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9 thoughts on “#LIVE

  1. Got mine and finished in like an hour!!!! So wonderful…LOVED Mark and Noel!!! You did it again!! Thank you for another great Read!

  2. Once again you have out done yourself. .. loved it ..have already re read it… gonna read it again lol keep them coming muma B you are truly talented and a blessing from god …waiying patiently. ..ok somewhat patiently for more lol

  3. Why am I anonymously… figured it out…. Had to exchange my phone cause it wasn’t working properly..

  4. Going to get it asap….You don’t know how much I need a good book, right now!……Thanks!

  5. Hey Queen Butterfly,
    Bad Uncle – Mark and Sweet young Noel ❤️ love, love love. Tha Fuq, you been hiding that.. ?

    so I’ve reviewed on Goodreads and Facebook and just thought I should give the Queen credit because damn.. no you didn’t.. YESssss u did
    Love your work!!!

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