Question…What would your alpha male do?

I’m no doctor and I sure as fuck never did this before, yet somehow I knew that her heart was sick and I’d done that. I was the reason for her tears and that broken look in her eyes. How do I fix this? How do I make it right? Words didn’t seem to cut it. I had a fuck load of groveling to do. Not my style.


PS. The story is already written, just wanted to start a dialogue because i know some think my alphas are too much

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56 thoughts on “Question…What would your alpha male do?

  1. I do agree with this. I’ve tried to find similar authors and just can’t…they all seem to write men that just don’t actually feel masculine. It’s like they have to bend over backwards to uphold certain unwritten rules I.e. Show the reader that the h has a full time job, that she can sleep around too, that he cares for her more than she does him…ugh. Some of those books can be so exhausting.

  2. The only thing that irks me about your books is that the h forgives their alpha jerks so easily. Maybe someday you could write the h shooting the H in the ass before she forgives him. Now that I would pay to read . Always love your books though .

  3. In case you haven’t noticed, and obviously you haven’t or we wouldn’t be discussing this, you’re over the top alphas are your calling card. I started reading you and didn’t like exactly one of your books, out of all the ones I read. One. True I haven’t read them all but I’ve read most of them. And the reason had nothing to do with you alpha males. I actually look at the amazons recs trying to find another author with your same brand of Alpha. None come close. Stay true to you and forget everyone else.

  4. Just read a book by a favorite author that has supposedly alpha males in her stories. This latest book was crap. The guy was disgusting. Cheating, deliberately hurting the h to protect himself, more cheating, casual cheating, pointedly cheating with someone who had a fiancée and he couldn’t care less about her except as a way to get off. Because of his very sexual nature. Crap! Your alphas are forceful because they are committed and protective. And if they do something wrong they own up to it. And make it right. Your heroes and heroines don’t just sweep things under the rug and say oh well, love makes it alright I took a crap on you. So that kind of alpha – bad. Yours – forever.

  5. I love all the alphas that you write about and one of the reasons for that is that for all their alpha behaviors, they have a true, soft spot for their loves. In my opinion, that makes them stronger and even more appealing! It sounds like a great story!

  6. Sometimes your alphas seem overwhelming at first…… but there is something about them – and with your writing ability – that by the end of the story they have redeemed themselves and make me love them.

  7. I absolutely love all your alphas. I can’t even pick just one. I thank you from the bottom of my heart your books have given me back my sanity and allowed me to get through some difficult times.

  8. The mine is so sure about stay with me, I hate lost the time with childs just because i don’t want stay alone. Second, that he really love me most that whatever relationship before of me, and that he don’t have sons. Not because it is wrong. Is because I not so good with little child, more when I not have childs and for I can be start to have pacien with they, I need to have mine, I think.

  9. I like your version of the alpha male. Im tired of politically correct. Continue to do your thing its what sets you apart.

  10. I love your alphas especially when their stubbornness is out of concern for the women they love. Talon for example. I don’t particularly care for when they use a belt on their women but a good spanking with the palm of their Hamden is sexy to me. But, I really dislike when characters are verbally abusive and then wonder why the H/h wants nothing to do with them. But either way I enjoy your books and love your stories.

  11. I love your alpha men, partly because I’ve never met one in real life! For me, reading about them is a delicious fantasy. The strong, assertive men I’ve met have been self-absorbed and narcissistic. Your alphas have a soft centre (sometimes well hidden) and would do anything for their women and children. Please don’t change!

  12. Depends on what he said and did, but love your Alphas and how they go about redeeming themselves when they messed up.

  13. My alpha would take her to a secluded island , grovel hiss ass off and fuck the hurt out of her!!! As only you can write.Wish I could meet one of your Alpha males

  14. Love all of your Alphas… can’t wait for this one… its my Birthday in 10 days, would be an awesome early birthday present.

  15. Make the grand gesture . But it has to show that he was paying attention and it’s something she maybe didn’t think she deserves …work on getting ther girls in on it. When she is softening just make it known that there is no end to this and she may as well quit acting like it’s over when he’s never going to leave her. Done deal … on the real I LOVE your firecracker brave independent women and the men who although they want dominance respect that their crazy is probably why he’s hooked on her! Your books are my escape never stop!

