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8 thoughts to “Live on amazon”

  1. Miss Jordan Silver the book was so good I stayed up all night to finish it. Was mad it was finish to quick but enjoyed it so much. I can’t believe those idiots woke up the sleeping monster, oh well, Jace ain’t playing around this time, I can’t wait to see how they fall. Damn! That book was so good! Miss Jordan Silver You’re Still The Top Queen Of Erotica, Teen Romance Drama, I felt like I was watching A Teen Drama Series On TV and I did not want it to be over☺☺, PHENOMENAL JOB MISS JORDAN SILVER, I LOVED IT! I wish I could give you A 20 STAR RATING, in my my book that’s what you deserved, I’m giving this book Congratulations Miss Jordan Silver You Did It Again, Until Next Time

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