Coming SOON Bad Uncle

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40 thoughts on “Coming SOON Bad Uncle

  1. I just can not get enough of your books. You are such an amazing writer. Please keep doing what you do. I can’t wait for more. Thank you momma’s butterfly!!!!!

  2. Mama B … mancini was awesome , brilliant. Im in love with hank
    now for BAD UNCLE….
    cant wait cant wait cant wait…….. …:)
    Im always waiting for your next book. Your books helps me relax and wonder in a fantasy world.
    Thank you ♥♥

  3. I love all your books and it makes me very sad that I can read them faster than you can write them…LOL.. I rarely stick with just one author as I lose interest between one book or the other, especially sequels, but I ABSOLUTELY check your site everyday to see if I have missed something.. keep them coming.

  4. As always you put out another amazing book. Looking forward to Bad Uncle. You always take me to a HAPPY PLACE…..oops wet panties!!

  5. Can not wait. Just finished Mancini the other day Love him so hope there will be a next one for him confused who I love best him or colton. Love all your books Mama

      1. Miss silver I’m new too this commenting thing but i have to tell you I love all of your books. Your books always put me in a good place they are always a great escape for me. Thank you

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