Question for the butterflies

Hello butterflies. I’ve never really discussed my writing style because I don’t really have one. I’m all over the place. This is why some series take longer to finish than others, because if the characters aren’t talking I  don’t try to force them. But here is my question. Which Jordan Silver style do you perfer? In the beginning there were some who complained that they wanted the stories longer. I’m sorry to say that I used to take offense, only because I can only write what I feel and at the time I wasn’t into long drawn out drama. I’m a story teller after all, not a novelist. I have to apologize to those I found offense in, because now I find myself writing longer stories even when they start out as shorts. So tell me, which do you prefer and have you noticed any lag in my stories thus far. One of the things I hated as a reader was having to skip pages to get to the good parts. I don’t ever want to start doing that to you, so I’m all ears. Feel free to be as honest as you choose, but no disrespect please. There’s no room at this inn for negativity. In case you don’t get it, negativity is not saying you don’t like something, it’s the way in which it’s said.



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100 thoughts on “Question for the butterflies

    1. Hi, Jordan.

      I definitely prefer your longer stories, like Seal Seven. Also l love how Lyons and anarchist stories intertwine with this series and i can’t wait to see how it would progress next.

      For me, those extra layers of complexity add more enjoyments.

      At some point, i would love to hear each story about Lyon and Kat’s children as next generation falls in love and find their partners.

      I’ve read all your books currently on kindle. My least favorite character is Gabrielle from Logan so far. To me, she’s an air-headed bimbo only focused on having her big fancy wedding. I didn’t like the fact that she dragged pregnant Danni into physical harm and also little Susie into another trouble. And Logan didn’t do much to set her straight. He’s too soft on her and she never learns whats important. Hope she grows up to be an alpha female who would be worthy mate to Logan. Much prefer Vanessa from Zak.

      Thanks for writing wonderful stories and look forward to your next one!

  1. I have happily read all your books. Most several times, at this point I find myself going to your books and picking one out depending on my mood. I love that about your writing style… the fact that you are so versatile. Your books allow me to love different types of hero’s and heroine’s. You just keep writing the characters that come from your heart and mind and we will keep eating them up.

  2. It doesn’t matter to me if it is long or short I automatic get your books and I love your imagination Your books always grab my attention

  3. It matters not one iota to me if you write long or short. Your books are an automatic buy and read for me. I have most of them and read and re-read them often! Love your style(s)! It isn’t the style so much as the mind behind the stories! You have a great imagination and a great ability to translate that into book form! Not every writer can do that! You keep writing and i’ll keep buying and reading! Thank you so much!!

  4. A pox on people who criticize how long or short your books are! Or complain about the editing and misspellings. ; )
    You craft great stories. That’s why I keep coming back for more and why you clearly have a great fan base. A book can be 10 pages or a thousand pages long but if it doesn’t grab the reader, doesn’t make you absolutely believe in the characters and the choices they make, doesn’t make you cheer, cry, laugh, sigh, rage and swoon, who cares. Thank you, Jordan. Here’s to the next 100 books.

  5. I’m coming in late due to the weekend.. but here is what I can say. I have found myself picking some of your shorter books for when I have a small block of reading time, or longer ones for when I am ready for bed. Both styles have a place in my world. Since I have read your books more than once, I like that there is a mix of both. Half hour Dr appointments are no longer dragging due to booksnlike Brett, Man of Steel, Stryker, and even Rough Riders and nights I can not sleep I know I can pull out Illcit, or Talon, or jump back in with longer series like Lyon or your Seal Team and have comfort in a good series I can enjoy over and over. I’m also honest enough to say the only series I have not attached myself to is The Eden High series. I can’t even say why, just that they didn’t click with me. Yet I have read Illcit, Passion, Rebound and Talon 5+ times a piece.
    Keep listening to your heart Jordan, it’s working fine for us. Ok, we would love more but you can not force books like The Gambler on a time frame without losing some of the vital parts and emotions in the process. And know, The Gambler was art, pure beautiful art.

