SEAL Team Six and Seven


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“Damn, the kid’s a hacker.” Law looked over Mancini’s shoulder as the rest of us gathered around for a better look.

“Not just any hacker, he’s part of Anonymous.” Mancini made that announcement.

“Whoa, what the fuck? Is he the one they’re after?”

“What or who the fuck is Anonymous?”

“Uh, short version Lyon, an international group of highly skilled hackers. And this little gem right here is the fucker that hacked NASA and the DOD.” Mancini tapped his finger against the screen.

“The fucker did it in less then five minutes.” Every military man in the room whistled because we knew to a man the type of skill something like that would take.

Mancini on the other hand had a very telling smile on his face. No doubt he was thinking of recruiting the little shit.

“What’s his name?” Con asked and Mancini scrolled down the screen


“Oh the irony.” Even I had to give the kid his props.

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18 thoughts to “SEAL Team Six and Seven”

    Really can’t wait…
    Have some serious health problems with my Autoimmune diseases.
    Don’t know if I’ll be here to read “The End”, guess it gives me a goal to strive for!
    Keep the “Great! ” stories coming!
    You are truly one of THE BEST, THE GREATEST!!! EVER!!!

    1. Hi, Paula.

      As a fellow fan of Jordan who’s waiting for the end of those stories, I’m so sorry to hear about your health problems. I really do hope that we can all enjoy her stories more & you feel better to do so!

      Regards & best wishes.

    2. BLESS YOU!!!
      I love reading and Jordan Silver is not only an all time favorite but an amazing distraction on those rough days!!!
      I really do hope to read the final chapters of her awesome connecting stores!!!
      Be well and happy girl, always!!!

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