Erotic literature and the believer

I want to thank each and every one of you for your answers to the question, Is reading or writing explicit sex a sin. I’ve read all the replies and got some much needed support. I wanted to ask that question not only for myself, but for any of you who might be struggling with the same. I’ve given it some thought and keep in mind this is just my personal opinion and in no way meant to influence anyone. If it helps put your mind at ease then I’m glad but you do not have to follow my example. After thinking about this for the past week or so, I have come to the realization that I have been reading romance since the age of 12 and I have never once fantasized about having sex with the male lead. Half the time I don’t even remember what they looked like on the cover. I was reminded that what I got out of reading, what I sought, was the connection between two people from beginning to end of thier love story. I loved reading about the triumph of love over all obstacles. Now yes I’m a freak, I love sex scenes, but I see sex as an expression of the love between the characters. I know that sex in itself is not the dark evil taboo it’s made out to be, I also believe it’s one of  the most beautiful things between human beings and I’m in love with that. I have a fascination with love and relationships and what better way to get my fix than to dive into a good book (unless I become a voyeur). I abhor the negativity in the world, I think all avid readers do and that is why we read to escape. We read for that glimpse of hope that yes, maybe this beautiful thing does exist. It’s weird to realize that all those times I skipped to the good parts, it wasn’t the actaul act of sex I was going after, but that ultimate bonding between a man and a woman that are so in love and express it through the act of making love. I also realized that I have gained lots of pleasure from reading, but in the over thirty years of doing it, I never once tried to reinact anything I read, well maybe except for a position or two over the years. I never confused my own reality with the story, just enjoyed that glow you get from a good happily ever after. If I give even half of what I got from my favorite authors to my readers, then that’s good enough for me. As for my Father, He’s not petty all I have to do is listen to Him and drown out men’s idealogies and hangups. Thanks again for listening and for being there when I needed you. You rock.

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15 thoughts on “Erotic literature and the believer

  1. YAY!! I think that after that ordeal, the best way for all of us to get over thinking you were retiring, is for you to release bad uncle early. So instead of the 21st, let its release date be the12th! PLEASE?!?! Pt

  2. Same with me. It was not always the sex. Even. Now it’s not just the sex scenes but the love the H and h have. And the babies.

  3. Thank you, you always speak such sense. I love your books, they have strong characters and gripping plots. You also capture that sense that although love can be many things to many people, at heart it’s about treating one another with respect, listening to one another and acknowledging that we won’t always want the same things at the same time. – I wouldn’t try to copy any of the more adventurous scenes either. My back is troublesome enough!

  4. Ma’am you scared me for a bit, thought you were gonna say you won’t write erotica no more.

  5. Great way to look at things Jordan…I love reading books and love the escape they give me in my daily life. Keep writing 🙂 your fans love ya !!!

  6. Just a little word about Eden High ( the last teaser) . This guy is in the # 1 spot with Lyon and Talon!!! Can’t choose between the three so don’t ask!!!! Hey Mama B what do ya think of reverse harem?!!! Any who, This series has some of the most exciting twists and turns. Loving every minute of every word.

  7. Loved the way you summed it up. Couldn’t agree more. I got scared for a second and thought you were going to say you were going to stop writing. Now that would be a sin. I think a great way to make up for the scare would be to release 2 books back to back. Lol

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