  6. Jordan,
    I have read just about every one of your books, you’re a terrific storyteller! That said, there are favorites that I have re-read (more than once). I will list as I’m not sure to which “writing style” category you would assign them. Hope this helps…

    The Billionaire and The Pop Star – charming and fun.
    The Billionaire – Passionate, sexy alpha, and a bit of a mystery.
    Brett’s Little Headaches – Top 5. Love! Funny, everyone’s likeable, a pleasure.
    The Brit – An American princess dream come true! With some drama.
    Broken – Charming leads, satisfying redemption, funny support crew.
    Caleb’s Blessing – Nice plot and setting. Likeable characters.
    The Champ – Fun alpha insta-love.
    Eden High – Top 5. High school dream drama!
    Gabriel’s Promise – Funny and sweet.
    The Gambler – Top 5. Liked everything about this book!
    Kicking and Screaming – Top 5. Hilarious! Deliciously nasty foes. Likeable leads. Good mystery.
    My Little Farm Girl – Top 5. Another book with too much going for it to list.
    Night Visits – Great fantasy escape. Hilarious and sexy.
    Passion – Love this fanfic!
    The Pregnancy Affair Series – Fun, over the top alpha stories.
    The Soccer Mom’s Bad Boy – Sexy, alpha read.
    Talon’s Heart – College dream drama!
    Texas Hellion – Likable characters, hilarious!

    I have over 2,000 books in my kindle library…which doesn’t even count KUs. (I buy your books), and the fact that I reread yours so often, I believe, speaks to your exceptional story-telling ability. Keep on keeping on, Jordan! Long or short! Comedy or drama! Crank em out! I’ll be waiting!

  7. I say don’t change a thing. Your characters are unique and real so to try to fit into a writing style would change that. Everything would be cookie cutter and where’s the fun in that. Like you said, your characters speak to you so let them tell their stories how they see fit. You hooked us all by writing what you feel so don’t change that now.

  8. You are you. God created you to be you. I love your stories, short long, or in between. I appreciate your work and how much you put into it. We can wait until you feel it is right. Anticipation is a good thing!! Sometimes you can tell if an author is rushed. Keep doing it your way!!!

  9. Hello!
    1.I love all your books. They are just amazing. However initially i wanted your books to last for few more pages because they were so good that I couldn’t get enough of it. So if you would increase the story by a few chapters I would really like it.
    2. At time I do skip some pages so that I come to the good part. I did that in ‘cord’ book. I felt that the the conversation between the H and the h was too less and the plotting against the enemies was too much. So i had to skip some pages to come to the good part.

  10. I found you recently and proceeded to read everything you’ve written that I can get a hold of. Your books tell a whole story. I don’t feel like it ended too soon or lasted too long. I like your books that I didn’t think I’d like. Trust developed from repeated consistent performance, and I trust your ability to judge the when a story is complete. Whether the book is long or short, if you write it I’ll buy it.

  11. For me it is not about how long/short the book is but the story content — the plot and characters need to draw me in and keep me interested. I imagine that in writing a book the author would need to listen to the characters and let them tell their story and write when inspiration strikes and not force the process. I LOVE your books and look forward to each new one!!!

  12. For me…I don’t really look to see how long or how many chapters. For me it whether the story pulls me in for the first or if it takes a bit. I have to say that you are one of the few that gets right to the story. The back ground is there, but does not keep me waiting for the main story. Characters tell their story, the author just writes it, and until the characters are ready to talk there is nothing to write.
    So, Jordan…just keep doing what feels right for you and the many characters you write about.

  13. I Love ALL of your books! Sometimes a short one is just what is needed and sometimes a long one is so you are perfect! You have it all covered 😉

  14. As a huge fan that only started reading your books early last year I have to say your earlier books do have a slightly different flow then the most recent ones, but no matter what style your reading the characters pull you in. There’s only one thing I wish your characters would offer more at the closing.

  15. Like most of your readers, I like all of your books whatever length they are. Your writing is so vivid and I think that this is because you wait for the stories to ‘speak’ to you rather than trying to force them. You are such a creative person that these amazing stories seem to pour out of you. I sometimes imagine you pounding away at your computer, desperately trying to keep up with the characters in your imagination! You are also an honest writer. You don’t pad your stories out just to meet a word count. The stories are what they are whether long or short. I admire the way you sometimes tackle subjects that can be a little challenging. I love the characters you create, even the ones we love to hate! I know you sometimes get upset by criticisms about grammar and spelling but aside from the fact that most readers don’t notice, just remember that this is only about a few letters on the page, not the creative talent behind it. Winnie the Pooh said: ‘My writing is good but the letters are wobbly and sometimes get in the wrong order.’ (Mine do too.) x

  16. I prefer them to be longer. I like the character development and you can normally find a spinoff into other characters because you’ve given us a chance to get to know them

  17. Your books are always a joy to read and I just love reading them short or long, but if I had a choice I wld choose the longer ones, just because I am greedy. I fall in love with all the characters.

