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Now available on this site for all reading devices, under shop. Beast Mode Todd


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9 thoughts on “Now Live

  1. is this going to be available on amazon. i have been looking all day yesterday and today but nothing has come up for it. thanks Fiona

  2. Trying to get beast mode, paid the 4.99 but can’t get the book to download. Why can’t it be purchased through Amazon?

    1. I also am having this problem. I only clicked the kindle/mobi link but it “failed” and won’t let me download again. Please advise if anyone is monitoring these comments. Thank you!

      1. Hello, can i ask you for advice, i am 17 yrs old this year and i am troubled by my conscience in reading romance novel with sex, i read your post about is reading romance novel with explicit sex wrong or right, and with it i remove my guilt but my guilt will go back again and again , since i have anxiety i overthink about things and when i just search it in the internet it all about negative comments about reading, but i love romance, and i am scared if in the future i have a boyfriend and maybe it will cause me to sin, sex before marriage, since you are also a believer of God and also read and write romance novel can you help me pls

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