New Year thoughts

It’s a new year, hopefully everyone started it off on the right foot. As for me, in the past I have let what others thought lead me to acts of anger. In the past six months since I took myself out of the Facebook game, I have found peace. I’m a story teller, nothing more nothing less. I eat sleep and breathe just the same as everyone else. To my detractors, if your life gets meaning from insulting someone because of a missing comma or a misspelt word, then so be it. If it gives you joy to tear down Jordan Silver, I say be happy with it. To those who have supported me poor grammar, foul temper and all, I thank you for not giving up on me. Since you have found it in your hearts to stand by me all this time, I aim to make you proud. Not only as a story teller, but as a human being. At the end of the day, publishing books is a career, it’s not the whole of my life. At the end of my days I want to be at peace with what I have said and done while I was here. I hope for all of you, enemy and foe alike, that you have only peace and joy in this coming year and the next. Be blessed.

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34 thoughts on “New Year thoughts

  1. I love your books! your books are a must buy for me a great book pulls you in and you don’t realize that you are reading your books do that for me keep doing your thing there are those of us who love your work!

  2. Happy New Year.

    Just wanted to say I have read most of you books and I loved them missing commas and misspelled words in all. Can’t wait for more of your delicious books.

  3. Happy new year jordan .I love ur writing n ur books so much forget abt those people if they can write n bring a book out let them print so we also read.stay bless

  4. Thank you for saying this. You are an amazingly good story teller. I know that when I start one of your books, I will be drawn into the story immediately and will be reluctant to put it down until I get to the end. I suspect that some of the nasty comments are because there are unpleasant people who resent other people’s talent. Criticism can be kindly meant too so please don’t let it upset you. Remember that they’ve only written a couple of lines of comment, it’s unlikely that they could write a whole book! Thank you so much for all the wonderful stories you’ve written for us & I hope that this new year is especially wonderful for you and all those you love.

  5. I’ve never had facebook or twitter or any of that social media shit. Nobody needs to know how boring my life is. All i need is you Jordan for my entertainment, fuck those petty losers and keep telling your great stories!!!!

  6. I still buy your books, regardless of grammar etc. The stories are great and keep me wanting more – it’s because the characters have depth & grammar doesn’t alter the dimensionality of a character. There is no way in the world to satisfy everyone & stories, like others in the art world are dependent upon the person. Keep up the positives and remember that there are many that love your work…if not simply for the fact that we tell you so or even if we don’t the fact we buy the books tell you.

  7. You are a wonderful writer and story teller. I pray that the peace you have found will continue though the new year. I look forward to your new stories and the next installments on others.

  8. Such Haters out there !!! When I read a book I don’t notice editing I just read and I if think story is good ..I’ll just buy from the author again…huh people with too much time on their hands. I love your Books Jordan that’s why I keep buying 🙂 and a lot of others do too. Keep up the Great work !!! Happy New Year 🙂

  9. It makes no difference to me if a word is misspelled or a comma is not where it should be because I am too busy enjoying the story to worry about grammer. Keep up the great work and continue giving us what we crave from you!!!!

  10. Jordan,

    Amen! They talked about Jesus Christ and look what he did for us all! So don’t feel bad… haters will alway hate! IT’S THEIR M.O.!

  11. Well said and know that we appreciate your work and your heartfelt words! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

  12. I have learned that their are those who need to dump on others to lesson the pain they have inside and the brighter your light shines the harder they come at you. So know that you are doing something right if they are coming at you..peace. and Love

  13. Amen. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. I’ve always said that you can give some people a gold nugget and they will still complain, it’s not big enough, it’s not shiny enough, it’s lumpy, etc…. Just be happy and don’t cause others harm that’s about all you can do. Happy New Year Mama.

  14. Mama B, i guess that puts me right up there with you because when i read a book i don’t notice that kind of stuff, i would not know if a comma was missing or not. As for misspelled words i don’t notice those either unless they are funny. I just know that if i tried to write a book they would probably treat me the same way. So what other people say at the end of the day is on them. You just keep writing and keeping friends and admirers of your stories happy and we will keep buying those stories. That is what it is all about in the end. Happy New Years!!!!

  15. Yes, you are a story teller, a masterr story teller. You pull us in and keep us right there with you in the story. I have read all your books more than once and your life philosphy has helped me on so many occasions. Just the concept of forgive your enemies used to make my head blow up. With your words, I’m learning to at least try to forgive. Not easy though. Happy New Year again and I look forward to all your words of wisdom and of course all your master story telling. Thank you Mama. btw, loving the playlist. Speaks to me.

  16. Very well said. I will be following those thoughts to get me through the next 6 months. Big things are changing for me and my family and people are not going to like it or support. But oh well. Hope you continue to be blessed in all that you do

  17. Atta girl and God bless….joy stealers run rampant in today’s snowflake you owe me society. There are many of us who enjoy your work so keep using the talent the Lord blessed you with

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