  18. I love all your books. I enjoy the shorter once for the fact that sometimes you don’t want to read the long drawn out stories. You just want a quick read. I then brag I read more that 5 books in one day. My favorites in the series is Eden High and Anarchist. However I tend to pick up all your books I can get my hands on. Unfortunately not all your books are imported to South Africa. For this reason I ;love online reading and Kindle.


  19. I love all your books, long or short. But with me working full time and going to school, the shorter ones are all I really have time for. When I break s from school, that’s when I read the longer books. So either way works for me.

  20. Since I found your books a couple of years ago, you have never disappointed me. I love them long or short. You are a wonderful story teller. I love the alpha males the way they see things and the way they talk to people. The females are as they should be in whatever book they are a part of. You are one of a kind and I am sure they’re other authors that would love to have half the imagination that you have. Don’t force them to come out they will all appear in their own time. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading!

  21. Hey Jordan,
    I am one that wants longer books simply. Ecause I love reading them & don’t want them to end.
    I loved the way you wrote Passion, rebound & Talon. I love the strong, protective men & when the women really appreciate them.
    I like all your different styles. I fall into your books and don’t want to come out.
    Please keep writing!!!

  22. I read constantly. I would be lost without my Kindle. I love your books and own many of them. Are there some I don’t read, yes. I will read the summary and read several reviews first. You can’t please everyone and you should please yourself. If your heart decides to make the book longest do it. Do what feels right to you. None of us are really going to like each and every book you make. We, your readers, are different ages, different life experiences, etc. My advice is make what makes you truly happy. Love your work and don’t mind misspelled words. Love the body of your work!

  23. Ever since I picked up my very first book of yours, I have been hooked. Long or short I just LOVE passionate stories (the steamier and dirtier the better). So when I first discovered your books, it was like I had hit the jackpot of everything I was looking for in the books I had read in the past but could never quite find. I’ve been a fan of your writing style from that very first book and continue to be an even bigger fan now (47 books later). No matter what the story-line may be, I always find myself completely captivated and engrossed by everything you write. I get excited for every new release and can’t wait for whatever you put out next. Typically, I prefer longer stories and find myself frustrated after reading a short novella. However, your books are the exception to that rule because no matter the length I always come away feeling totally satisfied and usually hella turned on. Thanks for all the amazing stories and I look forward to everything to come.

  24. My favorite (by a long shot) is Talon’s Heart. I love the way the strong Talon was brought to heel by his love. I also really enjoyed Brett’s story. Also, Eden High is special to me…..can’t wait to read the finale.

  25. I love all of your stories. I like the short ones and long ones. Your a great writer, you keep us reading until we are done with the books. I would tell you to keep writing the way you are writing. Its was makes your books Jordan Silver’s stories but thats my opinion. I love all of them…. The Seals, Bad Boys, The third wife and Brads. The Anarchist…. My T Bone and upcoming Sadist…. Keep doing what your doing cause I love it! Wouldn’t change a thing!

  26. I love all your stories!! I hated reading until i read one of tour books. Now i read up to 7 different books/ story telllers. I have ven tell how many times i have reread all your books, because yes I OWN every single one! You are a true inspiration and have gotten me threw good times and bad. But i can say to your question, I feel that it really depends on the personality of the characters, the connection, the “type” of story, and the ending of the story. But I will say I never have a complaint EVER!! So whatever comes to your mnd and you write I know I will LOVE ❤️

  27. I like both short and long some of my favorites Lyon’s series, biker’s baby girl, red neck,
    Rancher’s little lover, badsanta, A family for Christmas and many more.
    Looking forward to reading more. Love your books Jordan silver

  28. I love all your books but fell in love with your older
    Books like spitfire and mancini and the passion
    I always go back to the first books. I love longer books. Because we start connecting to the characters. I feel like we know them .
    The best part of your stories that never changes is you always have a strong alpha

  29. I absolutely love your older works. Lyons, Manicini, Sex & Marriage, Spitfire, & the Rebound series. I keep reading those books over and over again because the are so detailed and the characters being so well developed.

