A butterfly’s wing

Hello butterflies, do not mean to be a bother. There’s a butterfly whose husband has been battling cancer for the past couple years, today he’s not doing so well. They say maybe days maybe hours. I’m asking you to pray for Tommy if you’re so inclined and hopefully the Father will hear us and step in. Stay blessed, I’m always thinking of you


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30 thoughts on “A butterfly’s wing

  1. I pray that our loving Father will reach out to Tommy and his family at this painful time and surround them with his comfort and peace. Whatever the outcome, may God grant them the strength and courage that they need at this harrowing time.l

  2. Heavenly Father keep Tommy and her lovely butterfly in loving arms. Hold them them close and let them you are always with them.

  3. My prayers and heartfelt love is with their family. Blessings to his family and strength in this time.

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