was Cleopatra or some other Egyptian thing she’d blabbed on and on about for the past month.

She turned back to her friends, she hadn’t seen me, and that’s when I realized who she was. I was moving across the room, my jacket off and in my hands to throw over her shoulders when mom met me halfway.

“Don’t do it Sol, don’t embarrass her in front of her friends.” I looked at her as if not seeing her, her words barely penetrating the haze. The music piped through after the ringing in my ears stopped and I gritted my teeth. The room was full of teenage boys, half of which seemed to be in her vicinity or thereabouts.

I nodded my head slightly at mom to let her know I heard her before walking the rest of the way to her. Her friends saw me first as I approached, and the one, Cindy I think the name is, just stared up at me. Damn girl always went dumb deaf and blind when I walked into a room, why should this be any different?

I stopped behind Alexandra with my hands behind my back so that I didn’t take the jacket off again and cover her the way my mind was screaming at me to. I looked over her head at the opposing wall and after the first hint of her scent, held my breath until I got myself under control.

“Alexandra.” She gave a little yelp and flew around, flinging her arms around my neck. My hands automatically went to her waist to hold her since she had to get up on her toes and I looked down into those pools of unusual beauty and my heart stopped.

I pulled away as if burned but she seemed not to notice. I couldn’t tell you what she said then; something about thanks I think. My world had just stopped and restarted like an old record. That night was the first time I accepted that my little doll had grown up.



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