Hello, butterflies I have a question. Some of you were able to download the books without any issues and some of you weren’t. I would like to hear from both sides as to what you did so I can get to the bottom of this since everything seems to be working on this end. Thank you for your time

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32 thoughts on “Question

  1. I have brought all my books from Amazon and not had any problems. got Savage, bad Uncle, the sadist and Stolen ( older book) all no worries. love it when your able to pre-order the books.

  2. Hey mamma! I was able to buy and download… also got an email from you with both the ePub and mobi options. Seemed to work fine on my end (: Let me know if I can help! Smooches!

  3. I bought a copy from your website and from Because I want the cover.
    The only problem I had with your website is you have to sign up When I went to buy a copy it would not work so I signed up and it work fine and download fine from both sites so thank you Jordan.

  4. I order all my books through Amazon; KU, pre-orders, and purchasing after released. I have never had a problem downloading your books. My library is filled with your books.

  5. It was my fault on my end. I lost my password and then tried to change it to something the link said was weak. I didn’t know that until later. I thought just because it was weak it took it anyway and it didn’t. So I fixed it.

  6. I didn’t have any problem,I always buy your books from Amazon with no issue.
    When you put it for preorder that’s even better and I didn’t problem.
    By the way Bad Boys book 6 and starting over is absolutely amazing as ever.
    I having read bad uncle as yet but I do have it …thank you for these amazing stories❤️

  7. Hello Momma B,
    I used KU at Amazon and did not have any problems downloading the book. When I was done reading, it said to leave a review which I was more than happy to do but was not able to leave the review and I tried twice. I left a message I think in Facebook.

  8. I have KU but I always purchase your books outright. When I purchased from your website I wasn’t able to download from the site. When it was emailed to me as a Mobi file it was fine. I would have no problem buying from your website. Whatever is best for you.

  9. I pre order whenever you set it up. If it’s a surprise release I click on the link and purchase or read through KU if it’s an option.

  10. I normally purchase your books through Amazon, or if they are available through KU.. I will read through the book and then purchase them. This time I did buy your newest book through your website and was not able to open/download via Kindle nor Nook. So I purchased another copy via Amazon when it went live. But I spoke/emailed you and it was taken care of… however I was never able to download directly from your website.

  11. As soon as your books are available i buy them at amazon never have any problems. I guess I got mine before they blocked them. YEAHHHHHH

  12. I bought the book and then downloaded the mobi file but when I sent it to my kindel it said there was nothing there so I tried the epub file and it said the same thing. Not really sure what went wrong I’m not very good with electronics.Not sure if this helps or not but that was all that happened, it just said there was no data on the file to send. I then went to Amazon, I just couldn’t wait to fix the problem I had to have it,I’m a Jordan Silver addict and I accept this about myself. Your work is amazing.Thank you for all your amazing books.

  13. When I selected via book cover it went straight to Nook, which I didn’t subscribe. However, I did go and download/signed up with Nook. All indications were that the download happened but I have not been able to locate or access it.

  14. I had to order twice. It wouldn’t let me download to kindle but I think I got it figured out now. I think it was problem on my end, operator malfunction lol

  15. I used KU and other than waiting an extra day or so I had no issues. Loved Starting Over. Keep writing. We love you.

  16. I always buy them from Amazon(UK) as soon as they’re promoted in your Book Corner. I’ve never had a problem. (Thank goodness!)

  17. I brought from your page and from Amazon. I had no issues with either. But I did buy from Amazon, because when yours downloaded to my Kindle it went on my downloads folder and wouldn’t transfer over to my books lost and I couldn’t figure out how to get it to do that. I did the same with another author and their download went to both places, but yours wouldn’t. Just means double the great reads for me.

  18. I have never had a problem with getting any of your books! I buy from Amazon only as I know they actually pay their contributors! Since I “Follow” you I hear about new releases almost as fast as they go LIVE so I always grab them immediately!! One never knows what’s going to happen with the availability, so getting them quickly is how I manage the risk. I have enjoyed reading every single book that you have written (that I know about anyway) and look forward to many more books and much more enjoyment! Blessings to you and yours! May sweetness, peace, and joy light your path through life! Thank you for your writings!!

  19. Starting Over I purchased on Amazon. I still have not purchase here. I wish you love.

  20. I did not have any trouble downloading your books from Amazon, but amazon did take my copies of Tbone away and they couldn’t answer why, so I have to buy a new copy.

  21. I had to just keep trying to download from amazon. After I couple hours it worked fine again.

  22. I haven’t tried downloading your books from anywhere else but Amazon. If you were to move to another platform I would try to figure it out.

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