How many of you are really reading with all the fuckery that’s going on? I know some of you are as affected as I am, if not for myself, then for friends. I feel almost predatory releasing anything in this atmosphere. My heart hurts because I know that most of my readers are like me, we feel every fucking thing that goes on around us. Please help me to make this decision.

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119 thoughts on “Question

  1. I love to read and always have your books on my iPad. I refuse to listen to haters and will read whatever I want for my own enjoyment. Keep writing and giving us all the escape from reality we all need and deserve.

  2. I need your books like I need air. I don’t have an alpha guy except for the ones you created. They are my peace in a bs world.

  3. I read every day to forget about all the bs going on in the world. It’s my escape. I’ve reread your books so many times but still enjoy them like the first time. I think the inner me has always hungered for one of your men. When we don’t have that we need to sink into the next best thing. That’s why I love your books so much.
    Please never stop writing. I need your books like air.

  4. Hi there. Like you said, this world is too much these days. All of us are troubled and are desperately coping with the all the things happening. I need your books to leave all the stress and worries and evils behind. It is traumatic and I need something that will help me rekindle my joy of life. So I read. A lot. There are times when I am too down even to read a new book. Then, I will open one of my favourite books of yours and I am zen. You are needed and much appreciated than you know. Please write more!

  5. Reading is not only an escape from my problems but sometimes it is the only thing that can make you happy. When you find an author who you love to read and you find out there is a new release the excitement grows, and it give you something to look forward to and sometimes that’s all some of us has. I understand like me your other readers put a great demand on you for the next book , but keep in mind that reading your books are what keeps us happy. So Thank you for giving me something to look forward to and to be happy while reading your latest release.

  6. Like everyond else here, I love your books. The world is often a terrifying place and it seems to be going through a time of crisis at present. Us ‘ordinary’ people feel powerless in the face of the stupidity and posturing of the powerful. We have to find ways of coping and reading is certainly one of mine. Please don’t dispair.

  7. With all the negativity going on and people just hating on each other, it’s nice to escape and find a place where people love each other and make each other smile!!

  8. Don’t give up writing!! your books help me to escape from the problems I have if only for a little while and they bring me solace so don’t give up cuz of assholes who have nothing else better to do than start shit!!!!!!!!

  9. I read to escape. With all my health issues, reading helps me. I read all your books. Please do not stop writing because of stupid, ignorant people. I am one of your butterflies and am proud to be one. You are an awesome writer. I respect you so much. I love you Mama Jordan.

  10. Good morning Mama B. First all I miss you. And your sense of humur I feel extremely sad with everything thats being going on . There is a lot of darkness in this world but there is also. A lot of good. People like you who God has giving a beautiful gift to share with others and bring light to their lives with laughter , happiness and hope .
    Did you know everyday I check my kindle and your site to make sure I don’t miss a release date and it’s just not me many butterflies also feel the same way . Please don’t stop writting.

  11. Your writing is a wonderful distraction to all going on and would be devoured by us all!! Please don’t stop!!

  12. Yes we all feel whats going on but we find solace in reading and escaping this fuckery even for a little while so please dont stop. Love your work!!

  13. As everyone said, reading is an escape. It is almost more than that. It provides an opportunity for increased learning, hope and empowerment.

    It reminds us to stop seeing the world through negative lenses all the time. There is some good out there. (Hope)

    I saw a movie that referred to imagination as a super power. I immediately thought how true. And imagine if you could turn ones imagination to reality? (Empowerment)

  14. I am/would be lost without my books. They are my sanctuary. You have a lifelong friend in me. Please don’t stop writing. Kindest regards.

  15. I think that reading books becomes ESPECIALLY important during times of trouble. It is the release, hope and justification in life and humanity that stories give to us that reinforces and feeds us. Stories are reminders to us that we are not alone, even if it seems that way at times…that there are many things that make us truly beautiful in the humanity we embrace. It is when we give in to the darkness that we in essence lose what it is to be human…courage is not the act of physically doing something, it is the act of embracing life in all it’s forms and strengthening our purpose for the betterment of humanity. Stories do this for us on so many levels….to give up is to die, not fly like the butterflies we all are.

  16. We can’t let the fuckery win. Concentrate on the good things:Faith, family, friends and books. All things will pass and you must have faith in the final justice of the Creator. Meanwhile read to escape, cuddle your loved ones and be thankful you are (hopefully) safe and warm. Books are for the mind like hot fudge is for the tongue. Please write more for us to enjoy.

  17. I read to forget all the crap going on. I will always read anything you put…you are my great escape!!

  18. I try to read something every day because it helps me to de-stress. It’s a form of escape and you know the ending will be a happy one.

