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The Legend of Avondel is the story of a kingdom under attack from the dark forces of the world. The people have been awaiting a legend that had been passed down from generation to generation for millennia, but now that the time is near chaos ensues.

This is a tale of fantasy and make-believe. Where lions fly and dragons speak, and beast of all kinds have the power of men. There is magic, and sorcery and even a stolen princess needing to be rescued.

When Olric the king was chosen by the ruler of the universe, the majestic lions, known as Shechem, to rule over the vast kingdom of Avondel, the greatest of the seven kingdoms of the earth, there was a shift in the struggle between good and evil.

His deposing of the former king who had dragged the kingdom to the brink of destruction was hailed by many and resented by some. While high on the thrill of his new victory, he made a mistake that will haunt his family for years to come.

Unbeknownst to him, as he went on to make the kingdom even greater than it had ever been. There were dark forces at work to tear down everything he had accomplished so that the kingdom’s end would be even worse than at its beginning.

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