Coming SOON Bad Uncle

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40 thoughts on “Coming SOON Bad Uncle

  1. I just can not get enough of your books. You are such an amazing writer. Please keep doing what you do. I can’t wait for more. Thank you momma’s butterfly!!!!!

  2. Mama B … mancini was awesome , brilliant. Im in love with hank
    now for BAD UNCLE….
    cant wait cant wait cant wait…….. …:)
    Im always waiting for your next book. Your books helps me relax and wonder in a fantasy world.
    Thank you ♥♥

  3. I love all your books and it makes me very sad that I can read them faster than you can write them…LOL.. I rarely stick with just one author as I lose interest between one book or the other, especially sequels, but I ABSOLUTELY check your site everyday to see if I have missed something.. keep them coming.

  4. As always you put out another amazing book. Looking forward to Bad Uncle. You always take me to a HAPPY PLACE…..oops wet panties!!

  5. Thank you Jordan giving me something great in my week from hell!!! Mancini all the way can’t wait for Lyons next book not to mention some bad ass seal action!!!

  6. Miss silver I’m new too this commenting thing but i have to tell you I love all of your books. Your books always put me in a good place they are always a great escape for me. Thank you

  7. Yea! I am ready and waiting. LOVED Mancini’s Way book 2, awesome read and well worth the wait.

  8. Can not wait. Just finished Mancini the other day Love him so hope there will be a next one for him confused who I love best him or colton. Love all your books Mama

  9. Thank you Jace & Track withdrawal too greedy? But seriously thanks for continuing to publish we love you

  10. YES! Finished the other way to quickly. This one can’t come fast enough. Lol love it!

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