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  • Good morning butterflies, I woke up this morning with a new realization. This is a great time for beleivers, this is when we shine. This is when we lay on our beds or go into our closets and pray to our Father and […]

  • Hello butterflies, do not mean to be a bother. There’s a butterfly whose husband has been battling cancer for the past couple years, today he’s not doing so well. They say maybe days maybe hours. I’m asking you to […]





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  • So you want him this weekend or nah!!!!!




  • To all my beautiful butterflies out there who have been losing sleep because of the evil that has permeated the air in the last little while, get a grip, regroup and put on your thinking caps. Evil has been on the […]

  • When Israel asked for a king, Yah told us that a king will send our sons to war, tax us, and in short rule over us not for good but for evil. Today this is very evident in the world. A handful of men ruled by a […]

    • “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men to do nothing”. (Attributed to Edmund Burke). However powerless we may feel, we can pray to God that he will open the hearts and minds of the powerful and grant them wisdom and compassion so that they will want to care for all people and this beautiful world that we are privileged to live in.

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  • I want to thank each and every one of you for your answers to the question, Is reading or writing explicit sex a sin. I’ve read all the replies and got some much needed support. I wanted to ask that question not […]

    • Thank you, you always speak such sense. I love your books, they have strong characters and gripping plots. You also capture that sense that although love can be many things to many people, at heart it’s about treating one another with respect, listening to one another and acknowledging that we won’t always want the same things at the same time. – I wouldn’t try to copy any of the more adventurous scenes either. My back is troublesome enough!

    • Awesome!! I agree!!

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  • So, I woke up this morning with this on my mind. As many of you know I am a believer in God and all that entails. I read scripture, though I refuse to follow any man’s interpretation because some of them tend to […]

    • As a Catholic you should know that the biblical forefathers had multiple wives some had concubines as well, but nowhere was it written than a woman had multiple husbands

    • As a Christian, I believe that sex is a God given gift for us to enjoy but as with all the other good gifts he gives us, it shouldn’t be exploited or abused. I think that we’re meant to enjoy sex and that includes reading and writing about it. I know that we sometimes feel embarrassed about sex but I think that’s because it’s so very personal. I enjoy your books Jordan, I love the plot twists and turns but no matter how hot the writing is, it is always intrinsically moral. Thank for all the hours of work that give us such wonderful entertainment and lift us out of the worry and drudgery of everyday life.

    • As a fellow Christian I don’t think what you are doing is wrong. Look at David, he wrote the Song of Songs and you have to be an adult in the Jewish faith to read it. And that is in Bible and Torah.

    • I agree with you Jordan! I am a Christian and believe in God as well! I enjoy reading your books I’ve been reading romance since I was 12 or 13 (am now 46) !

    • This is the closest to what goes on in my home. I can read or write but am not allowed to watch it. My husband watches only horror movies.

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  • Psalm 37

    7 Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

  • How many of you are really reading with all the fuckery that’s going on? I know some of you are as affected as I am, if not for myself, then for friends. I feel almost predatory releasing anything in this […]

    • Hi Jordan
      I read to escape for while. Let mind go to different place and time. Helps me to relax when I am hurting.
      I deal with high pain everyday. Pain on 8-10+ depending on migraine or fibromyalgia, few others.

      And I love to read. Always looking forward to reading more from you. I think you are amazing author/writer

      Have Blessed Day

    • I have been absent from a lot of stuff since my mother-in-law passed away two weeks ago. I know that I have been reading and rereading my favorite authors. Mommas Butterfly included in that bunch. Keep up the work so that I can have more books in which to escape into.

    • At the risk of sounding like a totally greedy asshole, we need you and your writing. Sometimes its the only thing that keeps me sane.

    • Your books bring light to a dismal day sometimes that time to escape out of your head and a break from the fuckery in youregards life can for a better day. So please continue to share your talent.

    • Like most have already said, I read to escape!! I love your books and eagerly look forward
      To reading them as soon as they come out

    • I am pretty sure Jordan is referring to all the hate and anger and fear that has been going on because of the new political administration that has fell on the United States. It is a fear that, unfortunately, there is no easy answer for.

    • I read to escape the bullshit that is always going in the world.

    • My 3 year old is terminal, reading helps me escape when I need one. Everyday I try and remember how blessed I have been with the time I have had with her versus the time I’m going to loose.

    • Without books the world is MUCH worse than it already is. Books brighten up my world – they make me forget that my son has a dangerous job working with explosives, that my 19 year old daughter lives by herself near LA, and that my husband lives 2000 miles away from me, that too many people prayed for rain and now here in california we have to take our children to school in a canoe.
      Please don’t stop writing. Some days a good book is all that stands between me and a padded cell.

    • I read to help me relax at the end of the day and if I am just stressed. I read no matter what.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss Charlotte <3

    • Don’t give up writing!! your books help me to escape from the problems I have if only for a little while and they bring me solace so don’t give up cuz of assholes who have nothing else better to do than start shit!!!!!!!!

