Is reading or writing explicit sex stories a sin

So, I woke up this morning with this on my mind. As many of you know I am a believer in God and all that entails. I read scripture, though I refuse to follow any man’s interpretation because some of them tend to lean towards their own understanding. With that said, I have been thinking lately about the things I write and how some perceive it as sin. Years ago when I first published Lyon’s Crew, I questioned because of the graphic sex scenes if this was okay in the eyes of my Father. Believe me it was a struggle. I love writing, I love writing hot scenes, But I fear God and do not ever want to get on His bad side so to speak. Now non-believers may not necessarily face these same questions, I don’t know so won’t speak for them. But for you believers out there, what is your struggle with writing or reading explicit sex in stories? As I said, in the beginning I wrestled with my conscience. I was afraid of enticing others into sinfula acts. My husband took it to the Father as I did not trust myself to hear Him over my own desires. I was told that the answer was it was okay to write the stories, which made me feel free. Still every once in a while someone would raise the question and that guilt would nip at my heels again. I write stories about two people who fall in love, marry and have explicit sex with each other (I believe in what is called polygamy so I have also written stories about men with multiple wives) In other words, I try to keep my work as vanilla as possible following the tenets of my own beliefs. It kills me to think that anyone is being led astray by my work, I know my own convictions, but everyone is not the same. I know I have been reading romance novels since I was 12 and they have never led me to go grab the first man to look my way and have sex, as a married woman they have never enticed me to have an affair. In short, it’s just entertainment. So today when this question was once again raised, I have come to a new insight. Sex is not dirty (this I’ve always known) sex is not impure (the scripture speaks about impure thoughts) But as with everything else, if not done in the correct way it can become that way (i.e Sex itself is not impure but say if you have sex with an animal, your neightbor’s husband, your own kids etc, then those acts are impure. In other words, the act of sex is not impure but it can be used in impure ways as the afore mentioned situations).  The bible is very specific in some ways in what it deems sexual immorality, nowhere is it written that reading or writing sex scenes are a sin, but still it is construed by some as such. This conversation is to open a discourse between me and those of you who have ever had this question or any experience with it. Thanks for your time

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55 thoughts on “Is reading or writing explicit sex stories a sin

  1. to be honest with you i am the same, i am 17 these year, and since i was young i love romance story sometimes i will even act as the main lead girl, and reading it give me so much happiness in my life, this year because of my anxiety all i think is about sin sin sin, i read story with some sex scenes and it’s fine, but my guilt started to appear, what if i am wrong, and etcc. and once i read your post, all of it vanish, but still because of my anxiety it will start up again, and make it worse, my anxiety make me think impure thought’s not because of the book but to give me guilt and suffering, but still i love reading and i know God know me well, and the thoughts that i have are not really true, thank you for posting this, it really hard since all i can do is overthink, and get nervous, but i love God and i also like reading , the books that i read or novel are pure it’s just that my thought are killing me,

  2. As someone who considers herself more agnostic, meaning i have not ruled out the possibility of a higher power, I would say that it is important to be true to your beliefs. If that means writing as you do and sharing your gift then you should. I know that I enjoy your writing and have never felt that it is contrary to how I feel or what I believe. In my opinion you are causing no harm. You are not writing anything that should cause another to come to harm. If at the end of the day you can lay down and rest knowing that you have cause no harm, and in your case helped others happiness just because they read and enjoy your stories, then you are doing well. From what you wrote your husband is aware of what you write and sees no harm and assuming he is someone you also look to for guidance, then trust in him. There will always be people who disagree. Those who feel that something that you do, say, touch, feel, or want is wrong. That is on them not on you.
    Again this is my opinion. I do wish to express my appreciation for your writing and I would hate to see that stop but you have to do what is right for yourself because you are the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror and take pride at the person looking back.

