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Hello butterflies, as many of you know, amazon has been blocking my books lately so I have decided to sell them from my own site just to be safe. 99.9% of you have no problems downloading once you purchase but .1% is having issues. I contacted the people who run my site and everything is fine on my end, but I did hear from a butterfly who had an issue and she figured it out. Apparently, it goes smoothly if you have a pay pal account and if you’ve signed up for my website. Other than that I have no way of telling you how to download. As to the people who are sending me emails saying that you did not receive your book when you know you never bought one, there is a way for me to check whether or not you actually bought one. Please stop wasting my time, I would rather spend it on those people who actually did buy the book and had a problem. Since you’re a liar and a thief anyway, why don’t you do what others of your ilk has been doing for four years? Steal it from a piracy site. I don’t want to hear from you thanks

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18 thoughts on “Download Issues

  1. Is it possible to get a refund. I would rather have the books I have paid for but I didn’t get them. I may be a little impatient because I have already read pretty much all of Jordan’s other books from I need my fix.

  2. I purchased two books but the downloads failed for every format, I have an older nook and I used to buy and download from bookstrand so I thought it would work just fine it didn’t tried to download on my phone from the email but number of downloads has been met

  3. Hey Jordan, I purchased the sadist when it came out but I can’t find it in my books when I go to amazon it won’t let me download it.what can I do

  4. Lol
    It finally came through today
    I can’t wait to read it It sure made muy fattu
    Thank you so much

  5. Hi I had the same problem I downloading it in .mobile format but I then tried .epub and it worked.

    I hope this is helpful

  6. Hi Jordan, just like to thank you just got mine had no problem and I live in Australia.
    I paid $4-99 USD which is $6-92 in AUD……..Thanks again LOVE

  7. I got the same thing, so I just cancel that order and tried again as a able to purchase at the $4.99 price ,but had trouble downloading.

  8. Hi

    My name is Starr… and I love your book. Just out of curiosity will this book be offered on KU? Just wanted to check before I purchase. Thank you for your time and assistance.

  9. I tried to buy it but it’s giving me a total of almost $60 so I can’t purchase it. 🙁 I always buy your books the first day they are released.

  10. Couldn’t figure out what I did wrong, so I just purchased it again from Amazon. My brain is to foggy to figure out what my sister butterflies were telling me to do. Needed my Jordan fix. Got it now, can you see the smile on my face and for anyone that claimed that they purchased the book but really didn’t, what’s that all about?

  11. I am sad to say that I am one of the .1% having a problem downloading. I am signed up on your site and on pay pal and while I got the email telling me to download – it told me there was an error and I had met my limit on downloading the content… any ideas?

  12. You make me smile! You’re quite right too. I attempted to buy your book via paypal but then the page went foggy & it didn’t seem to finish the transaction. I think the problem is that I thought I was signed up for the site & I’m probably not. I’ll have another go.

  13. I love the way you word it when you speak your mind and call things out. I always get a smile or good laugh reading your posts. Thank you for always being willing to be a kind but straight forward person. Made my day.

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