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  • The book is now live on the website and

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  • Hello butterflies, as many of you know, amazon has been blocking my books lately so I have decided to sell them from my own site just to be safe. 99.9% of you have no problems downloading once you purchase but .1% […]

    • You make me smile! You’re quite right too. I attempted to buy your book via paypal but then the page went foggy & it didn’t seem to finish the transaction. I think the problem is that I thought I was signed up for the site & I’m probably not. I’ll have another go.

    • I am sad to say that I am one of the .1% having a problem downloading. I am signed up on your site and on pay pal and while I got the email telling me to download – it told me there was an error and I had met my limit on downloading the content… any ideas?

    • Couldn’t figure out what I did wrong, so I just purchased it again from Amazon. My brain is to foggy to figure out what my sister butterflies were telling me to do. Needed my Jordan fix. Got it now, can you see the smile on my face and for anyone that claimed that they purchased the book but really didn’t, what’s that all about?

    • I got to purchase it but it did not download

    • Hi Jordan, just like to thank you just got mine had no problem and I live in Australia.
      I paid $4-99 USD which is $6-92 in AUD……..Thanks again LOVE

    • Lol
      It finally came through today
      I can’t wait to read it It sure made muy fattu
      Thank you so much

    • check docs

  • Get the first three chapters free, click on link


  • Hello butterflies, lot’s to say today. For your first interest. The Reluctant Sub is almost ready I’m thinking Sunday or Tuesday release. The story has changed from a short to a novel so that’s the reason for the […]

  • Hello, butterflies I have a question. Some of you were able to download the books without any issues and some of you weren’t. I would like to hear from both sides as to what you did so I can get to the bottom of […]

    • I got mine for everything from Amazon . Had no trouble downloading it.

    • I didn’t get to pick which format I wanted. But it was all good. I got both Kindle and Nook on my tablet.

    • I always buy them from Amazon(UK) as soon as they’re promoted in your Book Corner. I’ve never had a problem. (Thank goodness!)

    • I bought the book and then downloaded the mobi file but when I sent it to my kindel it said there was nothing there so I tried the epub file and it said the same thing. Not really sure what went wrong I’m not very good with electronics.Not sure if this helps or not but that was all that happened, it just said there was no data on the file to send. I then went to Amazon, I just couldn’t wait to fix the problem I had to have it,I’m a Jordan Silver addict and I accept this about myself. Your work is amazing.Thank you for all your amazing books.

    • I normally purchase your books through Amazon, or if they are available through KU.. I will read through the book and then purchase them. This time I did buy your newest book through your website and was not able to open/download via Kindle nor Nook. So I purchased another copy via Amazon when it went live. But I spoke/emailed you and it was taken care of… however I was never able to download directly from your website.

    • I pre order whenever you set it up. If it’s a surprise release I click on the link and purchase or read through KU if it’s an option.

    • It was my fault on my end. I lost my password and then tried to change it to something the link said was weak. I didn’t know that until later. I thought just because it was weak it took it anyway and it didn’t. So I fixed it.

    • I bought a copy from your website and from Because I want the cover.
      The only problem I had with your website is you have to sign up When I went to buy a copy it would not work so I signed up and it work fine and download fine from both sites so thank you Jordan.

    • Hey mamma! I was able to buy and download… also got an email from you with both the ePub and mobi options. Seemed to work fine on my end (: Let me know if I can help! Smooches!

    • Last two releases i have purchased through jordans book corner


    9 And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.

    2 And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?

    3 Jesus […]

  • Okay KU lovers Starting over is now available to borrow

  • The book is also live on amazon not yet in Ku

  • Starting Over is live on my website here mobi is for kindle and epub is for nook, ipad etc enjoy

    • Yippe i have set up my accountand puchased starting over

    • Starting over was freakin amazing. Thank you Jordan Silver for blessing us with another phenomenal read. Let me just say that I’m disabled and unable to leave my house much so your wonderful books give me something to look forward to so i don’t go crazy. They give me something to brighten my day so I don’t sit her staring at 4 walls becoming depressed. So I owe you a very big thank you for sharing your amazing talent with me. Thank you.

