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Hello butterflies, when downloading please only choose one file. I think those who can’t download successfully are downloading both files and one is cancelling out the other. As you wouldn’t download multiple copies from Amazon or anywhere else for the price of one, it obviously wouldn’t work here. Thanks

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7 thoughts on “Please read

  1. Sorry jordan but my initial download was unsuccessful so I went to other said successful but it’s not in the usual file like the seal 6 and 7. Now I don’t have the book. Can you help?

  2. I placed an order two weeks ago and didnt get my book. I wasnt able to get my book and was out money . I sent you an email and never heard back from anyone on your site . Would you be able to help me in getting this book? I wasnt trying to download multiple book types…just one type. I would just like to get the book i paid for, is all. thanks

  3. Tried to download kindle version, notice stated my download for that file was full. Still frustrated about reading new book of my favorite author!

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