Is reading or writing explicit sex stories a sin

So, I woke up this morning with this on my mind. As many of you know I am a believer in God and all that entails. I read scripture, though I refuse to follow any man’s interpretation because some of them tend to lean towards their own understanding. With that said, I have been thinking lately about the things I write and how some perceive it as sin. Years ago when I first published Lyon’s Crew, I questioned because of the graphic sex scenes if this was okay in the eyes of my Father. Believe me it was a struggle. I love writing, I love writing hot scenes, But I fear God and do not ever want to get on His bad side so to speak. Now non-believers may not necessarily face these same questions, I don’t know so won’t speak for them. But for you believers out there, what is your struggle with writing or reading explicit sex in stories? As I said, in the beginning I wrestled with my conscience. I was afraid of enticing others into sinfula acts. My husband took it to the Father as I did not trust myself to hear Him over my own desires. I was told that the answer was it was okay to write the stories, which made me feel free. Still every once in a while someone would raise the question and that guilt would nip at my heels again. I write stories about two people who fall in love, marry and have explicit sex with each other (I believe in what is called polygamy so I have also written stories about men with multiple wives) In other words, I try to keep my work as vanilla as possible following the tenets of my own beliefs. It kills me to think that anyone is being led astray by my work, I know my own convictions, but everyone is not the same. I know I have been reading romance novels since I was 12 and they have never led me to go grab the first man to look my way and have sex, as a married woman they have never enticed me to have an affair. In short, it’s just entertainment. So today when this question was once again raised, I have come to a new insight. Sex is not dirty (this I’ve always known) sex is not impure (the scripture speaks about impure thoughts) But as with everything else, if not done in the correct way it can become that way (i.e Sex itself is not impure but say if you have sex with an animal, your neightbor’s husband, your own kids etc, then those acts are impure. In other words, the act of sex is not impure but it can be used in impure ways as the afore mentioned situations).  The bible is very specific in some ways in what it deems sexual immorality, nowhere is it written that reading or writing sex scenes are a sin, but still it is construed by some as such. This conversation is to open a discourse between me and those of you who have ever had this question or any experience with it. Thanks for your time

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55 thoughts on “Is reading or writing explicit sex stories a sin

  1. to be honest with you i am the same, i am 17 these year, and since i was young i love romance story sometimes i will even act as the main lead girl, and reading it give me so much happiness in my life, this year because of my anxiety all i think is about sin sin sin, i read story with some sex scenes and it’s fine, but my guilt started to appear, what if i am wrong, and etcc. and once i read your post, all of it vanish, but still because of my anxiety it will start up again, and make it worse, my anxiety make me think impure thought’s not because of the book but to give me guilt and suffering, but still i love reading and i know God know me well, and the thoughts that i have are not really true, thank you for posting this, it really hard since all i can do is overthink, and get nervous, but i love God and i also like reading , the books that i read or novel are pure it’s just that my thought are killing me,

  2. As someone who considers herself more agnostic, meaning i have not ruled out the possibility of a higher power, I would say that it is important to be true to your beliefs. If that means writing as you do and sharing your gift then you should. I know that I enjoy your writing and have never felt that it is contrary to how I feel or what I believe. In my opinion you are causing no harm. You are not writing anything that should cause another to come to harm. If at the end of the day you can lay down and rest knowing that you have cause no harm, and in your case helped others happiness just because they read and enjoy your stories, then you are doing well. From what you wrote your husband is aware of what you write and sees no harm and assuming he is someone you also look to for guidance, then trust in him. There will always be people who disagree. Those who feel that something that you do, say, touch, feel, or want is wrong. That is on them not on you.
    Again this is my opinion. I do wish to express my appreciation for your writing and I would hate to see that stop but you have to do what is right for yourself because you are the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror and take pride at the person looking back.

  3. Good day! Butterfly. Please don’t feel bad or any guilt in writing your novels. It is an inspiration for others to know that there is intense passion in loving and explicit sex is a way of showing or having that passion…for without sex or passionate sex between lovers would make a relationship boring. For me as long as sex is done within marriage it is beautiful. Don’t fear people will be led astray by your novels coz if they are led astray then it is their choice and not your fault. And lastly religion cannot and will not save you, it is how you love God and how to treat his people that will.

  4. Many years ago, I started reading romance novels. When I told my sister what I was reading, she asked me if I felt convicted about it. I told her no and have never had it be an issue for me. I tend to stick with romantica (erotic romance). The story is what interests me. I am not interested in reading gratuitous sex as much as I am looking forward to travelling with the MCs as they discover the love that binds them together. Sex is a natural extension of their love and therefore I feel no shame or concern reading about it. My sister and I are both Christians and while we disagree on this issue, I have come to the conclusion that this is a part of my personal life that I can’t share with her. We have different experiences and are convicted about different things. Faith is a personal relationship and no two relationshis are the same. My husband and I have been together for 10 years and we have not had issues with this either. He encourages me to read what I do and enjoy the story for its entertainment value. He reads sci-fi and is not interested in reading what I do. You do you and from the heart that loves the Lord, words will flow that are given to you by Him.