Pissed off

OK, just read a story that pissed me off. I won’t get into the story but I will say this. If you have an autistic child and you treat that child as if he or she is something to be ashamed of, you’re a fucking monster. If you threaten people for speaking the truth about your child’s condition it means you’re ashamed of your child and wish to hide. That blessed child does not need the likes of you to shun or shut him or her away from the world. You are the monstrous skank that should hide in shame. Leave these babies alone trust me they’re worth more than you and they don’t need you pitying them or hiding them away in shame, fucking demons. Rant over…

Now to those of you who have sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and whoever else in your family that are autistic and treat them like the amazing beings they are, thank you for not being fuck stupid.

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30 thoughts on “Pissed off

  1. The Gambler is one of my Favorite romance novels of all time and I have been reading for over 35yrs…Being the mother of a 10yr old Autistic Child, makes me proud. My child went through hell his first year in school because of a teacher that didn’t understand. I fought back and lets just say that the school now treats him like all children deserve to be treated. What I wish people could understand is that Autistic children are some of the most brillant minds out there. If we look thoughout history we will find that some of the Brightest minds were Autistic. And its my belief that this is our next step in Evolution. But as a society and throught out history we find that we tend to condemn that which we do not understand, instead of embracing it and seeing where it goes. Just look at Stephen WIltshire and what he can do and then tell me that Austism is something we should hide under the table. My son has a photographic memory, he learned to read only a couple of years ago, but now his reading is two years ahead of his peers. He can read and understand a story, but can’t summarize it…however he can read it back to you verbatim. At 6yrs old he was learning to spell the word knife and he said to me Mom, why do they have to make it hard for kids to learn to spell words, if the letter is silent why don’t they just put a sign over it so kids will know not to make the sound for it. After watching Noah’s Ark, at 8yrs old, he asked me this question “Mom, I don’t understand, if everything that survived was in the Ark, then what happened to all the Fishes.”…still working on an answer…lol.

    Ms. Silver, I just want to let you know that I just discovered your books about a couple of weeks ago, so far, I have read over 15 and counting (just finished the Lyons Book 1-5). Your books have kept me up until 2-3am cause I just can’t put them down. Thank you very much.

  2. Sadly the foster care system wasn’t that great for children in the 80’s, I may not have had it great but an older boy with learning disabilities didn’t fare well. I did a google search a couple years back and asked our old foster brother (I ended up going to middle and high school with him so we’ve stayed in touch all these years) and found out my brother goes between being homeless and being in jail. At this point I wouldn’t have the slightest clue how I would get in touch with him

      1. So sorry about your brother ❤ Praying for him.

        Saddeneds me on how foster care is at times. If I was able (health wise ) I would love to be a Foster mom. I have always been like a second mom to few of my oldest son’s friends.
        Enjoyed being able to go on field trips with my kids.
        Hugs my friend

        I understood hun.

  3. I don’t know what to say to this one but I have 6 kids and 3 have learning difficulties.
    I don’t have an autistic child this is true, but I’m judged every time I enter a parent teacher conference.
    I’m a teacher myself and I understand the limitations of the classroom but when they accuse me of not doing enough for my kids because their home work isn’t always done.
    It hurts.
    My kids often cry and are unable to completely finish the task set aside as homework by these teachers.
    My kids don’t fit the cookie cutter shape of perfect kids and therefore are often set aside and overlooked.
    So this year I decided that I was done with this bullsh*t.
    No kid should be crying because they can’t do what is asked of them and I won’t be the person that causes them pain…. if this makes me a “failed mom” then I’m a complete failure. No matter what it seems in this life if you are different you are NOT WORTH IT.
    I CALL BULLSH*T on that.
    Every child is a gift and a blessing. Cherish them and they will be worthwhile human being.
    Sorry that was longer than I thought.
    Btw I Completely agree with you about this issue.

    1. I feel for you. Three of my four children are dyslexic, one severely so. It was hard for them at school because although they were intelligent, they couldn’t cope with the work required from them. Homework was always a nightmare. Of course dyslexia isn’t as severe a problem as many others, eventually many sufferers develop coping strategies but that doesn’t help the awful experiences many of them endure at school. When I asked for help for my eldest child, I was told that I must accept that she wasn’t very bright. When she was accepted for university a few years later, you can be sure that I made a point of telling that teacher so!

      1. I’m dyslexic myself and I wasn’t diagnosed until I was in grade 10. They said it would be manual labour for me I’m a teacher today and graduated from McGill with honors. Sincerely, I am so encouraged when people tell me about their kids making it post secondary with a learning difficulties.
        Thank you for sharing with me.
        Best of luck to you and your little darlings.

  4. It makes me so angry and sad when people expect children to conform to some idea of ‘normal’. Each child is a precious gift and should be loved and valued as the person they are.