  30. Hi Jordan Love your books. Mostly I re-read your older books. Talons heart,Passion,Lyons series. Ok too many to list I love them all. I like a alpha male that is all in and over top crazy for his female.

  31. I enjoy the longer books. There were some of your shorter books that were so good, that I wish they were longer. Even if it’s just twice the length of the short books you wrote in the beginning, then I am happy.

  32. I must confess that I do enjoy a longer novel as long as the story flows well. I thoroughly enjoy the over the top alphas and their possessiveness. I do have to state that I dislike stories that have extraneous filler material just to stretch out the story. Just keep doing you mama and will always be your loyal fans and supporters.

  33. I have never read a book of yours that I did not like. But, there can only be so many favorites. Sometimes I believe that you set the bar of my emotions so high with certain stories that it is hard to be topped (not impossible, just harder). I understand that as a writer you have to have change and be true to your heart. It would be boring for you to write the same thing all the time. But as a reader I do have a certain style that gets in my heart every time. And you write that style perfectly. I love *sshole alphas who have been unemotional manwhore’s (getting in lots of practice for their one true love). But once they meet their lady they are loyal to a fault. And of course they fall in love and start doing all the things they never did with a woman before (caring and protecting). I do love when his ex’s come back to start trouble and he helps shut it down. I like my ladies to be more innocent (virginal or near virginal). So the women are sexual virgins and the men are emotional virgins. I do like how you have your alphas have dirty mouths. I like dirty talk and sex scenes, but I love romance. It does not have to be hearts and flowers, it can be caveman jealousy dominant possession romance. My favs of yours are: Lyon, Passion, Rebound, Talon’s Heart, The Soccer Mom’s Bad Boy,, The Champ, Queen of My Heart, and Seal #4 Tyler. I love it when the men are *ssholes and have to make up for some transgression. You usually totally satisfy me in my need for groveling and revenge. It does sometimes bother me when I feel like the man has not suffered enough, or does not show that he has. But I understand that some women prefer that storyline, and you are not my personal writer who is writing just for me (although I wish it were so). I have liked many of the shorter stories, but my favorites have all been longer. You are the only writer that I always buy (never borrow). I want to try and do my part to keep you well paid and comfortable enough to keep em coming (like my $4.99 helps!)

  34. I honestly buy and love of all your books regardless of length. Although my favorite are always your longer ones because we get to really know the characters. Don’t listen to all those negative comments they just want to rain on your parade!

  35. I really like the way you write short or long, as long as I feel like there was a conclusion to the telling. And if there’s not, then that there is going to be a follow up. For instance I am praying the Seals and Anarchists are not done. I understand having to wait until they give you a story to write, but then you gotta stop writing them so good, because it’s like waiting for Christmas to come around again, I’m not a patient person on things I love. LOL I love your writing, because I love an alpha man and your books show the sexy side of it. I read your books so much on KU and will be buying every single one soon. Have to take care of priorities first, but you know their good when all I want to do is say screw being responsible I’m getting every book now. I have been a romance reader since I was 12 and found my first Harlequin book on a bus stop bench. I only got into reading on a Kindle a year ago and discovered you when a friend forced me to come out the dark ages, her words. You are one of my favorite writers, because you have not written one thing I haven’t liked yet. Keep doing what your doing the way you are doing it. It works. I will just have to learn to be patient or find something to calm my nerves when I have to anxiously await a new book. Love your writing, keep up the great work. Seriously, keep up the great work, I’m addicted. LOL

  36. Hi Jordan! As long as you keep writing about dirty talking alpha male. You have me hooked from your first to last. I’ve reread all your books multiple time, but the ones that I reread are Lyon’s series, Talon, your earlier stuff. Anyway I have a special folder with all your books. Keep up the good work!

