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6 thoughts on “Website #sale

  1. Hi Jordan yes I already had Sadist I tried a few times to buy Stolen it just would not work so I thought I would tried and buy two books and it worked. I don’t mind having to copies of Sadist. Kind Regards

  2. I tried to buy stolen it would not let me so I tried two buy two books and it let me. I bought Stolen and the Sadist.

  3. I am having a big problem , I want to purchase the sadist
    Book for 99 cent , but when I go to check , my cart price
    Is 1099999.00 ? I don’t understand, could you help me

  4. Purchased The Sadist downloaded with no problem have already started re- reading love all your books. This is a great deal also I purchased Stolen but I couldn’t download that from my mobi file system kept I had reached down load capacity. I couldn’t find stolen on any other sites.

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