Please beware

Someone just tried to activate my old facebook account. I do not use facebook and have no plans to ever use it again. If you see anything supposedly from me, it’s not me.

P.S. I do not have any conversations connected to facebook. It’s either here or on

instagram. No one speaks for me period. Thanks

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5 thoughts on “Please beware

  1. I saw the group and put in a request to join. I was wondering last night why I had not heard back anything.

  2. This has happened to several of my friends and my husband (whose account is also inactive). I honestly don’t know what can be done other than warning all your friends. It’s potentially embarrassing at best and dangerous at worst.

  3. That’s crazy! I’m glad you said something, but I would have been suspicious sincere I know you’re done with Facebook.

  4. It must be going around, someone tried to setup a profile in my name the other day… they took my profile picture and background pic and was friend requesting my friends. I reported it to Facebook and had it removed. Good thing my friends knew it wasn’t me and made me aware of it…. scary stuff!

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