  37. Hi Jordan!

    Firstly, I have enjoyed all of your books but have only purchased hard copies of the one’s that I truly LOVE. Those are the Taken and Lyon series, Tryst, Man of Steel and Biker’s Baby Girl. On my hard copy purchase wish list is Kicking and Screaming, Rough Riders and Talon’s Heart. I much prefer longer novels and that is for a few reasons:

    1) When I enjoy a novel I never want it to end…even more so when the author doesn’t do anymore from that “world”
    2) I like to imagine the world of the story – not just the relationship & sex scenes, so the length of a novel allows for greater experiences in that world
    3) The longer a story the more attached to characters I can get & involved in the plot

    In regards to your serials, whilst I have enjoyed them, I personally skip over any author that puts out a serial because I hate being forcibly interrupted from a story I’m engrossed in…and serials do that with little opportunity to continue on shortly after because there is nothing to go on to in the immediate future. I understand why authors do it, but I simply don’t like it and therefore make the choice not to read them until I see them listed as complete. Although, I do like the idea that another person posted here of maybe releasing them or your short stories as an anthology/compendium.

    On the whole Jordan, I love the fact that your characters are well rounded with humour, fear, strength, and a code that stems from deep love and even more so the worlds that you create for them…basically, if I didn’t enjoy your work, I wouldn’t continue to read it and that goes for any author.

  38. I love both your short and lengthier books. What I am not a fan of, and this is in regard to any author’s book, is the short serial. I really want the Edens High series to be concluded but I understand that authors write about the characters that are speaking to them at the time. You are one of my favorite authors and there are so many of your books that I have read multiple times…the Lyons series and My Best Friends Daughter being the top two. I love your alpha males. I’m not sure there are many authors that write that type as well as you. Keep on keeping on 🙂 your fans love whatever you put out.

  39. I love all your different styles. It keeps it interesting. Sometimes you just need a short read, sometimes not. Just keep writing.

  40. To be honest Jordan I don’t have a preference….I love all your books long or short. Probably my least favorite theme is the Daddy theme to a certain extent…I loved it in My Best Friends Daughter. My absolute favorite books are the Lyon family. Your themes of hot alpha male, love, lust, protection,and family all appeal to me. Surprisingly I like the women a little submissive, perhaps because I am not in my own life or perhaps I just want someone to take charge lol! I own every book you write…I do not borrow it. Write what your heart feels, I know that if has your name on it, I am going to buy it. Someone says in the comments they wished The Good Girl was longer…I loved that book too! Oh! one more favorite kink of mine is the pregnancy one…no one can do that like you can and I love to see that in your books. Thanks too for the epilogues because it’s nice to a great conclusion to the story. So in short as you see…I think you rock!

  41. I love all of your books. I love the longer stories about the seals and Lyon and and the Passion series and of course Talon. But I also enjoy the serials like Anarchist and Eden high (when do we get more? Lol) but I also enjoy the shorter reads. I’m not picky and love everything. I’ve read and have all of your books and always look forward to more.

  42. I always look at reviews before I buy a book and on your last one there were some negative reviews about the length.. but it’s a Jordan silver so bad reviews or not I was going to get it.. the book was ah-freakin-mazing… I couldn’t see what they were talking about. The book never lagged, dragged or made me skip to ‘the good parts’. You have such a gift, like a Baird of old spinning your tales. Please don’t let the negative out way the positive, because I promise you have more fans then negative reviews.

  43. I love your books the short ones and the longer ones for me its not the length of the book its if it all comes together and you get the full picture a d ive never felt your books lacking anything i love how if im in the mood for a hot quick read your books are always at the top of my list i have loved every book you have written and will continue to support you x x x

  44. I like all of them. Being all over the place is awesome Cuz i know I will have to read what u have just published Cuz i never know what style you are going with which makes for an interesting time…just as an example sum authors uses the same style you almost know from get go what to expect and even using a different story line does not help its all different songs with the same Melody. Hope you know what I mean. I love your work stay all over the place it makes u a unique author always keeping your fans in suspense.

  45. I love reading and for me its not how long the book is… as long as the story grabs me, so I can get lost within those pages if only for a little while. I have read almost all of your books and thank you for sharing them with me.