  5. My beautiful son is autistic and I have nothing but love for my boy I couldn’t be prouder of him he has an amazing kindness in his heart and would do anything for anyone my heart breaks reading that a “parent” could think anything other than what a gift their child is shame on them xx

  6. I have twin nephews who are both autistic, one more severe than the other, but I must say that should anyone decide to attack or defame them in any way, the wrath of my family will ensure that that person(s) will definitely feel the unimaginable pain we will unleash. Personally, autistic individuals are just people who are even more special because they figured from the womb that they were smart enough to let the man upstairs know that they didn’t want to be put into the same class as us so-called normals seeing as how normals seem to produce assholes and monsters. In my opinion that just makes them smarter. I also have a dog who’s autistic as well and the same theory applies. They’re more empathetic, loving, understanding, intelligent and caring from personal experiences.

  7. I see the struggles my friends have with their wee ones. All the highs and lows they share with others like myself. I can’t imagine what these precious souls would do without the love and support of their families. Makes me so proud of their resilience and unconditional hearts. Shout out to all you amazing people who know a good thing when blessed with it ❤

  8. My son has Asperger’s Syndrome which is on the autism spectrum. Even though I tried to get him diagnosed at five, it didn’t happen until he was over eighteen. I have spent his entire life hearing other people’s opinion of how I needed to parent my child because he didn’t fit the “normal” rules of child behavior. I could give a giant rant of my own regarding people’s attitude toward autistic children. I can also give a first hand account of how a mother’s heart breaks when their child knows he isn’t the same and he struggles to fit in. He knows that people don’t “like” him because he’s different, i.e. socially awkward, and he struggles with depression, anger and low self esteem. No matter how many times I tell him how intelligent, talented or handsome he is, he thinks I say it because I have to since I’m his mother. He just wants to be loved, respected and accepted like everyone else. From this mom’s point of view, he has enough people against him, so I’m his one advocate who will always love him and always stand behind him no matter what. Shame on those parents who are ashamed of their autistic children.

  9. My son is on the spectrum. I love him with everything in me. There is nothing that angel does that I am ashamed of. Why people treat others the way they do I will never understan . That little boy is my life and I would never hide shun or treat him any differently than I do any other child. People who do such things enrage me to no end.

  10. Thank you for your passion! I am a proud mom of an autistic son and nothing pisses me off worse is when I see other parents embarrassied by there child’s condition. These children are pure angles and should be treated as such!

  11. Wow, i’m a medicine student, and really understand that those childs just are differents, they have a different way of learn your environment. Is so sad know that so many people push they away, even more his own family.

  12. It is a known fact that many autistic people are artistic geniuses and many have an affinity for music and math. I respect them and am humbled by anyone that has the daily care for a being that needs that much attention since I could barely seem to handle my two “normal” children when they were young. My hat goes off and my heart goes
    out to you.

  13. My grandson is autistic. I saw the symptoms early on, his mother didn’t want to even talk of the possibility. It was a couple of years before he was formally diagnosed, but, she still doesn’t want to accept what the doctors, more than one, has said. She doesn’t mistreat him, but, I feel by not accepting that he needs a bit more attention and help, that she isn’t helping him, and that is hurting him. Thank goodness his Dad makes sure he gets his therapy, medication, and the proper schooling that best benefits him. I am just afraid that the possibility of losing the special program he has at school will really set him back.

  14. My youngest daughter is autistic and she is the love of my life. So yeah, fuck whoever is ashamed of their own special child

    1. My son is autistic and I’m am so very proud of him! I’m the closest to him and turns to me because I’ve always told him from the moment he was born to now, 22 years later, it’s me and him. I’ve got his back and he’s got mine!

  15. I so agree! Just because a baby lives on different level of awareness than you or I that is a blessing an amazing gift to be cherished and loved never ever shamed or shunned.

  16. Amen. My youngest is Autistic and though he can be extremely difficult at time he is also an amazing human being. It’s takes a special kind of stupid to to mess with babies

  17. I agree,I am mother of a Fragile-X son. He is the light of my life. He has courage, sense of humor. Very smart, love going shopping, watching Wiggles, Disney channel.
    I have been strong supporter in making sure special needs kids and adults get treated right!
    Have a wonderful day Momma Butterfly
    Carol Chase

    1. My brother had fragile x. We didn’t get to spend much time together since we were both in foster care but we ended up in the same home for a couple of years. I was young but I remember loving him so very much and wanted yo spend all my time with him. At school they tried to keep us apart since he was in special education and I wasn’t but every recess I was over there. Now as an adult I think back and wonder WTF? Why would they try to keep the special ed kids separated from the rest of the population at school? How freaking terrible to treat them that way! They aren’t less than, they are just different.
      Anyway, I saw your post and wanted to share my little story with you.

      1. Thanks so much for sharing.
        My Jonathan is 22. He was in reg High School, was in special needs class. He was also in reg ed classes.
        He was in the Top 3 the whole high school class of 2015.
        Agree aquatic (fragile-X kids are very smart.
        Hope you are able to see your brother.
        If you ever want to talk I’m on Facebook and in Jordan group. nic is Carol Fibro Chase
        Thanks again for sharing. Hugs

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