  3. Good day! Butterfly. Please don’t feel bad or any guilt in writing your novels. It is an inspiration for others to know that there is intense passion in loving and explicit sex is a way of showing or having that passion…for without sex or passionate sex between lovers would make a relationship boring. For me as long as sex is done within marriage it is beautiful. Don’t fear people will be led astray by your novels coz if they are led astray then it is their choice and not your fault. And lastly religion cannot and will not save you, it is how you love God and how to treat his people that will.

  4. Many years ago, I started reading romance novels. When I told my sister what I was reading, she asked me if I felt convicted about it. I told her no and have never had it be an issue for me. I tend to stick with romantica (erotic romance). The story is what interests me. I am not interested in reading gratuitous sex as much as I am looking forward to travelling with the MCs as they discover the love that binds them together. Sex is a natural extension of their love and therefore I feel no shame or concern reading about it. My sister and I are both Christians and while we disagree on this issue, I have come to the conclusion that this is a part of my personal life that I can’t share with her. We have different experiences and are convicted about different things. Faith is a personal relationship and no two relationshis are the same. My husband and I have been together for 10 years and we have not had issues with this either. He encourages me to read what I do and enjoy the story for its entertainment value. He reads sci-fi and is not interested in reading what I do. You do you and from the heart that loves the Lord, words will flow that are given to you by Him.

  5. I am a Christian, I READ erotica but feel watching it is sinful. Kind of hypocritical. Then I also watch horror and some Christians say that is sinful because it is not edifying to the spirit and promotes/celebrates evil such as murder. Not that it makes one do things.
    So I ask myself, as erotica promotes fornication does it make it evil? Or another question that I do not know the answer to – is masturbation a sin?
    At the end of the day, I believe if I know God is watching and I am ok chilling & reading a JS, then all is good.

      1. Here’s another way to look at it. We know that the Bible speaks negatively about having sinful thoughts. BUT which do you think of as sinning:
        Thinking about/Writing about successfully committing suicide (which the Bible describes as a sin).
        Actually committing suicide successfully IRL.
        Then add in the fact that a good amount of people use what was written as a form of suicide prevention. By giving the book to suicidal patients so they can get important insight on how suicide affects those they’ll leave behind. A study shows that suicides are prevented by the realization of the impact their suicide will have on their favorite person, young relation(s) &/or whomever finds their body.
        *That was more depressing than I anticipated.*
        So when you think of it that way, your books might be causing impure thoughts but it’s also causing others not to be sexually promiscuous. It’s giving some of us a safe & easy way to get our sexual fix so to speak.
        So I have to emphasize my original advice. Go to God with this questions. Ask him earnestly and with an open heart. He will answer you. You’ve just got to be prepared to really listen with an unbiased heart & clear mind.
        Ask & ye shall receive…an answer. Lol
        Stay blessed,

        PS: for me it’s movies about the occult, dark magic & other evil things like that. And whether obviously evil or subtly evil, I stay away. I believe it can open a doorway into your life that is better left closed. My mom always used to say “There is enough evil in this world, we don’t need to be opening ourselves to more! Especially not because of something as simple & yet so fickle as entertainment.” So I also stay away from anything that doesn’t feel right in my spirit. The feeling I’m talking about is very subtle and seriously easy to miss. You have to be really in touch with your spirit and never let your wants/desires become louder than it. And now this PS is almost as long as my entire post lol. -Lenne

  6. I for one do not believe reading or writing erotica is a sin. They do not cause me to go out and ravage men or make me want to be ravaged by just anyone. All of your books are stories with true love involved and more often than not, the love is deep and lasting and the erotica is a way for the couples to express their love with one another. The men would, and often will do anything to love, protect, and cherish their women and in my opinion, that is a good part of what love is. In my opinion, just because the couples may not be “conventional,” (whatever that may be) does not make it wrong or sinful. Your stories do not have anything sinful, there is no violence toward women or degradation, and no incest, so I would say, keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your stories!!

  7. No I do not consider reading yours and others that write erotica romance novels a sin. And no writing them are not a sin. They are fantasies, and that does not make them a sin. You are a wonderful writer. God gave you a wonderful talent us it and entertain the rest of us that wish we could do it. Please consider this God says not to cast the first stone. Sound like they are the ones that need to read the bible.