  46. I’m in agreement with most of the comments. I love your writing style whether it’s short or longer stories. The quality of the work is what matters and there is no lack of it in either versions. I have always preferred non serial books because I have no patience. I love that almost all of yours are styled this way. The few serials you have are complicated in nature and are typically centered around a character and has a happy for now ending, which is much appreciated. If Eden High would wrap up that would be great, but I understand you can only write what you feel. Love and appreciate everything you do!

  47. I love your books. I’m new. Hi.
    Now. I love your stories, sometimes I’m tired of reading me so many pages just for one sexy scene, in the half is fine, but when I read a book along 100 pages and have 130, and just there is only one scene in the page 100, I get angry. Now, the history is amazing, but it is missing me.
    Now, your books are the only one that make me read it’s in english. My native lenguaje is the spanish, so imagine how much I like it’s. Second, I hate know that the man had loved most someone that the main character or maybe at the same level. Is something so mine. But in the other part, your historys are perfect. Make me feel so many things. Thanks for your hard work.
    And ignore all that haters, they don’t know what make with your own lives, and they just find happiness, in criticize the hard work of another people.
    ILY Jordan Silver. 🙂

  48. I am not going to say that I don’t like longer books I do but I love all your books short long it does not matter cuz they are the best reads. Lyon will always be my favorite. Just keep doing what you are doing everyone loves everything you write.

  49. I honestly enjoy both a short smutty book and a book that has more story to work through. It honestly depends on my mood, and what I have time to read on that particular day. Both have their good and bad parts, but it’s impressive that you can successfully do both types. I think if most people are being really honest it’s not the length of a book that makes us like it or not. Often times you can tell if an author is just putting out a book just for the sake of doing so, or when they really put the time and effort into making the character exactly how the saw them in their head. Whether your put out a short smutty book or a long one, it is very clear you care about what you are putting out, and that is what makes me (and I’m sure other’s) enjoy your books no matter the length…. though we will always beg for more 🙂

  50. I am happy to read whatever you write. I think you should write the characters as they speak to you and not worry about what people think, your true fans will read them. I have many favourites of yours and I constantly re read them! So thank you and enjoy your writing. X

  51. I like both short and long stories from you. On days I need a pick me up, I choose one of the short stories. Then there are days I want to know the characters and I would read one of the long stories.

  52. I like all of your writing,whether it’s or happy. I know things will work out because you are a fab writer. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for some more books in the “SEALS” series.

  53. Hard to say because I enjoy both short and long stories. At the end of the day it is what the characters say to you , the author. Sometimes more page count is needed to tell a tale, and other times, short and to the point works better. My favorite stories from you vary in length: Talon’s heart, Brett’s little headaches, Caleb’s Blesshing, broken, Eden High, the Lyon’s saga, A family for Christmas, Savage. As long I care about the characters as I read the story and not want to bitch slap a character, I don’t care about the length. Finally, 2 things I enjoy about your books are the lack of cheating and happy endings.

  54. I of course love every book you’ve published. Actually, you don’t have a book that I haven’t read at least twice…most I’ve read several times. The short stories I think will always be my favorite just because those are the ones that made me fall in love with your writing. I’ve told you this before, the way you write from the males POV is the absolute best! 90% of other authors may have dual pov’s but it’s mostly from the females and I don’t like that at all. So no matter if it’s short or long I’m buying it! Oh and your books have zero lag. Love ya!

  55. Frankly I love all your writing styles. Some authors seem to have just one style or type and it gets boring. I’d vote for you to relax into your muse-let the story and characters go. I reread favs and I can choose long or short or funny or not. Trying to follow an outline or length requirement sounds like a school assignment. You are blessed with a great and quirky talent. Be free.

  56. Honestly, I don’t prefer any writing style over the other, but all of your stories are so good that I love when the books are longer, so I get to spend more time with your characters. Truthfully, you’re the only author who I haven’t skipped pages with.

  57. Hi Jordan –

    I truly enjoy reading your stories and it makes me so happy to receive an email letting me know that a new book is available for pre-order or purchase. Thank you for all of your hard work. I have many friends who are involved in various artistic endeavors and completely understand the amount of time and effort it takes to put words to paper. Also, thank you for allowing us to give you our opinions. I know how difficult it is to hear other people’s thoughts on how you, as an artist, should do what you do.