  19. I read to escape all the crap as well as for pleasure. I love your books. Let all your fans’ words lift you up and encourage you to keep writing. You bring enjoyment to so many.

  20. Sometimes I wonder if you realize how much your words mean to us. This morning I actually told my husband he was touched before I came along and he never realized it. Then I broke out laughing because it’s from you. So then I had to reread the book because, well DUH, Of Course!
    Had a fight with someone who actually thought she was a friend, and her behaviors are crazy. Told her husband to get her some help, her family failed her.
    Your words give us backbones and we don’t feel so alone. Ok, at least for me you do. I remember to be bolder, and to hold on that this world is only outside my 4 walls and I always have my bed and kindle waiting.

  21. I read to escape from the absolute fuckery that I read, hear and view on tv, online news and people. It helps to balance my mind. I enjoy your books immensely and look forward for those that are upcoming, and re-read my favs (Mouth) during dry-spells (when you do not spew them out fast enough). Keep them rolling – there are many of us who appreciate you and the world you create which we step into for a few hours.

  22. Please don’t stop. This world of adventure is a means of escape for many of us. With all the fuckery we have going on, giving us a world to imagine and escape and feel is utterly important. Please. Don’t stop.

  23. Without books the world is MUCH worse than it already is. Books brighten up my world – they make me forget that my son has a dangerous job working with explosives, that my 19 year old daughter lives by herself near LA, and that my husband lives 2000 miles away from me, that too many people prayed for rain and now here in california we have to take our children to school in a canoe.
    Please don’t stop writing. Some days a good book is all that stands between me and a padded cell.

  24. I feel like reading something wonderful is a way to keep up morale in tough times. Although we have to deal with life, it’s nice to have a little escape so please don’t feel bad about providing great stories that bring us some down time. And your stories are all about the HEA which brings hope and happiness to all of us. I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t think anyone would fault you for releasing your books. It is your career and we all have to make a living even when life is hard. All that said, you should do what feels right to you. We will still love you and will be waiting for the next release. If I’m being honest, as soon as you put out a new book, I buy it, read it and immediately become rabid for the next one. I don’t think we’ll ever get enough. Hugs. =)

  25. My 3 year old is terminal, reading helps me escape when I need one. Everyday I try and remember how blessed I have been with the time I have had with her versus the time I’m going to loose.

  26. If I did not have something to read, I’d go crazy. Reading is my “ME” time. You keep writing, I’ll keep reading!

  27. Because of what is going on, it now more than ever important for you to continue to write. Reading is an escape . A away to immerse in the story, and forget about how crazy this world has truly become.

  28. I lost my only child (daughter) to cancer in October reading is my escape from all the sorrow.Please keep them coming so I can loose myself in your writing.God Bless

  29. Please don’t stop writing and releasing your stories. I read to escape all the stupidity of the real world.

  30. We all need an escape and reading is mine…. I love your books and will appreciate any releases……Specially through these times, not having a good new year and gonna have to decide to do some real life changes in June….Waiting for my babies one to graduate HS and decide which college and the other to finish her Jr year in College and devide what are her plans for the summer. Hopefully Summertime will start my changes for the better… Love your books!!! We are your faithful readers always…

  31. I have what you call anxiety disorder and my thoughts are pretty much negative and trying my best to cope with life. My escape from thinking are my books. You Jordan are one of my favorite story teller and can reread you books often. And you.make everyone happy with your stories especially me!

  32. I read to escape the “real” world. I depend on your books and others like yours to take me away for a little while. In your books I know that the bad guy will always get what they deserve and the good guy gets the girl and always wins.

  33. I am pretty sure Jordan is referring to all the hate and anger and fear that has been going on because of the new political administration that has fell on the United States. It is a fear that, unfortunately, there is no easy answer for.

  34. I think you are an amazing writer and someone special in the world! I have never spoken to you or have ever met you! Just having the ability and creativity to write story of know matter what kind and to think it all up or even if some aspects are true is true. You touch, give hope, make people not feel alone, and just too feel different, by you just being you and everything you are…you give that every time!! I love reading your stories for many reason…to escape life, to inspire myself, when i feel lonely, to need a good laugh, and to just to feel different in the world. Its hard like you said to not get down because you are a feeling person and well hells let’s throw it out there human lol. Keep true to yourself and stay positive and if you have get down…well, post what you feel because We All habe YOUR back!!