  8. Jordan you have a talent/gift of telling stories and your books are meant for readers to get caught up in the story and enjoy. I don’t think God would have an issue with what you write as you are not using your books to tell others how they should behave or live their lives instead you are giving your readers wonderful stories to enjoy.

  9. Great answer above. I know there are many like me who cannot have such full relationships that you write so well about. Such fiction fills a natural need and gives great pleasure. I’m not comfortable seeing living beings act out sexually as I can’t judge the circumstances and consents involved. Fiction fills that need and is safe. We are made as beings requiring contact, sexual and otherwise. Please find your own answer-tune out the evil whisperers-they are the ones full of sin. I believe that your talent is a God given gift to share with others. For those who are not comfortable with this kind of fiction, DON’T READ IT. Sex is a celebration of one of the greatest gifts God has given us-love

    1. Hi, the comment above yours was posted after yours. So can you add more info so we know which comment(s) you’re agreeing with?

  10. It’s not an easy question, so there is no easy answer. I can tell you to get your characters married before any sexual penetration to cut out the fornication/premarital sex. But people can still have impure thoughts about the sex you write for the married couples. And some can say we are meant to not be the reason/cause for others impure thoughts. Being our brothers keeper & what not. But then again, what is marriage in the biblical times? I’m a virgin, in my twenties, waiting for marriage because I truly believe that we aren’t meant to be sharing ourselves in that way with multiple people. So I’m a practice what you preach kind of Christian. And I love the escapism in your books. Virgins need alpha love too! HEY! You should write a virgin alpha hero story. Let me really live vicariously lol. On the other hand, you’re telling a story and not even the biblical stories where all Godly. So it should be okay for you to write fictional characters sinning. I mean you can go all Ten Commandments and stop writing characters that lie, cheat, steal, envy and dishonor their parents. Your books would be a boring utopia lol. But sexual immorality is still a big one. So Yep, it’s not an easy answer. But I’ll tell you what I’d do. I’d pray on it, because the only person that can give you a concrete & definite answer is God Himself.
    PS: I’d be so heart broken if you stopped writing, but I’d rather you went with what’s good for your soul not what’s good for your fans. Thanks for reading this! -Lenne

    1. Hey Lenne,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, glad to know I’m not the only virgin out there in my twenties (mid twenties for me) waiting for marriage. I come from a Christian background as well and I always believed in saving myself for marriage which is rare in a world where having sex outside of marriage is a norm. You’re very right on Jordan’s books as a way to live vicariously, I see it as being able to read about passion but one always goes back to the hero and heroine coming together in marriage and the happily ever after. I would be very sad if she did not write anymore but can understand if that’s not what she is happy with, her books have helped me feel less lonely for romance and more determined in waiting for love and marriage. It’s is a very gray area when it comes to sex and religion and I appreciate your thoughts on this.
      God Bless!

      1. I am in my mid-twenties too actually Mika! Thanks for your wonderful words & compliments, they & you are too kind! It’s great to meet another virgin waiting till marriage. We are few and far between. Back in Uni, they would call me unicorn. The guys said that a hot virgin was a myth, but as time went on and there weren’t any stories about me at all during my 1st year. They took to calling me unicorn because a real live hot virgin was like a mythological creature to them, so I needed to be named after 1, and it had to be a pretty 1. So no to sasquatch, big foot, or the like. I personally would’ve preferred to be called a fairy instead, but that’s not really how nicknames work lol. Whenever we have our yearly reunion trip (last time we went was to Puerto Rico) they still call me unicorn and ask if it’s still true and silly stuff like that. Sure some might find it offensive but they actually sound in awe of me when they speak. What about you? Any similar stories or nicknames? When did you officially decide to wait till marriage? What technics do you use to stop from losing yourself in a moment and going too far? I hope these questions aren’t too personal. I don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable or anything negative like that. Just trying to get to know a fellow follower of abstinence. Not many followers of Christ keep their virginities till marriage. I’ve always wondered why that was. I’ve talked to conservative Christians who are anti-abortion, but get upset when I ask why they aren’t in favor of a premarital sex ban then, since they’re completely fine telling other women to keep their legs closed until they’re ready to have kids. But the thing is they don’t want a ban that could effect their lives negatively. It’s like they’ve completely forgotten that premarital sex is a sin too! That must be it, because I know couples that fornicate the night or morning before church or have plans to fornicate after church. But I’m a judgmental b**** for bring it up & asking questions, even though we are called to be our brothers keeper. It’s a crazy world we live in. No one person is 10% sin-free, 100% of the time. But there’s a difference between falling into sin/temptation and jumping in with both feel. A saint is just a sinner who got up instead of wallowing in their sin. A sinner is someone who has fallen down and stayed down. And a hypocritical sinner is one who pretends to be a Saint on Sunday’s but already has a plan to sin the next day. Those are the worst kinds as they can derail a sinner looking for a saint as a role model to show them the way to sainthood. And now I’ve really gone on one tangent right after another. Lol, my bad @Mika!! The hypocrisy of these situations really upsets me.

