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Hello butterflies as the heading says I’m having a moment here. Something happened today that has had me thinking for the past few hours. I’m a very isolated person, don’t get out much, don’t do too much socializing because quite frankly human beings scare the fuq outta me. But this happened and it opened my eyes to the fact that you cannot speak truth to evil. The wicked has the loudest damn voices and can say and do as they please like their father the devil who told Yah in the book of Job that he was roaming to and fro in the earth. Now, the Lord said if you deny me before your friends I will deny you before my Father, Excuse me while I say, if you think I will condone the actions of the wicked to spare feelings or sell books you don’t know me. I will never accept evil but if you tell yourself that it’s okay to accept it and claim you believe in the Father, the Son nad the Holy Ghost, then you’ve been deceived. Open your eyes and do not cower before these demons, they come in all shapes and sizes and they’re subtle as fuq. They sneak up on you with their charm and their smiles and win you over and the next thing you know, you’re accepting shiznet you know is damn wrong. Watch yourselves out there these slithering serpents are out the garden and walking among mankind. Thanks for letting me vent. Back to the book that’s almost finished. Love and Blessings to all my butterflies, caterpillars we’ll work on yo azz because I don’t believe in giving up on anyone as long as there’s hope. If you read this and have even an inkling that it’s about you then go look in the mirror and fix your shiznet. I see you…

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31 thoughts on “Having a moment

  1. So true. In this day and age it is so hard to tell the difference but also not to be caught up in there sin. Have a great day and God bless

  2. You have so much insight. I wish that I was a bit quicker on the uptake sometimes. I just discovered that someone who I thought was quite decent did something appalling to a neighbour a few years ago which ruined his life. Oddly, the perpetrator suffered a severe stroke shortly afterwards and has been unable to walk or talk since. I can’t help wondering if these two events are linked.

  3. Hi Momma Butterfly
    Thanks for encouragement , been going through a lot with family . Nothing bad , just sad. Had double deaths of family members . Been very hard , being away from my family , not able to go up.
    Have a wonderful day . Love yo

  4. Glad you’re keepin the faith mama. I’ve had some tough times lately and He was with me all the way. Satan ain’t taken away my shine!

  5. Words of wisdom so true. We know that Satan will strike when our walls are down. When rejoice on victory he sneaks in. When we celebrate a event before and after. We must stay diligent in our faith. And pray for strength to keep strong o. The glorious path to our father. Momma it’s a true blessing we receive from you. Love you and your books. Lean on us we are your warriors.

  6. We are surrounded by evil. It’s everywhere and unfortunately we cannot get away from it. We all sin but if you have faith in the Lord you have a conscience that whispers in your ear telling you not to fall prey to the wickedness. It’s so hard to stand strong but we have to. Evil is everywhere and there is so much accepted in our world today that you just have to know that God is heartbroken. Just keep the faith and when you struggle turn your eyes to God. He knows our hearts. You just cannot let the wicked get you down or they win. Satan will look for any way to get at us and you know that according to prophecy that the anti Christ will be charismatic and will be a master deceiver and manipulator. Evil a lot of the time looks pretty and tempting but we can’t let ourselves be fooled. Don’t worry about sparing feelings of those that cause you pain because those people aren’t worried about how their words and actions affect you. Stay strong and know that you have alot of support.

  7. My mother use to tell us the ones who smile in your face is not always your friend Jordan and the older you get the wiser you become to discern it . The devil knows the bible better than a Christian so there is design in your post today, just pay attention to it. Don’t wish them evil because that makes you worst that them. Pray for them still and wait that mountain move out of your way.

  8. Agreed. Gotta remember this is the devil’s playground, thats why they are so darn loud, though the Father is present to cover and protect His children, we still have to be around them. Love the comment on caterpillars. Got a good laugh at the way you phrased it. Be encouraged. I really appreciate that you don’t hesitate to speak encouragement in times of turmoil and boldly proclaim where our help comes from. Most people don’t do that or will give vague references to a source of help to not offend others. On that note, I’m getting my butt off here so you can get back to writing, a minute reading this is a minute longer I’m waiting on getting another great book.☺

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