  35. This is exactly how I feel! Couldn’t have said it better myself. There is so much going on in the world it could make someone go crazy. Having a healthy outlet or sort of escape such as reading I think is healthy. You (JS) and other great Authors are my meditation. Gives me something to look forward to. Much love and peace to you.

  36. I have most of your books. Love them all there are several that I have read several times and will read again in the future. What is going on. Just know those whom love you and follow you are the ones
    who count not someone who wants to put you down to hurt you. You write for your and our enjoyment. Hang in there God gives us trials to make you stronger,just lean on us for support.

  37. I don’t watch tv. I am not on social media. I work take care of my family an read. If I didn’t have reading I would have been committed a LONG time ago.

  38. Please don’t stop publishing your stories. I honestly check several times a day to see if you have anything new out. There is a lot of fuckery in the world right now and seriously your books take me/us outta that for a while and that really makes a huge difference to me. I actually believe what you are doing Is awesome and beautiful. Your books have got me thru some horrible times and it means the world to me. Thank you

  39. Reading is still an escape for me. I try and stay away from all the negativity that is out there. Your words always help me stay in a good place. I will patiently await your next book. Sending Love and Positivity your way.

  40. Honestly I can’t wrap my mind around what’s going on in this country. I don’t really watch TV anymore. When I am home I either read or play games on Xbox one.

  41. I read to escape the drama of real life and because I love to read. I remember my mom taking me with her to the book store when I was five and I’ve been hooked on reading ever since (I’m now 42).

  42. Honestly Jordan I read your posts & teasers here about your books & I read your books & other then that I need to stay away from negative stuff this time of the year. The end of January & Febuary are not good months for me & I really don’t need this that will bring me down more or get me more aggravated.
    Jordan I hope this year is an amazing year for you & all your readers, that only good things happen for you & absolutely little to no aggravation.

  43. Like most have already said, I read to escape!! I love your books and eagerly look forward
    To reading them as soon as they come out

  44. I don’t see the negativity, don’t understand why there’s any. I joined cos I love reading your stories. Your one of the first authors I read and the only group I’ve joined. I look forward to the next book n the next in a series. Isn’t this what this group supposed to be about? Like minded people who enjoy your books?

  45. I read to escape all the crap that is going on lately, sometimes i just stay off social media cause it just pisses me off….. I re-read all your books all the time… love every single one of them..Please keep writing Love you

  46. Your books bring light to a dismal day sometimes that time to escape out of your head and a break from the fuckery in youregards life can for a better day. So please continue to share your talent.

  47. I’m reading c I n Stanly to keep away from all of the negativity. As a matter of fact, I just read a Jordan silver marathon because I needed the destraction. I read your work all the time, over and over. By the way, Caleb McNamara is the best book boyfriend ever, followed closely by Talon Avery and Shane Flannigan. Love you, and please keep writing. It helps!

  48. I read all of the time whether it is to escape or for pleasure. It is my ultimate hobby. I’ve even started beta reading for a couple of authors and now sit on my library board to help promote my library.

    Please continue writing. I have only just found you a few months ago and have been avidly reading trying to catch up on all of the wonderful books you write. I am in awe of how you can write in all the different genre’s. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. It was be a terrible shame for one so talented to let hate dictate your passion.

  49. I don’t listen to the fuckery, I read your books to keep me sane, please don’t give up, coz I need loads more of your books, waiting patiently for next release x

  50. I love reading, it’s my escape from the world. Please keep writing. This is my vice and what I spend what little extra money I have on.

  51. I totally understand why what’s happening now is upsetting. I love Love LOVE your books and re-read them all the time. I search for a new book from you every time I finish my current batch of books. Please don’t give up!

  52. I agree with everyone else….. you have a talent and a passion that makes your books come to life!! You are one of the authors that I one click even if I don’t have a blurb on the book…. I know you wrote it, i will like it!!! Follow your path and go where your heart and your muse takes you. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!!!!

  53. I read several books a week because television is too boring. I can’t do all the reality television shows out there. I also don’t care for the sitcoms today. I can control what I let into my world. Do I was to read sci-fi, dark romance etc I decide.
    With everything going on, things well be fine. The world will keep spinning. Older enough to know it.

  54. I read everyday even if it is only for a few minutes. I work a full time job and I am in graduate school so my time can be limited. I enjoy your books because they make me laugh and take me away from the stresses of my day.

  55. I personally feel like we are having so many inalienable rights being compromised that we shouldn’t give in to anything that will take away more. I read for enjoyment. All kinds of books and love your books. I think you should continue to write in the style you want.
    Also I would like to say I have enjoyed seeing your journey as a writer. Every book is better then the last.