  11. I have read all your books and enjoyed them very much. Not one ever has made want to do any truly bad thing. I think reading a sexy book is not a sin but each to their own. If the person has a problem with the book don’t read it.

  12. The way I see it Jordan is the Lord gave you this talent of writing and the want to share what you write with others, thankfully, if He thought what you were writing was “wrong” or “sinful” I think He’d have no problem telling you this or sending you signs that it is sinful. You write about people who love each other and they express that love through making love, having sex, bumping uglies, whatever you wish to call it. I know there are those who say sleeping with someone without marriage is a sin but there are some of us like me who know marriage isn’t for me but we still love the person we are with as much as a husband and wife. I know some will disagree but I think if I was meant to get married I would have had some type of sign showing me this. I also know if I’m wrong that no matter what God will forgive me.
    I think if you stopped writing and sharing your gift with all of us that that would be a waste of your God given gift and that would be a huge shame.
    You have a great relationship with the Lord Jordan and no one should ever make you worry otherwise.

  13. I am so glad you opened this up for discussion. As a Christian I have struggled with this. I have enjoyed books with explicit sex and many varieties. Male/female, male/male, multiple partners, and dark erotica. I did feel like I was sinning and often felt like I was even trying to hide it from God (which, as you know, isn’t possible). I have found within the last couple of months that the Holy Spirit is convicting me and that I am starting to stay away from books that do not have a traditional couple. I am even skimming over some of the sex scenes. That being said, I still enjoy sex stories and I have never viewed your books as sinful. Your couples are married or soon to be married and I feel like the passion they share is not in any way sinful. Your couples are monogamous and very committed to each other. Your books do not condone anything but expressions of love between one man and one woman. You are among a small list of authors whose books I really enjoy reading. As a matter of fact, you are the first author that I read that had the alpha hero and no one writes that better than you. I feel that if you were meant to stop you would feel convicted of this. You bring enjoyment and fantasy to readers and for a little bit of time allow us to escape our everyday issues. I thank you for sharing your passion for writing and a big thank you that your characters don’t cheat because that is a hard limit for me. Keep doing what you do and pray that you will not let anyone keep you from expressing your passion and sharing it with your faithful readers and supporters. Please ignore those that put doubt in your head. “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone”.

