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Hi butterflies here’s wishing you a happy holiday weekend


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7 thoughts to “New Release”

  1. Got it, Wow, very nice surprise, again. Thank you. BTW, Soulless, Heartless and The Dancer, most excellent reads. The Dancer was beyond wonderful. Started slowly but boy did it pick up and hit all the right spots. Heartless, I really liked Tyler, in fact, I think I Love Tyler. He was pretty gangster, one of his quotes made me laugh so hard “, “But at the time I was leading with anger. Let’s just say the motherfuckers are lucky they still have a town. The way I felt that night I would have leveled the shit without blinking. They’re only like five thousand people in this bitch.” Now that is gangster, LOVE THIS GUY. Love all you alphas Mama. Thanks for the escape, you never disappoint.

  2. Hi mama b hope you and your better half are keeping well, and thank you very much for all the new releases, wishing you well in the future Bev

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