Now available in #ku

Okay KU lovers Starting over is now available to borrow .

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10 thoughts on “Now available in #ku

  1. Hello Momma B, How come I can’t leave a review???? Just wanted to let you know what Amazon is doing unless is because I read it through KU….. Love…Love…. Did I say loved it!…. Told the butterflies on Facebook that TY is MINE……LOL

  2. Thank you so much. Just finished it. Love it!!! You always seem to amaze me. Gives us single 30 somethings hope for our chance to start over.

  3. I just got the book Momma B, must say I am a little jealous of the people that have already read it and left a review for you at Amazon. See i am saving them so i can go on a binge and read them all at once, one of these days when i get a chance to read a book again. Heavy sighhhhhhh. Thanks and keep them coming

  4. Thank you so much for making this available on Kindle Unlimited!!! We all love and appreciate all that you are doing!!

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