    Regarding your post, although I enjoy your short stories, I much prefer the longer books. Some of my favorite stories of yours are those in which I feel really invested in the characters and with the shorter books, I don’t necessarily feel like I have the opportunity to get to know the characters. Some of my favorite books of yours are the Lyon Series, My Little Farm Girl, Seal Team Seven (and all of the related books), and Man of Steel. Don’t get me wrong, I have read all of your books and purchased the majority of them. The others have been read on Amazon Unlimited. However, if I’m going to read short stories I would prefer they be part of a compilation book so I can enjoy more of your writing at one time.

    Regarding the serials, for me, personally, they are not my favorite only in the fact that they are too short and I am quite greedy :-). Although some might say reading a serial leaves you wanting more, I find the time between releases sometimes is too long and then I get bored with waiting for the next installment. With the longer books (even those that might have a part 2 or 3), I feel like my time is being respected. Sometimes I feel like writers (not necessarily you) put out work too soon and it doesn’t come off as genuine, and although every writer puts time and effort into their work, I feel the voices of the characters get lost. Maybe it’s because the writer isn’t given enough time to let the characters’ voices out or it’s because the buildup of the characters takes much longer, but it seems the characters are pushed to the side in order to allow the “good stuff” to be read in each installment. I’m not sure, but more times than not, with serials, I am usually put off. If I had my preference, I would rather have the serial installments put into one book as either a novel or as a compilation.

    At any rate, as I am not a writer and do truly enjoy your work, this is just my 2 cents. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to let you know my thoughts. Also, do not mistake this post…I will still always read what you put out and am happy to do so. 🙂

    Kind regards.

  58. I like both ways. Sometimes you want the long story to get really involved with and sometimes you want a little quick pick me up with the short and fast stories. Both ways have their merit.

  59. It really doesn’t matter long or short I will read whatever you write. But I read like you write, if the story is complete and short, then that’s what the characters called for and so forth. What I have problems with is when the author tries to force the story into something its not. (Not speaking of you, just in general)

    1. I love it ALL! Sometimes the quick and dirty are good and other times the longer ones feed my thirst for something more. I’m biased though and don’t really care what you put out I’ll devour every word.

  60. I love both sales Jordan. Sometimes I just want something quick. Other times I enjoy the longer ones. It’s all amazing! Love you Mama Butterfly!

  61. I prefer longer, but my favorite books are Passion, Illicit, Talon’s Heart and Eden High. Also Kicking and Screaming. I’m writing the titles from memory so forgive me if I don’t have them exactly right. I also love all of the bad boy shorts, so clearly I love whatever you write.

    I like the bdsm to be loving and for the H to never leave h wanting, not scenes where H is mad and just leaves h broken when he’s done. But that’s my personal taste. Every once in awhile you write scenes that don’t suit those tastes so I just skip those parts. If I reread those books I just skip ahead.

    Write what you feel. We readers will buy it all and concider ourselves lucky we got another Jordan Silver book!

  62. I love the long stories. I sometimes feel like it is waste of a good story if it is to short. The Billionaire, Broken and the Gambler are some of my favorites. Please keep writing wonderful stories thats all we really want. 🙂

  63. I like either. You are the goddess that creates the world you write about, so if it’s a long story or not it’s not my call. I just sit back and enjoy the finish product.

  64. I actually love your writing style. One of my favorites,which I have many, would be the Lyons series. You gave us a little teaser about hooking up Lyon’s youngest with Dimitri and Derry’s youngest son Anthony I believe. So I’m still patiently waiting for that one. Throughout all your books I can honestly say I had problem with only reading one, and I’ve gone back to it about 4 times and I’m still unable to finish it but I will get there and that was the first catch me if you can, it was just hard getting into but I still love you and you are the best. Usually within the first chapter or two I’m able to see my characters when you write, I found it very hard to connect to the characters in this one book, and hard placing the characters in my mind. But again butterfly love you and that quirky mind of yours. You have a special gift and I’m very honored that you share it with everyone. Keep up the good work, love everything you do and waiting on pins and needles for all your new stuff to come out.

    1. that is completely understandable because that one was written with the idea of a long serial in mind. I planned to reveal the characters bit by bit in each book but most people didn’t like it either so you’re not alone lol

  65. I love both the long and short stories you write.. the short are perfect for a pick me up quickie read on my lunch hour, instead of quickly skimming thru a longer story trying to finish.. the longer I save for when I have a few hours in the evening when the kids go to bed:))) your Alpha males are the best I’ve ever read! Thank you.