  14. Jordan, I think of your stories as beautiful art. For me, they act like a pressure release valve to help me de-stress from life. I have been married for 13 years, so I (as most other women who are with “real world” men know) you write fiction. You write scenarios that I put myself in and feel satisfaction. I have my favorites that I have to reread on a regular basis (because I feel like I am missing a friend). My fascination with romance started early when I began reading harlequin romance when I was about 12, and as I have gotten older I have advanced to erotica. I am also a christian who believes in Jesus Christ. My husband knows exactly what my literary tastes are- he sometimes tries to play with me by reading aloud over my shoulder. My husband doesn’t have the heart for the sweet romance and dirty talk that as a woman I feel I have a need for (often). He has told me that he is glad that I can find that stuff somewhere without trying to make him do it. He is only interested in the “release”. See, I need those sweet sentiments more than he can give them to me (is every day to much to ask for!!). Your stories allow me to be satisfied enough to allow him to be romantic and sexual in his own time. I believe you and your stories help keep me happy, which helps keep my marriage happy. I would imagine that a lot of your readers are grown women, dealing with boring life with busy men (except for some exceptions). To answer your question- No, I do not believe that your stories are sinful. Sex and reproduction is a part of life and it can sometimes get down and dirty. I am not embarrassed by your work on my kindle, and I have recommended you to many a good friend. I am sorry that your heart is heavy tonight, just know that your readers appreciate you and want you to be happy.

  15. Absolutey nothing sinful in or around you. You are the most “unsinful person” I have the privilege to read. Anyone calling it sin, are following in the footsteps of the witch hunters of old. They used their religion to kill women in the name of their god. They KILLED women and sometimes men too, to further their agenda. They justified MURDER. Don’t know why I thought of that, but I do every time I hear a bad word about Jordan Silver or any of her books. Be gone Satan, not wanted here.

  16. Dear Jordan. Don’t doubt in your talent or yourself. It wouldn’t matter what you write, there are are always people out there who will find something offending about it.
    The Bible is often more explicit or cruel as any book. I guess even there will be a soul out there who thinks there is something offending in it as well. But haven’t the guts so far to say something. Because it would cause a lot of waves. I’m sure of it.
    Please don’t stop writing it take stupid comments to your heart. Let them be. God has a plan for everyone. Even those who don’t believe in him.

  17. I don’t believe it’s a sin. The men in your books want a deeper relationship and will stop at nothing to have it. They have live and devotion in their hearts. That’s what draws me to your books.
    Don’t feel guilt or worry over this Jordan. Your books are full of love. I’m not tempted to do wrong, I doubt the other butterflies are either.

  18. I look at it this way your talent for writing is a gift from God. We all know that he makes no mistakes so how can anything sent from God be sinful or wrong. The people who have a problem with what you write need to take a look at their own hearts and minds. The are the ones that might need to get a better understanding or clarity on their ideas of what is sinful. Question if they find your writing so sinful WHY ARE THEY READING IT? I love your work and I recognize the God given talent in you. Jordan DON’T LET NOBODY STEAL YOUR JOY..THEY DIDN’T GIVE IT TO YOU…GOD DID.


  19. My personal opinion is that if you are a good person , don’t intentionally harm others , try to find the good any situation, these are all things that define a person and their character…. I dont believe we should be judged on what we read and or write… The stories you write are a gift given to you by god…. if god had an issue with your writing he simply would not have blessed you with such a gift…..there are always going to be bad people in the world that do and say terrible things but Jordan you are most definitely not one of them… when you were having difficulties with your book T Bone you showed just how patient and what a beautiful soal you have… not only did you not respond in a negative way you asked that all you loyal readers not respond with negative actions also…. it is these things that define you that make you the awesome peson you are …. what you write is erotic fiction it DOES NOT define your character your actions in the real world do….it would be terrible if you stopped writing you bring joy to many , myself included… it would be a sin not to use your god given talent lol … keep strong and feel the love your fans have for you and ignore the haters…it really is just pure jealousy, stay strong and dont give up that’s exactly what the haters want….. your gift was god given hold onto that when the doubt gets to you … cant wait for all your new books…. keep being you because you are special and your talent is amazing

  20. I agree with you Jordan! I am a Christian and believe in God as well! I enjoy reading your books I’ve been reading romance since I was 12 or 13 (am now 46) !