  16. The ALPHA male is an amazing male. And groveling is truly not there strong suit. My own male very seldom says the word sorry….but he makes me feel it with every look ….caress of his hands…the touch of lips on my skin. I am not talking about about an orgasm either. It’s the way he talks to you with out ever saying a word. This ALPHA male knows his women in side and out and how to fix what he FUCKED UP! They are just who they are and when they love a woman they make sure she knows how much she is loved.

    Does this make sense?

  17. I like it, it’s something different. An Alpha that hurt his girl so bad that hes man enough to fix what he broke. Its a nice change something thats could be more realistic. Oh but don’t get me wrong I still love your Alphas. I’m waiting patiently for another Seal book.

  18. I love your alphas and would hate it if you changed a thing. While I have been waiting…patently, yeah we will go with thatn I have been re-reading the Lyon series and Mancini’s Way and love them even more the third or fourth time around. Love your work and waiting for new reads.

  19. DO. NOT. CHANGE. YOUR. ALPHA. MALES. There are some parts of a story that may not be to my taste (ahem..choke choke) but the overall alphaness of the men is probably my fave.I still go back and read Connor’s thoughts on how women nowadays don’t expect the right things from a man.

    I can’t answer your question because I don’t know the situation?

  20. Actions speak louder than words. He’d take control and SHOW her how he felt about her. Yummy.

  21. I love your Alpha Males? Only question I have is where can I find one of my own?
    I can’t wait for another Mama Butterfly book!

  22. Your alphas are just right. They don’t take any mess. They don’t bend. They are protective. But I love that when they mess up, they admit it and fix it. And oh how I love when they fix it. Sexy as all get out. I can’t wait till this book comes out Please, Pretty Please let this book be coming out tomorrow!!!!

  23. love your alpha males and they’re your alpha males to write. They take you wherever the story leads you but it can be a nice surprise when they show that little chink in their armor of vulnerability towards how they react to the heroine and are unsure of how to proceed then again sometimes the story doesn’t call for that and the story is perfect with the with the man being OTP Alpha male. Either way I’m perfectly content and extremely satisfied with your stories and always can’t wait for the next one to be released 🙂

  24. Your alphas are fantastic!! Keep em comin!! I can’t wait for new stuff…..also still hoping for more Eden soon too!!!!

  25. May not be his style but for his lady all bets are off. Mancini would pull her close and show her his sincerity. Explain and apology, like only an Alpha can, by showing her how much he loves her and that he will take care of her and everything else. He knows he put her reputation and job in jeoparday, maybe causing her peers to doubt her ability. No one will put his lady down, so he will come to her aid with word and deed.

  26. I just think that you are amazing, if you don’t past the line with your mens, you would not have had all the success that you have. Your way of write is fine. Otherwise I would get boring and I would not read your books.

  27. Alpha’s demand and Camand ..but sometimes a little soft is nice. But it is your story tell it your way.

  28. Damn! Depends on what he did…none of that groveling though. Actions speak far better than words sometimes, more like Colton and Jake… Speaking of Colton, I need me some more of him lol…was just reading that story again!! Definitely my book boyfriend.

  29. alphas don’t grovel, they declare the h will forgive them eventually, then chip away at the h’s hurt feelings with big and small gestures until she finally forgives him; she can’t forgive too easily; the chase is half the fun; the other half of the fun is making up over and over again

  30. Oh Ms. Jordan please you tell the story like only you can do. It’s your story I like to read, your imagination that keeps me coming back and this little snippet is everything. Can’t wait!

  31. GROVEL but alpha like. Lol what I mean is make it impressive but there is nothing like “I NEVER WANT TO LOSE YOU” or ” I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU REASON TO CRY JUST LET ME HELP YOU and I NEED TO STOP YOU FROM HURTING” type of thing!? I don’t know those lines always get me.

  32. Take her and keep her isolated for a determined amount of time. Show her you changed and do it Alpha Style!

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