    • Like everyond else here, I love your books. The world is often a terrifying place and it seems to be going through a time of crisis at present. Us ‘ordinary’ people feel powerless in the face of the stupidity and posturing of the powerful. We have to find ways of coping and reading is certainly one of mine. Please don’t dispair.

  • I’m no doctor and I sure as fuck never did this before, yet somehow I knew that her heart was sick and I’d done that. I was the reason for her tears and that broken look in her eyes. How do I fix this? How do I m […]

    • Lots of sweet lovin….

    • Your alphas are fantastic!! Keep em comin!! I can’t wait for new stuff…..also still hoping for more Eden soon too!!!!

    • I love your Alpha Males? Only question I have is where can I find one of my own?
      I can’t wait for another Mama Butterfly book!

    • I love your alphas and would hate it if you changed a thing. While I have been waiting…patently, yeah we will go with thatn I have been re-reading the Lyon series and Mancini’s Way and love them even more the third or fourth time around. Love your work and waiting for new reads.

    • Cannot wait for this

    • I love your alpha men, partly because I’ve never met one in real life! For me, reading about them is a delicious fantasy. The strong, assertive men I’ve met have been self-absorbed and narcissistic. Your alphas have a soft centre (sometimes well hidden) and would do anything for their women and children. Please don’t change!

    • Sometimes your alphas seem overwhelming at first…… but there is something about them – and with your writing ability – that by the end of the story they have redeemed themselves and make me love them.

  • OK, just read a story that pissed me off. I won’t get into the story but I will say this. If you have an autistic child and you treat that child as if he or she is something to be ashamed of, you’re a fucking […]

    • I agree,I am mother of a Fragile-X son. He is the light of my life. He has courage, sense of humor. Very smart, love going shopping, watching Wiggles, Disney channel.
      I have been strong supporter in making sure special needs kids and adults get treated right!
      Have a wonderful day Momma Butterfly
      Carol Chase

      • My brother had fragile x. We didn’t get to spend much time together since we were both in foster care but we ended up in the same home for a couple of years. I was young but I remember loving him so very much and wanted yo spend all my time with him. At school they tried to keep us apart since he was in special education and I wasn’t but every recess I was over there. Now as an adult I think back and wonder WTF? Why would they try to keep the special ed kids separated from the rest of the population at school? How freaking terrible to treat them that way! They aren’t less than, they are just different.
        Anyway, I saw your post and wanted to share my little story with you.

        • Thanks so much for sharing.
          My Jonathan is 22. He was in reg High School, was in special needs class. He was also in reg ed classes.
          He was in the Top 3 the whole high school class of 2015.
          Agree aquatic (fragile-X kids are very smart.
          Hope you are able to see your brother.
          If you ever want to talk I’m on Facebook and in Jordan group. nic is Carol Fibro Chase
          Thanks again for sharing. Hugs

    • My grandson is autistic. I saw the symptoms early on, his mother didn’t want to even talk of the possibility. It was a couple of years before he was formally diagnosed, but, she still doesn’t want to accept what the doctors, more than one, has said. She doesn’t mistreat him, but, I feel by not accepting that he needs a bit more attention and help, that she isn’t helping him, and that is hurting him. Thank goodness his Dad makes sure he gets his therapy, medication, and the proper schooling that best benefits him. I am just afraid that the possibility of losing the special program he has at school will really set him back.

    • It is a known fact that many autistic people are artistic geniuses and many have an affinity for music and math. I respect them and am humbled by anyone that has the daily care for a being that needs that much attention since I could barely seem to handle my two “normal” children when they were young. My hat goes off and my heart goes
      out to you.

    • Yes they are awesome. My son is very friendly. ❤

    • It makes me so angry and sad when people expect children to conform to some idea of ‘normal’. Each child is a precious gift and should be loved and valued as the person they are.

    • Sadly the foster care system wasn’t that great for children in the 80’s, I may not have had it great but an older boy with learning disabilities didn’t fare well. I did a google search a couple years back and asked our old foster brother (I ended up going to middle and high school with him so we’ve stayed in touch all these years) and found out my brother goes between being homeless and being in jail. At this point I wouldn’t have the slightest clue how I would get in touch with him

      • Shoot this comment was for carol chase, sorry!

        • So sorry about your brother ❤ Praying for him.

          Saddeneds me on how foster care is at times. If I was able (health wise ) I would love to be a Foster mom. I have always been like a second mom to few of my oldest son’s friends.
          Enjoyed being able to go on field trips with my kids.
          Hugs my friend

          I understood hun.

    • I feel for you. Three of my four children are dyslexic, one severely so. It was hard for them at school because although they were intelligent, they couldn’t cope with the work required from them. Homework was always a nightmare. Of course dyslexia isn’t as severe a problem as many others, eventually many sufferers develop coping strategies but that doesn’t help the awful experiences many of them endure at school. When I asked for help for my eldest child, I was told that I must accept that she wasn’t very bright. When she was accepted for university a few years later, you can be sure that I made a point of telling that teacher so!

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