  21. I can relate to the issues you sometimes face in my faith i was wondering the same things but as you stated i never felt to go outside of my vows and have sex because of something that i read in a way your books has allowed me to find freedom in expression like you i myself come from a faith of multiple wives but because of authors like you my sisters and i have found freedom and pleasure in great stories we accept it as that great stories not something dirty or smutty but great entertainment that leads to some lively conversations. thank you for you books they are always a pleasure and fun.
    PS i live with colt in person just called by another name lol

  22. Let me just start off by saying I love your books. With that being said I dO have the internal struggle of reading books with an excessive amount of sex scences because it is fornication. I am married women also so reading these things doesn’t make me go out and jump the first man I see when I can just turn to my husband. I do however like in your books when your characters are married because it seems less wrong. You mentioned the bible not speaking on writing about sex being wrong in the sexual immorality sense. However it actually does at Ephesians 5:3 where it says let sexual immorality and every sort of uncleanness or greediness not be mentioned among you just as it is proper for holy people. The immorality is the fornication and in writing it you are speaking it in written form. The long and short you are an amazing writer, but finding a away to get your characters married before the do is done will be your creative feat.

  23. I’m not up on our scriptures but aren’t we already born in sin? Must remember the book was written by a man. Don’t be mad I’m not too familiar with the good book. Believe it or not but your writings have brought strangers together and made us friends. Heck almost family. Hold on to that.

  24. Each of us have to be held accountable for our own choices. I do not consider your books a sin to read or to write. I choose to read your books. If someone else has a problem with them, that is their decision. No one has the right to make those decisions for me, nor I for them. If your heart and mind are at peace with the decision to write the books you do (when others are not putting THEIR issues on YOUR shoulders) then continue on as you have been. Your books are not JUST about sex. You touch on so many social issues within your books (domestic violence, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, sex trafficking, etc) where you create awareness of it while still giving us a sexy HEA. That in itself is a gift. Who is to say that God isn’t using that gift to reach those who wouldn’t otherwise hear the message about loving oneself, that they ARE worth it, that they DO matter? Don’t let others taint your belief in yourself or the message given by God. That’s Lucifer at work.

  25. Let me start by saying that this is the genre of book that I read pretty much daily. Other than a medical journal or paper, I’m reading you or about 5 other authors. The people I work with know what I read, as I do not hide it. As of matter of fact, most of them read the same. We are, after all, in a field that is the direct result /consequence of sexual activities. I am a Christian woman. I do believe in God, bUT I do not fear Him. I was raised in a Catholic home along with my 7 brothers and sisters and was brought up firmly believing in this faith. After college, I taught at a religious school and was shocked by the judgmental comments and actions of alot of people in regards to “their” beliefs. I understand completely what you are saying about a persons own interpretation of a scripture. Having been around that sort of judgmental environment, I changed careers and I now see first hand the result of the actions you so wonderfully have written about in your books. So… having said that, if we were not ment to read this kind of book, He would not have given YOU the wonderful talent that He did. He would not have given you the amazing gift of putting all those feelings of love and emotion into beautiful words and phrases that we all read as we wipe our tears of joy and happiness, screaming at our Kindles for taking too long to download the next book! And….. He wouldnt have made me so damn good a doing a C-Section. So please, for all of us, don’t EVER stop writing so we don’t have to stop reading!
    Love you

  26. My opinion is books r like movies if u don’t like something don’t read it or watch it but don’t bash the ones who do read sexual books or rated r movies. I love your books they aren’t cheating or anything like that. Yes you have a lot of sex in your books but it’s between 2 people in committed relationships. Don’t let other people’s bad opinions keep u from doing what you love.

  27. A person is judged for their actions by our maker when it is time for one spirit to move on from the body sheltering it. During your life when one makes mistake they must own up to it and ask for forgiveness. You are only judge for things that you refuse to acknowledge are wrong. Our maker does not punish us for what profession we follow but for the sins we do not acknowledge commiting. Writing what you feel comfortable with to share with other is a blessing. It is not a knock against the almighty one.

  28. As a fellow Christian I don’t think what you are doing is wrong. Look at David, he wrote the Song of Songs and you have to be an adult in the Jewish faith to read it. And that is in Bible and Torah.