    1. I love your stories! Sometimes, though, with the shorter ones I feel like they either are rushed or end rather abruptly. I always want more, which with any good tale you never want them to end. I do have one suggestion though for grammar and spelling, use the Grammarly extension on Google Chrome. It will tell you when you have something wrong with your sentences and will have a suggestion on how to correct it. It’s not perfect but it’s helped me a whole bunch. I use it at work since I’m constantly sending emails to customers.

      I hope that my feedback is helpful. I can’t wait for more stories to come out!

      1. I tried grammarly but returned it because it only take up to a certain amount of pages. if you know of another program like this that would accept complete manuscripts that would be awesome. My English is a mix of British and American so I know it can be a bit confusing since there are some differences believe it or not

  66. I love the majority of your books and I adore a full story. I love your earlier stuff eg the billionaire, talons heart dangerously in love etc but I also enjoy bretts little headaches, the eden series so apart from the odd one or two
    (Which I still buy) I will read anything you write. The year has started with a bang so you are on the right track.
    You have a great way of getting into characters heads and you write with a great depth of feeling. I hope this helps

  67. There hasn’t been a Jordan Silver book released that I don’t like. I love each one, no matter the length, and have probably read each one at least 5 times, not kidding, if not more!!! My favorite -favorite J.S. books are the earlier ones, though. But you should also know that even though your books are on KU, YOURS are the ONLY ones that I buy straight out and not “borrow” and have to return. I’m greedy, I’m keepin’ them for myself. I like the good stuff within easy reach and even though I know what’s gonna happen, when I’m reading a J.S. book, I get a little pissed when I’m interrupted. Soooo, you just keep writing what your big ‘ol heart tells you too, and I’ll keep reading whatever you publish! ! Love ya!!

  68. For me I like both styles, since there are times I am ready for a short read and others I want a long read. Momma Butterfly write what you have. I will read it all.

  69. I like your longer stories to be honest. You get to no the characters better which I like/prefer. I love it that you nearly always give a epilogue which finishes a book of for me properly (IMO) I also like when we ‘meet’ other characters from previous books. I love your Lyon and Seal series.

  70. Whatever you put out, I read. My favorites are the longer stories. Novellas are not my favorite, but if you wrote it, I’ll read it. When you write the longer stories, I feel like I know the characters better and have more time to fall in love with them. <3 For me characterization and plot are just as important as the steamy scenes. Some of my favorites are: The Soccer Mom's Bad Boy, the Lyon saga, the SEAL Team, Broken and The Soldier's Lady. Thanks for giving me many hours of enjoyment. Write your heart. Have fun.

  71. I love your” love at first sight you belong to me” style.. I love the way your H always takes care of his h….I prefer open consent but read all your stuff and your sense of humor is spot on and girrrl your sex life must be off the charts if you are writing about what you know♥♥♥

  72. I love all ur writing styles because the stories are good. I find your comment about skipping pages of books you’ve read to be true for me too but it’s because the story is repetitive, giving to many details, or just to boring. Nevertheless, I really love the stories that are like 150 pages or less.

  73. I honestly can say, I have enjoyed everything you have written so far. Yes, I look forward to the next book in a series because I enjoy a good series. To which you have hooked me from the first book I ever read of yours was Conner Seal team 7. So just keep writing however you want. 🙂

  74. I love your dialogue between the H and h. You’re funny and very natural. Less in their heads and more interaction with the couples. I like when the H gets mad at the h and the h runs. Funny. Tyler and VickySue cornes to mind. Or Connor and Dani. I’ll take anything you have.

  75. Jordan, I love every thing you have written so far. I have read all your books. Enjoyed reading them. What I like is being able to read a book not having the main characters die , at the end . Love happy ending , seeing in how they are doing. Love series where you can read about the family and friends. Love MC books and age play and love spanking and BDSM books.
    Keep doing what you love you are awesome writer.
    Miss you Momma Butterfly

  76. My favorites of yours are the non-shorts. The only exception was the Good Girl. I still find myself wishing for more of that story.

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