    • here or amazon

  • To those of you who think it’s okay to send me negative emails or post negative things here about my work, please know I appreciate that about as much as you appreciate someone saying something negative about you. […]

    • Amy replied 4 weeks ago

      Love your work. Keep up what you see doing and you are so right in what you said.

    • I absolutely love everything you write so just try to ignore the asswipes cuz they have nothing better to do than put other people down that are doing better than them!!!!

    • I have literally read every book you have written. You are amazing and I can’t wait for more. Don’t let the haters bring you down. Do what you do best and write your amazing books.

    • i love it, bless you and thanks for the uplifting words of wisdom

    • It makes me angry to hear that anyone has been mean or spiteful to you. If they have something to say about one of your books, then there are appropriate sites for that. This certainly isn’t one of them. Although criticism is often hard to take, it can be offered with a genuine spirit of helpfulness which is intended to help that person improve and do better. When it’s motivated by spite and jealousy, it comes from an evil heart and says far more about them than the object of their spite. They are nasty, nasty people and should be ignored.

    • i’m stealing this

    • Amen!

    • Lisa replied 4 weeks ago

      Ignore the negative emails! I love your books and I think your great !

    • Dem draw bad card lol

  • Hello butterflies, Amazon has blocked The Sadist and Stolen. They seem to be on a Jordan Silver hate spree so in the future all books will be offered across all platforms. This means that those who only use KDP […]

    • sometimes they block as well so you’ll have to get it from smashwords for nook, but i will try to add it there and see if it stays

    • This is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t understand are they trying to censor what we are reading or what? Sounds to me like someone has a serious vendetta. Don’t give up mama. Don’t let these evil witches mess with your head. That’s what gives them pleasure. Hold your head up high. God will take care of you and them. I love you and am praying. God’s got this…..

    • i’ll ad it here or on smashwords later, on smashwords you can download any format

    • it will be on smashwords and here later

    • you download all formats kindle, nook, iPad etc

    • yes you can download to kindle. Yes I will still upload to amazon just not in ku

    • they’ll be there just not ku

    • I am doing everything i can to see that that doesn’t happen butterfly

  • Just checking in to make sure everyone is okay and hanging in there. Don’t forget, all evil must come to an end this is a good thing. When you see the wicked gaining strength, remember that the enemy comes down […]

  • Hello butterflies as the heading says I’m having a moment here. Something happened today that has had me thinking for the past few hours. I’m a very isolated person, don’t get out much, don’t do too much […]

  • Do you remember how you felt about the bully in high school, the abusive ex, the tyrannical in law, etc? In the beginning we fear, as ones who are innocent of evil when faced with it it can throw us for a hot […]

    • You get right to the heart of it as usual. I can usually cope with bullies one to one because God always gives you strength when you’re standing up for what is right. I find it harder when the bully is someone powerful and far removed from me. They’re not going to listen to little people like me. I pray a lot and try to let God do his work and trust in him.

      • Come now butterfly you just answered your own dilemma and proved the point of what I’m saying beautifully. There is no one greater than the Father, if you can go to Him, if you can even bring yourself to converse with God on high, then a piece a crap bully is nothing. You see what I’m saying? This is where we give them too much power which is what they thrive off of. The Lord stood before his bullies and didn’t think enough of them to even answer their bullshit That is our example right there. When you think of these bullies these weak men and women who’re afraid of their own shadow, imagine looking down your nose at them like who dafuq are you? You”ll be straight

    • Tammy replied 1 month ago


  • Good morning butterflies, I woke up this morning with a new realization. This is a great time for beleivers, this is when we shine. This is when we lay on our beds or go into our closets and pray to our Father and […]

  • Hello butterflies, do not mean to be a bother. There’s a butterfly whose husband has been battling cancer for the past couple years, today he’s not doing so well. They say maybe days maybe hours. I’m asking you to […]

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    The book is live but the pricing says $3.06 instead of $2.99 will take up to 24 hours to change according to zon but could be sooner sorry for the inconvenience



  • So you want him this weekend or nah!!!!!

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