  29. I too agree with you Jordan sex in itself is not sinful. Its how people use it, as you so eloquently stated. I do.believe in polygamy, if thats your cup of tea as long as their Consenting ADULTS…. I wouldn’t myself because Im a selfish jealous B…….LOL….. but will not judge if you into that BTW, love your books about the subject! Your not hurting anyone by writing these erotic books, this is a fantasy…. so like the selfish B… that I am get writing……while I sit here as a very, very good girl waiting and thinking of all the ways I can be Baaad for Uncle!….LOL hint..hint….;)….

  30. I agree completely, I see these books as entertainment, & not as a guide to my everyday life or what I believe to be my reality

  31. My feelings are and have always been if you are doing something that you enjoy and it is not hurting anybody then how can it possibly be a sin. If you are reading erotica and you are enjoying it, or if you are writing erotic for somebody else’s enjoyment and if it’s not hurting anybody it cannot possibly be a sin.

  32. As a Christian, I believe that sex is a God given gift for us to enjoy but as with all the other good gifts he gives us, it shouldn’t be exploited or abused. I think that we’re meant to enjoy sex and that includes reading and writing about it. I know that we sometimes feel embarrassed about sex but I think that’s because it’s so very personal. I enjoy your books Jordan, I love the plot twists and turns but no matter how hot the writing is, it is always intrinsically moral. Thank for all the hours of work that give us such wonderful entertainment and lift us out of the worry and drudgery of everyday life.

  33. As a romance writer too, I struggled with this issue. Like you I talked to my mister who prayed and said go for it. I too prayed and felt that I should write what I want to read and have read. As a side note, when I got my first Nook, I read Fifty Shades and it revitalized our marriage. So I hope that my writing, will revitalize and change other woman’s relationships for the better.
    Every now and then someone will poke me and I’ll feel a guilty pang, but I go back to my Lord and check in. Many people have different beliefs and want to hang them on me.
    My writing has opened frank dialogues with other women about our sexuality. How can that not be a good thing? Who can we talk to about our sexual natures except to other women? This wonderful equipment God gave us is not just for making babies!
    Write on Ms. Silver! Be free. Hear from God and write according to your principles. Your writing has inspired me. Thank you!

    P.S. Also thank you for posting this as it help all of us romance writers who are believers. Bless you.

  34. I can understand the dilemma one might have with the sex scenes but you write about intimacy between people who are in love and I believe that God would be ok with it because these people stay together and marry. Nevertheless, I am encouraged to know that you are of a conscious mind to contemplate over such things. It let’s me know you care about what you put out in the world. Well just know that as a believer myself who goes to a church where the word is mostly interpreted the way I interpret it or gives me a clearer understanding in which I can agree within, I think your writing is as it’s meant to be ENTERTAINING ALL DAY EVERYDAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN. So keep doing what your doing it is pleasing in my eyes lol.

  35. Just wanted you to know I wrote the Anonymous reply and I’m not ashamed of what I wrote so I didn’t write it Anonymously. I thought it would put my name with it, but I guess I have to fill out the info box each time. Sorry, technology and I have a love hate relationship. Love it when it helps me, hate it when it makes me have to figure it out.

