Pissed off

OK, just read a story that pissed me off. I won’t get into the story but I will say this. If you have an autistic child and you treat that child as if he or she is something to be ashamed of, you’re a fucking monster. If you threaten people for speaking the truth about your child’s condition it means you’re ashamed of your child and wish to hide. That blessed child does not need the likes of you to shun or shut him or her away from the world. You are the monstrous skank that should hide in shame. Leave these babies alone trust me they’re worth more than you and they don’t need you pitying them or hiding them away in shame, fucking demons. Rant over…

Now to those of you who have sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and whoever else in your family that are autistic and treat them like the amazing beings they are, thank you for not being fuck stupid.

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30 thoughts on “Pissed off

  1. The Gambler is one of my Favorite romance novels of all time and I have been reading for over 35yrs…Being the mother of a 10yr old Autistic Child, makes me proud. My child went through hell his first year in school because of a teacher that didn’t understand. I fought back and lets just say that the school now treats him like all children deserve to be treated. What I wish people could understand is that Autistic children are some of the most brillant minds out there. If we look thoughout history we will find that some of the Brightest minds were Autistic. And its my belief that this is our next step in Evolution. But as a society and throught out history we find that we tend to condemn that which we do not understand, instead of embracing it and seeing where it goes. Just look at Stephen WIltshire and what he can do and then tell me that Austism is something we should hide under the table. My son has a photographic memory, he learned to read only a couple of years ago, but now his reading is two years ahead of his peers. He can read and understand a story, but can’t summarize it…however he can read it back to you verbatim. At 6yrs old he was learning to spell the word knife and he said to me Mom, why do they have to make it hard for kids to learn to spell words, if the letter is silent why don’t they just put a sign over it so kids will know not to make the sound for it. After watching Noah’s Ark, at 8yrs old, he asked me this question “Mom, I don’t understand, if everything that survived was in the Ark, then what happened to all the Fishes.”…still working on an answer…lol.

    Ms. Silver, I just want to let you know that I just discovered your books about a couple of weeks ago, so far, I have read over 15 and counting (just finished the Lyons Book 1-5). Your books have kept me up until 2-3am cause I just can’t put them down. Thank you very much.