  56. I’m always reading a book, but, tbh it always takes me longer to read and get into a story. I feel like your books have something about them that I am greedy for and can’t put down. I haven’t found that with any other authors. Keep doing you GALFRIEND!

  57. At the risk of sounding like a totally greedy asshole, we need you and your writing. Sometimes its the only thing that keeps me sane.

  58. I love your books. I think you give us something no other author does. Please don’t doing something you love because some people have a problem with it. It would be sad. If you aren’t happy writing because you don’t enjoy writing then we will understand. But there will always be someone that will cause you grief or criticize you. Dont give up on writing because of them. They Win if you give up and please don’t give them that satisfaction!

  59. Your writing is maybe if not my favorite, one of my favorite forms of escapism…. Please don’t let all the negativity stop you from doing what you enjoy and we look forward to each time you let us know you’re ready for us to view the people residing in your head

  60. I’m still reading even if my world is coming down on me this is the only relief I have so I wouldn’t go down with it so please Mama Butterfly don’t you ever stop writing my escape

  61. Truth? I’ve been reading anywhere from 2-5 books every day since I was 12. I started out with some classic clean romances and as I turned into a grown up switched to “erotica”. When I was in high school I was bullied, I read to escape that. Then due to being bullied because I was “fat” (I was a size 6) I developed an eating disorder and started cutting myself (this was back before emo was a thing, I did it because it gave me a physical release for emotions I had to hide from everyone) and reading made me feel “normal” and got me through several hospital stays (since my body was struggling to stay alive it couldn’t fight off things like spinal meningitis). Then I got over my teenage issues for the most part and got married and had a son. When my husband was out carousing at bars for new women and I was stuck at home with a colicky screaming baby…I read so I didn’t go insane or give into the depression that was dragging at me telling me everyone would be better off if I wasn’t around anymore. Now I’m a single mom (got rid of the husband, got a job and learned how to drive since he wouldn’t let me do either of those things) and now I read to escape the stress of raising a preteen boy on my own. I read to smile when I want to cry, I read to dream of someday finding someone who can be there to support me (not financially but emotionally a hugs nice once in a while) someone to help me teach my son not to be a man like his father (my son hasn’t seen his father or even heard from him in years) I have very few friends due to working 60 hours a week to try to give my son the life he deserves and reading gives me those friends when I’m lonely even if it’s only in my crazy head for a couple hours. Never feel like what you do isn’t important because as dumb as it sounds reading has literally saved my life when I was thinking it wasn’t worth it to live. It gave me a distraction from the cesspool of depression I was spiraling into. Reading has been one of the most important things I do for the last 32 years. I have thousands of ebooks and paperbacks and I think I read more than I speak to real people. What you provide is both a fantasy and an escape and it makes me feel horribly sad that you would doubt what you and your writing means to people.

  62. I have been absent from a lot of stuff since my mother-in-law passed away two weeks ago. I know that I have been reading and rereading my favorite authors. Mommas Butterfly included in that bunch. Keep up the work so that I can have more books in which to escape into.

  63. Only you can do what’s right for you.
    Life goes on it’s not always great but it still goes on. You can’t please everyone no matter what someone is not going to like what someone does.

  64. Reading is basically all we have left. There is no other way to escape. The world is a really scary place right now, reading is all we have. You are not being predatory, you are being a light at the end of a tunnel.

  65. Please. We love you and depend on you to bring us to a world we need. Now more than ever. Yes it is crazy what is going on in this world today, but if we don’t have something we can escape to, even for just a little while…we are doomed.

  66. I read to escape all the craziness that has consumed this world and look forward to my favorite authors releasing their books..

  67. I read to keep my sanity. In between 5 kids a husband 3 dogs I need some quiet. Everything going on in the world is still going to happen whether I have a book or not. The only thing I can control is how I react to it. I enjoy all your books n look forward to reading all you publish.

  68. I read to unwind and leave the stress of my classes behind. My poor brain can’t handle stupid and all my issues.

  69. I still read at least a book a day. I have pared down my Facebook friends list, turned off the TV and just relax and read. Please continue to write so us faithful readers can enjoy.

  70. It’s very true that with all that’s going on I am constantly upset and down. But, I find it’s during these times that I have to escape into a book now more than ever, so that for a little while I don’t feel that overwhelming dread that makes me sick to my stomache. Please keep going Jordan we need you now more than ever.

  71. Reading is my escape and more so now, I am reading . I especially your books Jordan and look forward to every book you put out. Your books are fabulous!

  72. I deal with death and life everyday. When I get home and on my off day all I want is to escape. I don’t want to do any deep thinking sh*t. All I want is a world were revenge is sweet and my hero know what he wants and gets it.