  36. Funny that you wrote this. I started reading romance novels at the age of 12 also. My uncle found the book sitting on a bus bench and knew how much I loved to read and so he brought it home to me. I actually didn’t and still don’t care so much about the sex scenes as I did and do the story of the people. I see the sex scenes as another way of getting to see the comfort and love they have for one another, like a scene of where they may be arguing or driving in a car and holding hands. It is all apart of their relationship, the good and bad. With that said, I then started to ask myself am I just trying to find a way to justify it so I can be okay with reading it. This was big to me, because I have been in church all of my life, I have been over children’s ministry for years and I love God so much, like you I don’t focus on the people, but God, so I don’t let their words have weight on my actions unless I believe God has sent a word through them for correction or encouragement. About 7 years ago when I was struggling with this, I came across this minister in our church and saw she had a romance novel in her bag. I was so shocked, because you talk about a woman who loves God and just was always a shining example of His love and kindness and keeping faith in God while going through. I haven’t seen the likes of since. Anyways, I couldn’t resist. I asked her did she think she was sinning by reading that and more importantly by having it with her and we were in church. I wanted to hear her answer before telling her I read romance too. What she said was, God knows everything I do before I even do it and if He has a problem with it or the way I’m doing it I trust Him to send me warning and a way to change it. I love reading these books and other books, but they will never come before my time with God. If I am reading and God says stop and pray. I won’t even finish the word I’m on and get to it. This is something I like and just like with somebody who likes to paint, as long as it is not what you like more than God, I don’t see the problem. I love my husband and I give him my all, but even he does not get a place before God in my life. God is a jealous God and a loving God. He wants to see us happy and we have what we have because He blessed us with it. But, I believe as long as we remember Him first in all that we do, He has no problem with what we do. So, I said, but how can you know your not making something more than Him. And she said, I believe as long as we remember Him first in all that we do. I took that to mean, trust Him to let me know and also because God is first in my mind what I’m doing can’t be. This conversation is still just as clear to me now as it was then, because I have held on to it to check me in so many areas of my life. Something I have always done with God, so that I can be sure I never put man’s opinion over His answers for me, is that I talk to God privately in my mind, sometimes as prayer, sometimes as friend looking for advice. I never bring up to anyone what I’m struggling with as they way I took it to God or the questions I brought to him. Every single time, without fail He has sent someone to answer me without them knowing. It has been done in so many ways, sometimes instantly, sometimes days or weeks from when we talked. But always it is right on time. I trust He will send me an answer and I get one. My thinking for you is, no one can know your struggles as you do. No one can know your relationship with God as you do. What God gives to you He knows how you can and will be with it, so He trusts you in the handling of it. He knows when you will need encouragement, correction, a break or a change to it and will give it to you. We all do not get the same things, because we all can’t handle them. Trust God to have you covered in whatever He has given you from writing to parenting to marriage, just as He trusted you when He gave it to you, and He trusts you as you walk in it.

  37. I too believe and love God….and read graphic sex scenes in many books that I buy….but I know that your struggle since you are the author of some of the books I read is a real one….but and this is my opinion….only weak people will be lead a stray from whatever beliefs they hold, its fiction that we are reading ….I know what is right and wrong…. Plus that saying God knows what’s in our hearts is true…..

  38. Oh my God, I so young, I’m Catholic, and sometimes I think the same, but there is some limits in all, and after I had thought, i think the same. Except in the polygamy, if a men can have so many wifes, a woman should be able to do the same. Equity.

  39. NO, I believe what you said about animals, children, adultery and plain evil interest. The Great Spirit gave us the knowledge to know between good and evil. You do good. Your heart is good. You books are good. I just don’t like the gd word. So I don’t read it. You write what feels good to you.You are nothing but good.

  40. the sin would be not use to your God given talent to entertain so many who love and look forward to your work. I always read your books the day they are ‘live.’ Give us more!!

  41. I understand that some people would feel writing explicit sex scenes would be considered a sin. I personally do not.
    I write alot and sometimes I write sex scenes when I first wrote them I was honestly ashamed. It was my own personal hang up. Overtime the more I wrote them the freer I felt
    Then I read one of your books and I was happy to find a author who is brave enough to share it with the world.
    So, no it’s not a sin.
    I admire you for writing the way you want and sharing with all of us.

  42. Hey Jordan,
    When i first started reading “smut” as its called. I always felt like i had 2 do it in hiding for fear of people’s judgement and the fact that I thought I was doing something wrong. Then I realized i was doing nothing wrong. To answer your question. The father blessed you as a person with the ability to create such stories and be an author. Don’t take that gift and hide it as i feel that is a slap in the face to the father. Im not saying this cause I love your work but to be able to imagine and create such great works is not a sin or something to be ashamed of. The artist who paints sexual graphics for people to enjoy does not make him a sinner, nor the sculpture created for casual conversation. Those things are all to stimulate your imagination and start a conversation. So does your work, dont be so hard on yourself. Hope this helps.

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