Just a little reminder

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12 thoughts on “Just a little reminder

  1. There are no words, I keep learning more and more from you. My heart is heavy with the care you give us Butterflies. Thank you Mama, I am in your debt for always bringing positive to the negative. Princess Jordan Silver, luv it..

  2. Thank you for saying this. You are always fair-minded and honest as well as being an amazing story teller. I don’t know how all these stories keep pouring out from you but I very glad they do! They keep me and countless other people going.

  3. Love you and all the butterflies. Your books make my day and give me something to look forward to. Can’t wait until the next one by the way when is it not that I’m begging…. but when is it…….. really when

  4. I love all of your books and have recommended you to friends and family and they have now become Silver butterflies! I don’t mind being patient waiting for your next book to come out because I have loved every one of them and have not been disappointed! Thank you!

  5. Need more! Luv your books. For those who complain about your books let’s read one of theirs for us to criticize and bash. When is eden high next book coming out can’t wait

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