  73. I also read to escape all the crazy stuff going on out there…I like reading HEA stories and feel all is right with the world….

  74. You are our escape! But, you need to do what feels right for you. We all appreciate your work in times like these!! Guess what?!?! This too shall pass !!! Please don’t allow the bullies to rule !!!

  75. I’m from the UK so I’m not on the same page as most here, plus I usually avoid the news. Not because it doesn’t effect me, but because I’m too sensitive!
    I love reading because it gives me an escape from my day-to-day life which can be very hard with my disabled 9 year old. Thank You for your fantastic books xx

  76. Please don’t stop releasing books….. reading is an escape from all the ugliness that is going on in the world and all the drama that is our lives….I have mentioned before about my dad….. your books keep me going during the many hospital visits and waiting for new books from you is something to look forward to…… I have all of your books and re-read them all the time…. it would be extremely sad if you were to stop writing…. I feel like reading is a great escape from all the stressful events going on. Without you and other authors like you the world would be a much sadder place….. please keep doing what you do….. for myself and every other person who loves to read…

  77. I absolutely love your books. I have enough real life during real life. I look forward to your books and am waiting (not so patiently) for your next one.

  78. I don’t know what fukkery you are talking about..!?
    And I’ve read every one of your novels and waiting for the upcoming ones..!
    And if someone is in problem then I wish them good luck and Be safe..!! Bye

  79. Thank you! I thought that I was the only one confused. I don’t know what’s going on either, but I love to read and don’t see that ever changing!

  80. I read to escape, it doesn’t mean that I’m not aware of what’s going on, nor that I’m not active in my community. Stay strong, stay vocal!

  81. It’s a scary time right now and I pray EVERY night that we keep coming together and making progress instead of the fuckery that’s almost in the making. You are definitely not the only one who’s stressing over it. I’ve never been stressed like this before but I try to keep positive and your books definitely help me keep my mind off of it. Hopefully things will work out for the best shortly. I definitely hope we continue to come together. Don’t know about anyone else but I’m definitely looking forward to more of your books and blogs. We need the time out from reality that your books bring.

  82. I read all the time it is my escape. There is so much drama out there that it’s the only time that I can find my happy place sometimes. It relaxes me and just brings my anxiety down. reading to me is away to get away from the drama and ever day life. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t read.

  83. I’m with all the rest. Reading is an escape from all the fuckery and if be disappointed if my favorite authors didn’t provide me that release. Please give us the goodies!!!

  84. Now more than ever do we need to exercise our freedom. I love reading. It’s what makes me happy. I refuse to allow others to tread on my beliefs. We have to rise up and continue to be diligent in doing what brings us and other happiness. Love, tolerance, and helping others is what will get us through the next four years.

  85. I think this is the time I need my favorite authors more than ever! I use romance to escape. To numb the pain. I write it for the same reasons. Please continue to write Jordan. We need you now more than ever!!!

  86. I must be missing something , What fuckery are you referring to? I just re read your books over and over til a new one comes out. It’s my addiction. Don’t stop writing. I would be fucked

  87. I think I am reading more because I want to not to think about what is going on. Every day there’s just something new with his stupidity and it just drives me crazy that I feel better just escaping into a book.

  88. Hi Jordan
    I read to escape for while. Let mind go to different place and time. Helps me to relax when I am hurting.
    I deal with high pain everyday. Pain on 8-10+ depending on migraine or fibromyalgia, few others.

    And I love to read. Always looking forward to reading more from you. I think you are amazing author/writer

    Have Blessed Day

  89. I dont read as much as I use to. There are so many I won’t read some authors anymore because of all the drama. And I’m not on Facebook much either. Not at all on weekends. But I stalk your releases Jordan. I love your books. Can’t wait for the next one.

  90. I read to clear my head and enjoy having something to look forward to…the anticipation of a new book helps to put the ugliness of life off for another day…:)

  91. If you feel everything wouldn’t you want to escape for a little while. Well that’s what reading does and your books are like taking a 3 day vacation. So I say do what you think is best for you but if you’re thinking of the readers, know that we always want a Jordan Silver book no matter what’s happening in the world because it’s our great escape.

  92. I read to escape and your work has help me from going crazy with all the negativity going on in the world. Please please don’t punish us by leaving us to deal!!!

  93. Yes I read it’s a great way to escape all the bad stuff going on. I can only take so much before I need happily ever afters.

  94. I’m reading to get away from all the crap surrounding me and involving me! I need the escape or I’d up in prison orange and that’s just not my color

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