Hello butterflies, Amazon has blocked The Sadist and Stolen. They seem to be on a Jordan Silver hate spree so in the future all books will be offered across all platforms. This means that those who only use KDP will no longer be able to read the book unless they but it or steal it. I do not want anyone getting upset on my behalf, it’s not worth it. Nothing happens in my life unless my Father allows it and in the end He only wants what’s best for me, so I will take this new journey and see where it leads me.

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33 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. That’s so sad to hear. One of the reason that I’ve kept ku enabled on amazon was i could always access all your books that way. Shame I won’t be able to read it that way in future.

    Any plans to add your future books to scribed? Not sure about their censorship though.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that this has happened, but you know what this is all about. It’s the same thing you have been talking about with the Devil coming against you. This is just one more test. Don’t let him win!!! So many people rely on your books being available in KU because they couldn’t afford to read them any other way. I am included in that category and I for one love every story you write. Please don’t let him take this much power from you because it will only mean that you can’t reach out to a lot of people with your stories. People like me that need them through hard times to help me find a way to cope and escape whatever reality is at that point in their lives. It would truly be a shame. However, if you feel that you can’t continue with KU then I certainly understand.

  3. what is ku ?? sorry not real tech savvy and only buy via amazon but love all your books. can’t wait for your new books to come out – especially new eden high and anarchist series. would i still be able to read where all my other amazon books are or will i need a new reading program ? thanks Fiona

  4. I am seriously having a problem with this. I have read books that deal with similar subject matter by other authors and those books aren’t censored or blocked. So I guess that leaves the question, what criteria determines which books Amazon blocks? I can only imagine how frustrating this is for you.

  5. I don’t think it’s Amazon telling people what to read because they allow erotica step family incest books to be published on there (and some of them are seriously disturbing) and books that romanticize sex slavery. There has to have been people who reported her books, it was probably the authors who decided to be the censorship police because they had an issue with her book Redneck and had it pulled from Amazon.

  6. Thanks Jordan! I think some of the butterflies are having a mild freak out…yes me too! LOL I wish they would leave you alone…but hell Obama is out of the White House and they won’t let that go either

  7. OMG this scared the carp outta me cuz I only have kindle , I am like a stalker waiting for your books. I was about to cry thinking I wouldn’t be able to get them, no that wouldn’t happen I would have to have someone teach me how to get them. I don’t know what smashmouth is but there is NO WAY I can lose use as author, really I only read others waiting for yours when I am reading something else and you have a new release I put it down so I can read you. Thank you, so much I am so sorry they do this to you I appreciate that you fight for us to be able to continue to have you even though you shouldn’t have to. Love to you, I want you to know that sometimes the escape I have in your world of hot alpha MEN and the women who love them is where I find peace from an otherwise unexplainable day to day existence. Love your crazy but loyal fan Sandy.
    As long as your still in Kindle I don’t care about KU I ALWAYS set $ aside when I know your going to release, I have no vices other than reading so I am able to indulge my guilty pleasure and being 53 kids all gone good job I can fund it LOL.

  8. I am so sorry they are doing this. It makes me crazy that they feel they have the right to censor any book. I have complained to them about this before. I will be happy to purchase from Smashwords or any other retailers that do not engage in censorship.

  9. WTF? I get so tires of Amazion trying to telll people what to read.. .i can’t even imagine how you feel about it. They suck!! So my question is if I buy from Smaahwords can I download to my Kindle? I already have all these books fortunately but I have them in one place and would like to keep all future books that way. Also, are you saying you won’t try to put your books on Assmazon at all? Just trying to make sure I understand. Thanks Jordan! Love your work and will continue to buy no matter what!

  10. How do you buy from smahwords? Do they have an app for a tablet? Currently using kindle app on tablet.

  11. How do you buy from smashwords?? Do you need a separate reading app, I’m using kindle app on my tablet.

  12. This is the 21st century and Amazon blocking books like we, the consumer don’t matter.

  13. I’m sorry people are choosing to be butts just because they know they can. But I got one goal and that is to get your book and support you with love and prayer, okay so two goals. But both great goals to me. So where do I go to get Stolen? I’ve got Sadist.

  14. What’s their reason? There are a lot of books on Amazon that are dark but they sell!!
    I bought kindle books from Smashword so there are other options.
    I loved Sadist btw.

  15. Honestly this is absolutely ridiculous, its really upset me. Wtf is wrong with Amazon. Please don’t let this get to you, carry on doing what you do best, we will all be here supporting you! The joy your books bring to readers is amazing, and you’ll never realise how grateful I am for that.

  16. Oh God!! You’re not angry, you’re amazing and no matter if Amazon hates you, the Butterflies will always be with you. 🙂

  17. This is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t understand are they trying to censor what we are reading or what? Sounds to me like someone has a serious vendetta. Don’t give up mama. Don’t let these evil witches mess with your head. That’s what gives them pleasure. Hold your head up high. God will take care of you and them. I love you and am praying. God’s got this…..

  18. Please don’t remove your books from Amazoni. I hate the beast that is Amazon but it’s all I’ve got. I’m not tech savvy, but I will try and buy your books wherever you go. Thanks ,sending love your way, Kathleen

  19. If you put them on your site ill buy them directly from you… epub or pdf if possible… i would much rather pay you directly anyway…. please don’t give up you are truly talented. …keep strong and know that you bring joy to many through your fabulous gift….god bless you Jordan

  20. Oh my God. Please please please do not punish us for what other do. Reconsider removing your books from Kindle. Kindle is the only way I get books. I beg you to please reconsider. I truly love your books
    Truly sad from these news,


  21. I am sorry this is happening to you Jordan. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing and everything works itself out within a couple of days.
    I know the Lord only gives us as much as we can handle but I just don’t like when bad things happen to good people. I hope this gets fixed quickly & it’s a one time only situation.
    Sorry again

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